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Coney Island (Luna Park / Deno's) Development Discussion Thread

P. 60: Phoenix coaster announced for Phoenix at Deno’s Wonder Wheel

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19 hours ago, coneyislandchris said:

For the past several years Luna Park has had a pay-one-price plan that lasts all day, not just a set block of time like it was when they first introduced the wristbands. Not sure yet what Deno's is going to do but I would guess that they'll stick with the individual tickets per ride as they just don't have that many non-kiddie rides to make it worth it.

And if you're willing to brave possibly horrific crowds, they usually do a $5-10 unlimited wristband special opening weekend.  But having done that once, I'd prefer to pay extra for a regular summer day when everything is a walk-on.

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This is going to spoil everyone who is used to the smoothness of the Coney Island Cyclone or a Zamperla coaster.

Before the new coaster at Luna Park opens, it seems as if Deno's Wonder Wheel Park is getting a brand new custom Vekoma suspended family coaster for the 2021 season! From the article on USA Today;

They are. Dragon Flier at Dollywood is butter smooth. No OTSRs, just a lapbar in a comfortable bucket seat. He's saying the Zamperlas are janky (not going to disagree there) and the Cyclone (which has

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6 minutes ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

This looks like an excellent (and unexpected) addition. Good for them!

I have yet to ride a new-generation Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster, but they seem to be leaps and bounds better than the ones from the early 2000s.

They are way better than any ride with a 39" height requirement has any right to be. Vekoma has really turned a corner as of late.

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