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  1. It appears Sandy has been removed from the closed rides list!!! Anyone have confirmation that it's running? Would love to finally get this credit sometime this summer.
  2. I was at Nick Universe on Sunday, and the train is missing its outer shell, seats, and restraints. Definitely appears it's waiting on some parts. Some may recall the front of the train had been removed for most or all of the time it had been operating. I'm bummed to have still not been on this ride - and also bummed that Shellraiser was closed, although it's downtime was known before I bought tickets and seems shortlived.
  3. I was there a couple of weekends ago and the place was absolutely mobbed. We were in the waterpark, but the amusement park was also jammed and people were shopping up a storm. I think this place is catching on. As a semi-local, I've now noticed they're also advertising on radio and through mailers. I think it'll be just fine...
  4. FYI, it appears that within the last couple of weeks, Luna Park has very quietly dropped the gated admission policy and has returned to their traditional pay-per-ride policy (along with a 4-hour wristband option which, at least online, is cheaper than it was this summer). Also, the Cyclone is running excellently! It was running faster than I ever remember it. I was in the front seat of the middle car and still got plentiful airtime.
  5. But what about those kids under 12? Kids who will send their entire classroom into quarantine if they do end up contracting the virus. I think there’s valid reasons for those of us with young children to be concerned about the prospect of large massless crowds that aren’t verified to be vaccinated. I have a stay booked for a few weeks from now and may have to reconsider based on this news.
  6. The majority of parks charge at least $20 to park. I have to spend $3 to park at my local target. I don't think this is worth complaining about.
  7. Deno’s does not offer wristbands. There is a two hour reservation window to enter the park, but it is still pay-per-ride. We were back this past weekend at Luna Park. Granted we were with a kid’s birthday party, so it was slow moving, but with the sanitizing stoppages, the 2 hours goes by fast! I’m not sure you would be able to do everything. The kids waited about 15-20 minutes for the Circus Coaster and the line for The Tickler seemed quite long. Also several rides were having pretty persistent mechanical issues. Hopefully that will improve after they warm up for the season. I didn’t make it down to the Scream Zone. Do they let you pay per ride at those rides as they do for the thunderbolt and cyclone?
  8. Agree that's steep....But Kalahari in the Poconos is also $129.99 for a day pass on the weekend. It seems that's the going rate for an indoor water park in these parts - and judging by photos I've seen recently, despite the pandemic, this place seems to be drawing folks in.
  9. What’s the word on Lightning Racer? From looking at the app, it doesn’t appear as if it’s been open yet. Heading to the park in early June and hoping all of the coasters will be open by then!
  10. That’s not entirely true. You can still pay individually to ride the cyclone and thunderbolt. Since the “thrill” wristband disappeared from their website, I’m assuming they will also go that route for the rides in the Scream Zone.
  11. Update of the construction on Phoenix at Deno’s. Photos taken earlier today. Overall, Deno’s was running as per usual except for the limited access. I attempted to ride the cyclone on the way out, but they wouldn’t accept my Luna Card from 2019! Looks like I’ll be arguing with customer service. I’ll be back next weekend to check out Luna Park.
  12. Flipping through and I didn’t see either of Indians Beach’s wood coasters. Any reason why they were left out?
  13. Did you guys read the article? Their biggest problem isn’t the entertainment - it’s the retail. I also think the current state of the pandemic would have people a little more hesitant going to indoor amusement parks and especially indoor water parks. A recent photo I saw of the wave pool on a weekend looked like a great way to catch COVID.
  14. I don't understand how anyone in the NY region could be surprised by the prices. My kids can blow through 70 dollars of ride tickets at Deno's in Coney Island in about an hour or two. Last night I spent $160/ticket for a 75 minute broadway show. If they can keep the customer service high, I don't think that price for a climate controlled and massive waterpark is at all outrageous.
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