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Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday Cruise!

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It looks like you guys are having a blast. Wish I could have made it


As far as Lou, Like Like Like. You know you'd be at the top of my list if I swung that way. My brother-in-law still brings up the gummy coke bottle picture from Spain. I love spain.

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Today we made a stop in Mazatlan, Mexico!


And this starts our day in Mazatlan!


We are traveling about 45 MPH in the back of a truck!


There is a 37% chance we will not make it past today!


We were all given a pretty blue string...Welcome to Mexico!


"OMG! I just dropped a two pound burrito!"


Our current view.


"We're going on a boat trip..."


Our ship and the Sapphire Princess are having some interesting boat sects.


From one sketchy Mexican transport vehicle to another.




Yes, that is correct...TPR is being pulled by a tractor!


Our four star accomodations for tonight! (Hey...it has a trampoline...how bad could it be?)


Time to ransack a Mexican village!


There are some really horrible people in the world...and these are some of them.


Now THIS is how to spend an afternoon in Mexico! (Although the ATV's need a cup holder for the beer!)




Correction...THIS is the way TPR spends a day in Mexico!


Yo dudes, what's up?


Beach ATV POV!


Chris has to stand because his butt still hurts!


Russell on the beach at 45MPH.


What cute little turtles! Too bad they are aligator food!




Back on the ATV road again.


We have found a beautiful resort town for Hot Fuzz Rich!


The final stretch home! Amazing!!!


And now.. The "massive drinks in huge glasses on the beach" part of the day!


Awwww....how cute.


However Mark would rather share with his sugar daddy!


KidTums approves of the beach!


When in Mexico...Quesadillas!


Next group of ATV gringos READY!


Our current view.


We got the uber posh speed boat back from the island.


It says "Titanik!"




This statue depicts Elissa's life - naked in the kitchen making me food!


Sailing out of Mazatlan...another amazing day!


To follow us LIVE check out our Facebook updates!


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Nice Trip, looks like great fun!


Never did a boat trip.


But by the way happy birthday Robb, a little bit late, but did work and not realized before!


Wish you more fun on the trip and a great year 2010.

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Ah, the tractor tow ride, I remember that from my last trip to Mexico back in 2006. Definately agree with that Titanik ship epic fail. If it were to sink, I wonder how it would, as there are no icebergs in Mexico. *queue the Celine Dion Titanic theme music*


"No more stinkin' tacos." That's exactly how I felt by the end of the trip.

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Today was the "Quest for the Mexican Wal*Mart..."


Our current view - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


TPR rocks out the tribond trivia! What does a dog, a pillow, and a fist have in common?


Tribond trivia WINNERS!!!


Welcome to Puerto Vallarta! We have a specific quest in mind...


"We are on a quest to find the Mexican Wal*Mart'l


Hmmm....this sketchy bus goes to Wal*Mart...Should we take it?


Hurry! American tourists are worth 500 points!


Mexican Sam's Club? Nah...


YESSSS! Mexican Wal*Mart!!!


Everyone ready for some Mexican roll back prices? LET'S GO!!!


Oooh! A sale on tostada shells!


There is a Zebra, some wrestler dudes, and milk. WTF!


Oddly enough this Mexican Wal*Mart was nicer than most American stores. Check out the covered parking!


The camping area is themed...


Nice looking deli! I want a Mexican Wal*Mart in my hometown!!!


We totally found a Mexican knock-off Sega Genesis!


Here is what a Mexican knock off Sega Genesis looks like!


What a shock! They have Samba de Amigo here!


"I've got 40 DVDr's and a knock off Sega Genesis...now I can write this trip off as a work expense!"


"I'm just going to get in line behind the woman with the tires..."


Sausage anyone? Sausage?


Mexican sushi anyone?


What are these? If you know the answer ... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com First 10 people with the correct answer wins a bag-o-crap! (remember to include your mailing address with your email to Dan!)


Only $16 for TWO bottles of tequila!


Mexican Taxi.


Next stop...Mexican shopping mall.


Ahh...we have found Elissa Friendly Food!


Five days of luxury cruise ship food is no match for McDonalds!


"You uncultured swines!"


Suck down that Subway Big Mike!!!


"When in Mexico, you spike your McDonalds with a little tequila."


There is our ship off in the distance.


Today's TPR Spanish lesson - Basura means trash!


OMG! We have found a Mexican Peter Piper Pizza! Could there be a hidden credit here?


Big Mike is bummed...we found a carousel but no roller coaster.


But we did find Mexican Deal Or No Deal!!!


Exquisite dead guy.


The quest for cheap alcohol continues!


OMG! We can go see the Predator set??? Take us there now!!!


The local natives made us some "family friendly" arts and crafts. (family friendly as in how to make a family using some of your closest friends!)


Apparently they double as some sort of whistle? Ryan demonstrates.


Colin proves he is the group's biggest nerd as he won every game in the Nintendo Wii Challenge!


TPR tip of the day... Never EVER fall asleep when other TPR members are around.


If you would like to know what happened to Ryan's hat, text him and ask! (559) 940-3525


This photo is the aftermath of what happens when Ryan was giving Lou a piggy back ride and then when Ryan least expected it, Robb punches him square in the nuts! Ryan and Lou tumble to the ground due to Ryan's now crippled stature while Dan and Hanno fall on the floor laughing thier asses off!!! People walking by thought we were plastered off our gourd when in reality the five of us hadn't had a drop of alcohol all day so far! (apologies to Lou for any damages mentally and physically this may have caused you)


"Hey random ferry!!! Check this out!"


"There seems to be a full moon tonight!"


More photos coming soon!


I am wondering...are you guys enjoyin these updates? Would anyone be interested in a TPR Cruise at some point in the near future?



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^ Because he can.


"Today's TPR Spanish lesson - Basura means trash!"


I had a friend back in junior high whose last name was Basura (really!). One day, he randomly said, "You know what my last name means? It means 'sh*t'!"


To this day I still laugh about that.



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Love the updates, still wish I was there.


Please provide a status of who comes down with Montezuma's Revenge after having ice cubes in the drinks in Mexico.


This is why I would get sick. Me and my paper mache stomach would forget this and I would get violently ill. The one and only time I went on a cruise, I lost weight even though I spent half the time eating because the other half of the time...

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