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Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday Cruise!

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Our final update from Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday TPR Cruise!


Tonight was the final night of Robb's Fantastic 40th Birthday TPR Cruise...so let's PARTY!!!!


Elissa rented out one of the venues on the ship just for our group...


...We had as much alcohol we could drink (which turns out was a LOT!)


And of course there is food...lots of meat on sticks for the theme park geeks and posh little whores de ovaries like caviar and finger foods for those who wanted to pretend that we are classy.


Drink up gents! The cruise is almost over!


It looks like KidTums even had a lot to drink! But she only had apple juice and caviar!


Why so serious? THIS IS A PARTY!!!


YEAH! That's more like it! If you want to hug Ryan, text him at (559) 940-3525 and he will come to your house and give you a hug!




"Wow! It really does smell like cookies. Oh, God! She farted and it went down my throat!"


Now that's a mighty handsome looking threesome!




Big Mike hanging out with some good friends.


And now Elissa's mom is looking just a little bit nervous!




Yeah, this is another sexy looking threesome!


Big Mike wants a little Elissa alone time!


Screw that! Give me the birthday boy! (Or both of the Birthday boys!)


Here is everyone who celebrated birthdays during this cruise.


Awww, now that's so sweet.


Robb & Elissa want to thank you all for reading through this huge update and joining us on our first ever TPR cruise! And special thanks to Elissa for planning all this as a surprise!


Time for the first ever TPR Cruise Group Photo...hmm...something seems wrong with this picture....




Thanks everyone for following our TPR Cruise adventures!


If you liked this update... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad@aol.com


If you didn't like this update... TEXT RYAN! (559) 940-3525 (actually, please just text him anyway and ask him how the Delorean is doing!)


Thank again everyone!


Until next cruise...we hope you liked the update!



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I can't speak for Alana. (As she is still having nightmares from meeting you all. She wakes up screaming, "CUDDLE RAPE!" I wonder where she got this from?)


But I digress. IMHO this was one of the most awesome trips I have ever been on with er'body. So much fun, alcohol, trivia, and mayhem was had. Not to mention all the wet, hot, filty sex. But, that's kinda to be expected when Robb is around. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Elissa & Mrs. Elissa's Mom for planning this whole shindig! I wouldn't have missed it for the world!


Guy "Ass in a window!" Koepp

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