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  1. Busch Gardens if you can only do one,I wouldnt even think about this one.
  2. I would love for the replacement to be anything related to Universals classic monsters.
  3. OK so I could have held out an hour more and gotten that last ride in,I'm glad Universal did reopen it and I'm at peace not getting that last ride in,I was with a friend who doesn't ride bigger coasters waiting for me outside and I didn't want to leave them out there waiting that long,that and the 40+ minutes I spent in queue was in that cramped hallway were I was starting to get a bit claustrophobic after 30 minutes or so,another hour plus and who knows how I would have felt.I'm sad to see them go as I remember being all in in following IOAs construction in 98-99 and Dueling Dragons was alway
  4. I got a last ride on Tuesday thinking it would be my second to last ride as I planned to be there the final day right before closing.Just came back from the park after being shut out of that last ride due to weather.Got in line at 6:15 with a 7pm park closing time,in the final hallway before the "Choose thy Fate" room they stopped the ride due to lightning,I sat in that room for 40 minutes when an announcement said that its not very likely to open again but you can hang out there just in case they reopen but its unlikely.I left totally bummed out,it was lightly sprinkling when I exited and I d
  5. I had to go get some rides on Dragons so I went last night an hour before closing,complete walk on and rode both in the back row,that's still an awesome ride and its crazy they're probably going to the scrap yard.They obviously don't have that new coaster smooth sound but they're absolutely not even close to being a rough ride.As far as Fallon,I like the attraction,its yet another simulator in the lineup but the attraction as a whole is fun.I remember when Twister opened the intention was to have an attraction with no line so the reason for that boring movie and pre show(sorry Bill Paxton,R.I
  6. I remember being obsessed with IOA when it was in construction,I would read daily construction reports and back then there were so many more theme park and coaster shows on TV and I remember several of them showcasing this new park.On my first visit the second week the park opened I was like and it didn't matter that I lived 3-4 hours away I was visiting almost every month.Dueling Dragons was my coaster,Hulk was great as you can't beat the launch but overall I'm a B&M invert fan,Montu is the ride that made me a coaster geek but the first time I rode Dragons and saw that other train goi
  7. Went to Sea World today around 11:30,when I entered the park I opened the spotsaver site which gave me a 1:58 ride time on my phone,around 12-13:30 walked by Kraken where they had a booth where you could get a physical spotsaver ticket,at that time the tickets were giving return times of 3:34pm,I would say its not too bad overall but it was a Tuesday and not a weekend day,as long as you're not waiting too long once you actually get in line it's a pretty okay system,especially since I enjoyed the ride using the VR headset.Also did head over to Universal and was able to snag a return time for Fa
  8. Kraken I can deal with as I understand how long the loading takes,Volcano Bay my preferred AP expires in 2 weeks and I had every intention of adding Volcano Bay to the pass but with the craziness of you can only have one reservation at a time and until that time comes all you can do is the lazy river or the wave pool or spending money eating or at the multiple bars(I think this was their original idea ) and that unless I upgrade my preferred pass to the premier I can't even get into Volcano bay in July I'm off that water park.Maybe if next year they add a standalone Volcano bay AP for the whol
  9. I rode it this past Sunday around 6:30-7pm,the wait time sign said 180 minutes,knowing that it had rained earlier and the park was emptying out I knew there was no way so I asked how long it actually was,they said around 40 minutes,knowing that might be as good as it gets I strolled in and was shocked to find that I would only have to wait two trains to get on,a train was leaving when I got there,the next group was already in their rows for the next one and I would be on the following one.I told myself I went from seeing the 180 min wait sign to then being told 40 minutes and then seeing how c
  10. I live 15 minutes away and between the festivals,riding my new favorite coaster Mako and their new pass holder dining plan I'm at the park at least 2-3 times a week.Mako without a doubt is an amazing coaster that's as rerideable and as fun as a coaster gets.Dolphin Days is solid,the music in Blue Horizons was more emotional while Dolphin Days is more fun but Dolphin Days has a bit more activity from the dolphins with the trainers giving us info about the dolphins.Does anyone know if Kraken is getting a paint job,I see the new red/orange logo and I think it would be cool to see this coaster wit
  11. Rode it on opening day and dozens of times after,always gave a great ride,wood coasters and Florida don't seem to mesh,what a shame.Everytime I drive through that area in the future I'll be seeing shopping centers that replaced the Hurricane and a few minutes south the old (Six Flags) Atlantis waterpark.
  12. Kraken's been my favorite Orlando coaster for some time,hopefully Hulk v.2 will lose it's roughness and get back in the conversation.
  13. I was at the park on Monday after running the Celebration half marathon and aside from Montu being down it was a perfect day of coaster riding.I had gone also on a Monday in January and I was freaked out as pretty much every coaster was down,I think It was Sheikra and Scorpion and everything else including Falcons Fury was down(and Sheikra opened after noon!!).But this Monday with waits at 5-10 minute max it was ride as much as you can,it had been a while since I had been to the park where even Cheetah Hunt had low wait times.I'm sure on my next visit for the Food and Wine festival the waits a
  14. It's gotta be the same,I had heard a rumor that they were looking at also buying the land across from Universal on Kirkman rd so when the article mentions the land purchased being next to the resort I also had to ask myself if is this a separate purchase,but later in the article it mentions the land running along Universal blvd which means they're talking about the acquisition that most people already knew about,where the land is not right next door but across I-4 closer to the Orlando eye.
  15. It's not a small park and I could see someone who's never been there before getting lost if they're just walking the park expecting to easily find all the rides and attractions.The simple solution is to pick up a park map at the front of the park,you can't really get lost having a map.I've been to the park hundreds of times and I always get the map,fold it and put it in my back pocket.I was there last Saturday,I wanted to do Adventure Island for a couple of hours and then go to Busch until late since the park was open until midnight.You may have heard about the weather in Tampa last week and h
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