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  1. Update of the construction on Phoenix at Deno’s. Photos taken earlier today. Overall, Deno’s was running as per usual except for the limited access. I attempted to ride the cyclone on the way out, but they wouldn’t accept my Luna Card from 2019! Looks like I’ll be arguing with customer service. I’ll be back next weekend to check out Luna Park.
  2. Flipping through and I didn’t see either of Indians Beach’s wood coasters. Any reason why they were left out?
  3. Did you guys read the article? Their biggest problem isn’t the entertainment - it’s the retail. I also think the current state of the pandemic would have people a little more hesitant going to indoor amusement parks and especially indoor water parks. A recent photo I saw of the wave pool on a weekend looked like a great way to catch COVID.
  4. I don't understand how anyone in the NY region could be surprised by the prices. My kids can blow through 70 dollars of ride tickets at Deno's in Coney Island in about an hour or two. Last night I spent $160/ticket for a 75 minute broadway show. If they can keep the customer service high, I don't think that price for a climate controlled and massive waterpark is at all outrageous.
  5. Any word on the timeline for Ratatouille? I’m headed to Disney in early June and am hoping both that and Runaway Railway will be open.
  6. I spent the day at Nickelodeon Universe yesterday with the family. We arrived shortly after the 10 AM opening to an empty park and though for sure we’d be able to ride every ride multiple times. We got on the carousel, slime streak, and shredder and played in the paw patrol area by ourselves. Then as we headed over to the shimmer and shine ride (day 1130 or so), the crowds started pouring in. For the remainder of the day the crowds continued to grow. We were able to get on the ropes course, skyline, and shellraiser with only a few minute wait for each, but everything else had a 15-30 minute wa
  7. So you drove there for for "all our tailgates" but can't stand to drive there for a quality indoor amusement park? Also, the traffic loading and unloading an 80K capacity stadium is much different than that generated by a mall/entertainment center. If you're really concerned, just avoid a game day. I fully expect that once this is fully open, the mall (and local tour agencies) are going to do a lot more to get the tourist market in. I'm not sure why New Jersey residents would rather see this fail, have all of their tax money be a waste, and again have a giant abandoned building on the
  8. Isn’t the point that it isn’t “just a friggin mall”? The area does not have an indoor amusement park, indoor ski slope, or indoor waterpark. The LEGOLAND discovery center, Kidzania, and sea life aquarium will also draw people like me, who have to keep two kids entertained through the dead of winter. People are very willing to drive “all the way to the meadowlands” for a day out with the family at these types of things. The negative attitude of New Jersey folks towards this boggles my mind. As a NYC resident this is about the only thing that would draw me across the river.
  9. No, the coaster intertwined with the Eurofighter is a Gerstlauer spinning coaster (both open). The intamin short loop and half pipe coasters are still yet to open but the park has said the latter is expected to be open by this weekend. The Chance family coaster has been open on weekend but closed intermittently during the week - presumably to make adjustments to the restraints, which were a complaint on opening day and the park promised were going to be fixed. Over all, it does seem like the facility wasn’t quite ready (lacking the food court that is slated for between the park and water
  10. I agree that there is an odd shuffle on the way out (particularly in the zero g roll) but I find the turn-around and the return trip to be a blast. I also find the restraints to be a vast improvement on Sky Rush's, which were PAINFUL to my thighs. I do agree, however, that the cars could use a bit more padding. Not quite the "major" coaster I've been hoping for this park, but still a giant leap forward from the other small steel coasters Zamperla has added to the park.
  11. I got a chance to ride it yesterday and have to say it greatly exceeded my expectations. Some of the transitions were a bit jerky, but it was still smoother than I expected given Zamperla's history. The turnaround element and the final corkscrew provided some great sensations. I rode in the front middle seat and the final corkscrew felt like I always imagined the B&M heartline roll is supposed to feel - you float and the car just rotates around you. There's also a few great airtime moments and there is a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline from the top of the lift. It's a great ad
  12. First post!! I just updated my lists. Top 10 wood: 1) boulder dash 2) voyage 3) el toro 4) tremors 5) legend 6) timber terror 7) comet 8) ghostrider 9) coney island cyclone 10) the beast Top 10 steel 1) bizarro (sfne) 2) millennium force 3) storm runner 4) tatsu 5) maverick 6) x2 7) xcelerator 8) nitro 9) diamondback 10) ride of steel (Darien lake)
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