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Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday Cruise!

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Well at least, now I know what you did for your birthday, LOL...


Wait. Who's William?


Eh. Whatever.


Hope the rest of the cruise goes (is going?) well for you, the family and all others present.


And a Happy B-Day (Post Operative) to you, Mr. A.

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Here is our current view!


We are all getting deported to Mexico!


Our first port - Cabo San Lucas!


Screw the Kogi truck, it's all about real Mexican tacos served from a dilapidated shack!


Walking up to our first excursion. What could it be?


Does Lou look nice and sexy? Respond back and say "LIKE!!!"


Preseting the 2010 Theme Park Review Special Olympics Zip Lining Team!


Screw roller coasters... This kicks A$$!


Who the f**k invited Ryan???


Dios Mios!!!


55 miles per hour about 500 feet in the air! Now THAT is how TPR does a cruise!


Have you ever done the "Mexican Butterfly" at 55MPH?




Group sex on the zip line!


"Don't get wet. Don't feed sugar."


TPR Mexicans feeling right at home!




Check out my hot meat!


Awesome! Vekoma made zip line!


Our current view!


This is going to RUIN quite a few TPR members in about 45 minutes!


The best tequila is the free tequila!


Shot number 16....and yes, that is a penis balloon on you are seeing on the screen!


You really can't do a Mexican port town without a quick stop to Senor Frogs.


Would you believe that Joey can seriously hold his liquor???


"Do you got anything with a little more girth?"


Colin on the other hand...cannot hold is liquor!


Everyone gets a fruity drink in a phallic glass!


Who here would like a nice pink penis balloon in their face? Chris? Anyone else? Just Chris???


Penis balloons for EVERYONE!!!


Over the counter Viagra? SURE!!!


And everyones favorite super hero... SUPER VIAGRA!!!


Which wrestler mask would YOU wear?


Mexican boob credit!


Hay tamales! We have tamales!


Joey is clearly jealous of Colin's big balloon!




Hey everyone. Check out my sexy wings!




It was time to head back to the ship.


Holy crap that thing is huge!!!


Yeah. The ship is amazing!


Would you believe this is ALL for Elissa???


A cruise ship...the perfect place to go ice skating!


The girls of TPR! Ice skating edition!


"After we take the picture can we eat this dolphin?"


Hey! It's balloon boy!


"Robb is correct. This salad IS better than normal sex!"


"What you mean this is ALL the food I get??? Bring us a second round!"


This Mexican baby tiger will whore himself out to you for an easy twenty bucks! (the tiger is the kitten shaped object NOT the woman with the giant mouth!)


Whale watcing is a popular activity in Cabo San Lucas!


Mexican puppets - maracas, symbols, and guns!!!


How many TPR members can you cram in an elevator?


Lou just said "Why is there a penis with sunglasses on my bed?"


Here is what Cabo is famous for...a bunch of rocks!


I wonder why Colin isn't feeling so good?


Maybe because he puked up half of his internal organs on the balcony below?


Why so serious???


Sunset looks amazing from the back of our swanky stateroom. Today was a GREAT day!!!


To follow us LIVE, check out our Facebook update!


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