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  1. Been a bit, I hope everyone is safe & sound during these times. I've got around visiting Coney Island seeing I haven't been there since mid 2019, I'm looking forward to see these new attractions comes to fruition. Speaking of new attraction, I bet most of you heard that Wild River is completely gone and went to ride heaven or ride hell depending on how you viewed the ride. Now there's some new attractions that taken up the space that Wild River use to be, and a little development on the water attractions take a look at these photos.
  2. Goodbye Air Race, a nice solid 8 years of fun. You never know what ride is leaving and when that last ride is really, the last ride.
  3. Ok so I rode the Astrotower for the first time and I got to say it was fun, wasn't much of a drop, it was really, coney clipper was fun too, a lil high but fun, all other ride was great to, Thunderbolt was rough, and my seatbelt came undone during the air hump was I was holding on tight AF, the light was beautiful though, Zenobio was amazing as always. Even though Luna Park is great for hours of fun, I DO NOT recommend working for them
  4. Some Astrotower pictures! (Sorry if I post too much) P.S Opening day it's May.18th At Night Such a gloomy day From the entrance at Screamzone Just lining up With the Thunderbolt rollercoaster Up close It's so high
  5. As you can see the vacancy at the front of the park, where Magic Bikes use to be, and where Magic Bikes is now Emtpy Where it used to be Where it is now
  6. Construction going well for Coney Clipper, Magic Bikes is now relocated between Brooklyn Barge and the Coney Clipper site, The interactive ride "Cosmo Jet" will be where Magic Bikes once stood.
  7. Check it out guys. The advertisement for the Astrotower, it's gonna be $7 to ride and its high thrill. If you're wondering why isn't Endeavor running, it's because of the construction for the Astrotower
  8. As you can somewhat see (I didn't take a great photo I know) You can somewhat see some rides that are going to come this season. As confirmed: Water Mania will be replaced with a pirate ship attraction named "Coney Clipper" Power Surge Is no longer there Magic Bikes will now be in the back of the park A new interactive ride will be in front of the park And behind Endeavor will be a drop tower, the name will be "Astrotower as a homage to the original Astrotower You can see the new park map when coming in from the boardwalk
  9. I have things I want to tell you guys but I can't!!!!!! But 2018 will be a great season. The pictures will give some contexts Did Water Mania retire? Strange.... What happening? Magnificent Restoration I think this was trespassing but there was no security so I went inside the amphitheater What is this?
  10. If you read it's really $5 admission It's really a donate what you can, $5 dollar is the minimum you can donate
  11. Ah jeez, haven't been here in forever, I went to coney island and I took a few picture, it was very cloudy so the park looked like a ghost town, guys, it was so surreal, Brooklyn flyer was taken down and it was in pieces, I didn't notice till I left the park, workers were fixing things, maintenance was in a hurry, some rides were missing too. It was so empty that I had chills. Peeking at the entrance of the new Sharks! exhibit Power Surge Where Are You Where's Water Mania? (Yes I was inside the park) From this angle it looks empty Another Peek of the new entrance of the Sharks! exhibit So, is power surge coming back? The Shark Exhibit facade The new mural, dedicated to the dangers of plastic in the water pt 2 pt3 Another peek
  12. Hey guys, I haven't been active enough, but good news, I'm working at Luna Park as we speak as a ride operator, so I'm actually in on what they're going to do or might do, if you need proof I have my uniform and name tag as proof
  13. Some pictures of the new raceway in coney Vroom Vroom Something new? Games! And they're off! *Horse noises*
  14. I'm pretty sure eveyrone has seen the new racetrack and mini golf course that's been placed near the scream zone right?
  15. I was at Coney yesterday for the beach and I snapped a few photo on the amphitheater, it seems to be almost done with construction. Also the Child's restaurant is looking good as well. And if you're coming on the path where it's between Scream Zone and Endeavor/Thunderbolt area, you'll see something being developed there, I asked what's going to be there but the crew only said that they're only doing cement work and have no clue what's going to be there in the future. And Also! (A lot of developing news it seems) The scrambler at Deno's is no longer there, it's being replaced by a 5-D interactive shooter game (Source http://www.theconeyislandblog.com/?p=3199), and while looking for the source, a new SUPER SIZE arcade is coming, and will be located on Surf ave W. 8th st! That is all I have to report, now excuse me, my hands need a massage from typing all the the infos The mysterious land The mysterious land pt 2 The Wonder of Wheels Child's Restaurant What's going on here? Maybe a SUPER SIZE Arcade? Hmmmmmmm? The almighty Jump! The restaurant facade The Restaurant in progress The flash! No, it's the theatre Great shot of the development A tree A cat inside awww /)^3^( The Amphitheatre still in progress Yup (I'm running out of witty things) A better shot the the development The future stage The effort it took on NOT trying to look like a perv while taking a photo of this new women's bathroom Don't worry, there's a men's restroom as well Another cat, their eyes will haunt you Awww And Lastly! Another facade of the Restaurant
  16. I was at the area yesterday for my anniversary and I took some photos, some of the amphitheater some of the endeavor ride. Endeavor still being set up Endeavor again The amphitheater archs More of the theater So much archs last one
  17. You'r first time?, Awesome! You won't be let down by them and their rides, but I do have some pointers -Steeplechase and Power Surge have more maintenance and they occasionally close down -Better to get food from the local shops around the park, or Smorgasburg (Don't know if I spelled it right) - Wristbands are the key to maximum fun - And last but not least, if you visit the park, your butt must be on the cyclone Has anyone ridden Endeavor when it was testing it to the public? I was lucky enough to ride it and it's worth it
  18. Has anyone checked this out? http://www.amusingthezillion.com/2016/03/01/coney-islands-high-striker-queen-first-victim-of-eminent-domain/ It seems Ghost Hole and Monica's "Ring the Bell" is in the way of the city's plan to make "Wonder Wheel Way" a walkway that connects the Parachute Jump, The Wonder Wheel and The Cyclone, thoughts?
  19. Neither can I, I'm ready for Sunday, I got the BOGO Wristband deal and I'm going to redeem it on opening day, I hope to see all of you there so I can introduce myself properly
  20. Sadly Endeavor was not there when I went, and the space for sale used to belong to a bank of some sorts a long time ago, the art wall and the Smorgasburg is still there
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