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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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Caveat: This is what I -think- and not to spread rumours or other such nasties...


If this is in fact an Intamin multi-launch, and the layout is correct, it could be that the designer (I'm guessing off the top of my head it's Stengel and Associates again) is trying to emulate the success that I305 has had in its first few weeks. The head of IntaRide USA was very interested in merging the high points of both Millenium and Maverick to produce an interesting and intense ride. That having been said...


We know that multilaunch coasters are rare, and Intamin (if you count the 'lift' and 'launch' of Maverick) has done it before- and considering a total lack of 'family' sized rides at BGT (other than Grover, of course) that an extended launch type coaster (non-looping, yet intense) is in the works. It would be appropriate, to say the least, for them to go for a new type of launch coaster in this class, and one that would make a real statement of ride design. If they used the same concepts tried on I305, and married them nicely to those of Maverick, then we're in for a real treat in 2011. If they, however, wuss out too much, it's going to be a good ride, but not a top-ten thriller, which may be the case.


As this is the first 'true' new coaster under the new owners, then we might be able to assume this is the path of things to come in the future for the Sea World parks- and if it's a good ride, it's a good sign. I can only hope that it's a winner, and that it's success is passed onto the other parks in the company.


As for the 'guessed' layout, I'm actually looking forward to a ride that's got some teeth to it in length.

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^^Lack of family rides????

Coasters: Scorpion, Cheetah Chase, Grover

Non Coaster: Rhino Rally, SandStrom, Ubanga Banga Bumper Cars, Wild Surge,

Water Rides: Stanleyville Log Flume, Congo River Rapids


And if you consider 48' to be a family ride then Add Gwazi, Tidal Wave, Jungle Flyers, and Phoenix into the mix

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^^If anything I think BGT has been focusing more and more on family rides. I'm not sure saying that they have a "total lack of family rides" is accurate. I know it's easy for coaster enthusiasts to forget, but they did install the huge Jungala section not too long ago. Between Jungala and the new Sesame Street/Land of the Dragons retheme, I think it's safe to say Busch has been taking care of the family audience recently. Plus you have the older family attractions in Timbuktu. It makes sense for a new thrill ride to be next on the agenda.

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After seeing the blueprint, I'm absolutely under the impression that this ride is an Intamin, much like Maverick.


Looking at the ride layout, I see four long straight sections of track.


The first could be a launch, judging by the large, sweeping 270 degree leftward turn coming out of it. A lifhill (LSM or otherwise) could be a possibility, with a drop and a low-ground speed turn like we've seen recently on Intimidator 305, the MegaLites, and Maverick.


If the first section is a lift-drop-turn combo, I see the second section as airtime hills. Those really tight turns between the second and third sections make this interesting, you wouldn't have a launch straight into those small curves, unless they're misrepresented on the drawing and are actually large elements. But if that's the case, why would there be a need for such a long straight section directly afterwards (third section)? It would have plenty of speed. Lift hill, drop, curve, two airtime hills, small curves leading into launch makes sense.


Third section is the main launch. Lots of track after it, including hills and inversions. I'd expect 75 MPH here at minimum.


The last is clearly a launch, it's much longer than any of the others, and the ride will need momentum to keep its speed up heading back towards the station. The section is preceded by an element that looks in every way to be two corkscrews and a low-ground turn, much like Maverick's run up into the launch sequence. Post launch I see an element that looks a lot like the second hill on Megalites, also seen on Intimidator's Twisties and Goliath at Walibi World.



In short, my interpretation is Small lift (140 ft or less), drop, turn, airtime, curves, big launch, long stretch of track including two corkscrews and overbanked turns, second launch, run back to station.

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In the upper left hand corner of the pic, there is a diagram showing the X, Y, and Z axes, and the Z axis is labeled as "nach oben" - this is German, and literally it means "after over". As I am not fluent in German, my best guess of translation is something along the lines of "top view", but I can't say for sure. Can any of the German members translate this correctly?


Anyway, the fact that there is German text on the blueprints immediately discounts B&M as the company, because B&M is in one of the French areas of Switzerland, and looking at the address of B&M's office, even their address is in French. So that leaves about three major companies left that might be the designers of the ride:


It could be Intamin, as the sheer size of the coaster and how spread out the layout is from the top view signifies that the layout is probably low to the ground (60 feet or less most of the time is my guess) points to a potential Wing Walker design. Plus, it's not unlike Intamin to build multiple lift/launch coasters.

I can see how they can theme it after an African bird or something, kind of like SheiKra (but then again, Furius Baco is themed to a vineyard) My guess is closer to a Wing Walker. As with Tranan, the wide profile of the trains seems ample to fix a bird with outstretched wings.

Although Intamin's sit down coasters are obviously more popular, they are much more compact than this layout; seeing as the layout resembles Furius Baco, my bet is a Wing Walker. Plus, Intamin is in a German speaking area of Switzerland (the biggest giveaway is again the address - Wollerau seems pretty German to me)


It could still be Mack, because it doesn't appear to have many block brakes, signaling a company that uses a small number of large trains (Gerstlauer and Maurer Soehne are the companies I am primarily referring to) and that company has so far made only one launched coaster, so they have the aura of the "shiny new toy" if you know what I mean. Plus, it's a German company. However, Intamin is more popular.


For the people who said that there were corkscrews and Zero-G Rolls, I doubt it. (Assuming it's a wing walker.) The only way I can give definitive proof is that if someone blows up the picture while simultaneously keeping it just as clear as the original photo of the blueprints - if I can see how the supports are connected to the track, I'd probably be able to guess if the coaster goes upside down or not.

