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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

p. 375: Phoenix Rising family inverted coaster announced for 2024!

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Busch Gardens Tampa recently updated its special events page to include a new piece of information about its Summer Nights event.




The seasonal show Kinetix, which has been shown at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and SeaWorld Orlando will be coming to Busch Gardens Tampa this Summer.


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After the awesomeness that is Intimidator 305, I hope my state's first intamin is not named Kangaloom.



I am pretty sure is not. The BG and SW parks are good at naming their coasters. (Kumba, Montu, Gwazi, SheiKra, Manta, Kraken, Girffon, Aplie, AC, LNM, and so on)

Plus the stronghold rumor is that it will have a more cheetah theme so who knows.

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Screamscape has traced out what is believed to be the 2011 coaster layout for the Busch Gardens Tampa expansion.




EDIT: BGTGuide posted a similar piece of information around the same time as Screamscape and has some additional pictures to show the supposed 2011 coaster layout could be in more detail.




Courtesy of Screamscape.com

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I was so bummed when Screamscape pulled that April fools joke by saying that B&M track was on site. I REALLY hope the rumors about this project being an Intamin coaster are true, judging by the rumored layout this thing looks like it could be a huge project.

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A water splashdown?? A park with two water splashdowns (not counting the water rides). Could it be an Aquatrax? Or maybe an extended Mack Super Splash with launch?


I found several mentions to Austrialia and New Zealand as well. I don't think this is for BGT. Aquatica sounds like a more feasable idea. I also found that a "Kangaloom" is a Kangaroo's watering hole.



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If the rumors are true and that layout is true, then this will be one massive ride! I mean two launches? Not unheard of, yet if Intiman is making this ride i'm sure it will definitely pack a punch.


Quick question, but where else can Busch Garden's Tampa expand? I mean it looks like this ride is all over the place and they will have to either get rid of or move part of Rhino Ralley to squeeze it in. What other land does Busch have available to them?

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^^I do believe they've already said that Rhino Rally is changing next year and won't involve the water anymore. Unless I'm mistaken, they have had a TON of maintenance problems with the water finale and just want to "re-profile" the ride. And since they'll have that canyon already built, it only makes sense to use it for this potential coaster.


^If I had to speculate about the twists and turns out of the station, my guess is it would just be some kind of "pre-launch" themed part of the ride, maybe inside of a tunnel or trench?

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It looks like an Intamin to me. if you look closely at the transfer brakes you can see an Intamin style switch track. The only thing that I find curious is whats up with the the weird twists and turns out of the station... Maybe it launches out of the station...


Dark ride section maybe?

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