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  1. I rode leviathan the other day, and the only complaint I have was it was not long enough!
  2. Sentosa is a resort at Universal Studios Singapore! It could be an admission ticket?
  3. I'm guessing you guys are going on a cruise in the south pacific! -This would explain the multiple destinations -And the love boat reference! -South Pacific because the picture of Singapore, and the references to Australia!
  4. That's a picture of Singapore, but I can't connect any other of the clues to Singapore
  5. F.Y.I. the plane their on, Delta uses it only for long distance flights, OFF THE CONTINENT!!!! Hope that's helpful!
  6. When I went to a theme park with my friends, i was able to identify every ride by manufacturer and make, My friends look at me like I'm crazy?? Bet you can do the same! It's just how devoted people are to their interests!
  7. It is most likey Australia... -Because The picture with "the outback" would mean the desert in Australia called "Outback" -Picture of the queen, because Australia is part of the commonwealth -The Giant Rock alludes to Ayers Rock -The upside down picture of Rob and Elissa (common joke for australlia) -They shot an episode (or a couple) of the love boat in australlia -Sydney is on the picture of the article -there are taking transfers in various locations which would explain the various airport -the list of movies could allude to Warner Bro.'s studios, where they just opened Green Lantern (a reason to go)
  8. Any Particular reason the contest is taking or break or simply because its gone on long enough?
  9. I saw this coming and actually expected this to occur earlier. I'm not saying that the park is bad in any way but Cedar Fair had a more profitable park in California (KBF) and all CGA did was compete with that park.
  10. B&M's first true "Fly-By??" Love the idea......hope it actually happens. If they wanted a fly-by, they could've put a zero-g roll over the station, that would be insane. Flight Deck @ CGA has a bit of a station fly-by before you enter the corkscrew. But didn't anybody recognise that in the layout, that building is before the immelman and not before the heartline roll like in the video.
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