Due to the diameter of the trains, the rolls have to be much longer to minimize the G's on the rider, so my guess is that those "corkscrews" at the top of the blueprints are just S-Bends, as they are pretty tight. (Similar to Kennywood's Sky Rocket or Seabreeze's Whirlwind.) But a Zero-G Roll could still be up in the air, as that can be done gradually.

However, looking at the pre-launch portion of the ride, those turns seem pretty sharp for a wing walker. Although the coaster can probably make those turns based on the articulation of the trains and their wheel assemblies, it still appears to be somewhat uncharacteristically tight when compared to Furius Baco.

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Went to Busch Gardens today, and boy do I have some photos. They have 3 new topiaries growing at the stables, and the path is completely laid out with markers! Here are some pics.






Giraffe (sorry for the no head!)


Path from the Skyride


Path towards Edge of Africa


Same path from the view of the Hyena/Lion section


And just so they remember what they were doing!


Outline of construction? You may notice the spray paint on the edge of the cliff next to the flags.


More outline


This was by the Lemurs in the Edge of Africa


And one more flag by the waterfall. I hope I'll be able to update more in August or September when there is more to see!

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This has probably been said already, so I will make it brief. Has anyone thought multiple launches and with a layout like this it could be an extreme version of California Screamin' I mean what does that have? 1-2 inclined launches and one flat?


It has been said to have 3... the description of the blue prints does seem to indicate so.


Awesome pics jjune4991!!! Those topiary look interesting. I am sure they mean they are attached to the several projects going on.

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Those are some nifty pics, and remind me of the installation of Storm Runner back in 2003/2004. One thing I did notice from the pics is there is a similarity (of course, it's all relative) to those of the aformentioned SR- and just about the same pacing between 'markers' as SR; whether this is an indicator of an Intamin or not I'll not guess- as we all know, such similarities are purely coincidental...


I'm putting 1-1 it's an Intamin, though-

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Plus, Intamin is in a German speaking area of Switzerland (the biggest giveaway is again the address - Wollerau seems pretty German to me)

I never saw the address on the plans, but if this is true, then it 100% is Intamin as they're based out of Wollerau.

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SeaWorld Orlando has sent us a press release about their new offer towards stranded guests visiting Orlando.


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is offering free one-day admission to any United Kingdom, Irish or Continental European tourists stranded in Florida due to the interruption in international air travel caused by Icelandic volcanic ash.


The offer is valid starting Saturday, April 17, 2010 at SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica in Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.


Stranded tourists must present to the parks' front gate Guest Services window a valid return airline ticket from Wednesday, April 14, 2010 through Wednesday, April 21, 2010 or until normal flight schedules resume.


One ticket will be offered at each park for each return flight ticket presented. Children under age 3 are free.


Further information is available by calling 1-888-800-5447.

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That is REALLY cool. Good for them!


Nice gesture - I've one work colleague who should have been flying to Florida from UK Saturday but everything totally locked down and no flights. Another colleague still in Florida with her family and by the look of things no way home for some time to come so having these kind of offers help reduce stress of the situation. Never known anything like this - lots of insurance companies not helping and aware of loads of UK families currently stuck at the end of the Easter holidays. Hope things improve.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has sent us a new press release about an exciting SMS text message system for the park.


Busch Gardens Tampa Bay recently debuted an in-park text messaging campaign sure to help guests make the most of a visit to the park.

The messages provide coaster wait times, fun-for-the-family scavenger hunts, valuable promotional offers for food and gifts and did-you-know facts about the park’s “hidden gems.”


“The feedback from our guests has been incredible -- they love this level of service and how it enhances their park experience,” said Jim Dean, executive vice president and general manager of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. “With text messaging, it’s very natural for our guests to get park updates during their visit. On a moment’s notice, we can let them know about wait times on the coasters or even take them on a scavenger hunt.”

At the park’s front gate, guests receive instructions on opting in to the service and it’s nothing more complicated than texting a keyword to an SMS number. Within minutes, guests will receive updates directly to their mobile device. They’re automatically unsubscribed from the service after 12 hours and can opt-out at any time.


“My favorite is the quiz we have for Sesame Street Safari of Fun, our new attraction,” said Dean. “Parents and kids are having a great time with it. We text trivia questions about Safari of Fun, things to notice and spot. Parents and kids need to keep their eyes open – they never know what we’ll ask!”


Stay up-to-date on the parks at SeaWorldParksBlog.com.


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I think that this idea is great. While the Six Flags app only works on iPhones and the Disney app only works on Verizon smartphones, pretty much every phone out there has texting available. Now does anyone know if this is a free service or will you have to pay for it? (not including standard texting rates)

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I would bet a whole lot that it's a free service minus your standard text messaging fees.


We actually did an SMS program like this at Disney Studios Paris back in 2008 and I was shocked that it hadn't caught on more.


Like you said, forget about apps, brands, companies, just text message what you want to say and it can go to everyone!

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"but it has to have an app! Apps make everything more offical!"

----Steve Jobs fanboy


EDIT:Six Flags App is a piece of crap, IMO. Doesn't work well and it crashes on me alot.


SMS is so much easier, cheaper too. I applaud BGT decision for doing this!


It seems like this Blackstone thing might just turn out to be better than anyone could have hoped for!I am thoroughly surprised on how the parks have been maintained and are expanding in a recession like this!

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I too think its a good idea. My company has been doing this for a few of our Las Vegas casinos for about a year. Instead of quizzes we offer discounts, free stuff and "insider" tips.


SFMM was doing a smaller scale one last year. I havent noticed any signs about it this year tho.

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