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  1. Disappointed - Electronic. Johnny Marr, Bernard Sumner and Neil Tennant - awesome
  2. I got a new telly and I even managed to set it all up by myself this afternoon (this is a big achievement for a blondie like myself!) Piers and my Dad fixed Piers' old Wii for me which was really unexpected and a really nice surprise. My Godsons got me all the Jaws films - shark shark shark shark shark I also got some cash, chocs, nail varnish, the usuals. A great Christmas!
  3. Not sure I'll get much this year as my folks helped me out a lot when I was buying the house but there are a few things I would love; A Tag Heuer Aquaracer A new telly (my current one is 19" and looks lame!) A black wii A new bottle of perfume Jaws dvd
  4. Suede - o2 Arena, London. 07 December. A-m-a-zing! And thankyou Piers for getting us into the o2 Lounge and letting us drink gin n tonic in the warm!
  5. You told me to watch the videos - so I did! Looks like you're having a fab time! E xxx
  6. Ummmm, I'm a debt collector. Not the door-trapping type, although I did used to do that for a Local Authority in Scotland. It's largely housing related and has recently extended into credit control for our manufacturing services. I'm also at college one day a week learning to be an accounts technician but I bloody hate double entry.... book keeping!!
  7. I know this is lame but Paranormal Activity really messed me up! I saw it at the cinema with my sister and spent the last 5 minutes with my scarf wrapped around my head. I had to sleep with the tv on for about 3 weeks after! Also I had a nightmare about Charles Bronson, months after watching Bronson, although I wasn't bothered by it at the time, clearly something was triggered by that film. It's not even scary, the guys just a complete nutter.
  8. I upset my boss yesterday so I spent last night cooking Nigella Lawson's Malteser Cake and some rose scented cupcakes with rose icing! My boss thought he's upset me and he bought me in a maple pecan plait. So yeah, mostly I've been eating cake today. Emily 'TPR needs a 'you fat bloater' smiley K
  9. I concur - I was in love with him in My So Called Life when I was about 15!
  10. http://www.supersizedmeals.com/food/article.php/20060630015057755 Check this beast out! 1000 calories of arterie blocking tastiness. May I present to you the 'Stonner Kebab'....
  11. Control I saw Control by Anton Corbijn yesterday. It's a biopic about Ian Curtis of Joy Division and is based on the book Touching from a Distance by his wife Deborah. It's shot in black and white and won a few awards when it was released back in 2007. Sam Riley, the guy playing Curtis, had him down to a t.
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