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The Mega Dead Celebrity Thread

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Zelda Rubenstein was a great character actor and truly one of a kind! I remember her most for Madame Serena in Teen Witch!


Top That!



And I liked Zelda, she was always a fun in that creepy living doll kinda way. But I always thought she died a long time ago, then I saw her in Richard Kelly's Southland Tales a few years ago and I remember thinking "She's still alive?" Ah well She will be missed.

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It looks like Brittany Murphy's name has been cleared by the coroner:


Coroner: Brittany Murphy's Death Was Preventable


Brittany Murphy could still be alive today had she seen a doctor sooner, a Los Angeles coroner official says.


"This death could've been preventable," Assistant Chief Ed Winter tells PEOPLE. "Murphy was planning on seeing a doctor, but she unfortunately passed away before she did. This was a case of a person with pneumonia who was anemic (having a low blood count) who was taking medication when she should've been getting medical treatment."


Winter confirms that no illegal drugs were found in the actress's system: "It was only prescription and over-the-counter meds," he said.


In an interview with PEOPLE last month Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack maintained that his wife had visited a doctor. "I took very good care of my wife … She was on an antibiotic and she was taking cough medicine and doing all the right things," he said.


Winter tells PEOPLE that Murphy "had been sick for several days, and the last time she saw a doctor was awhile ago."


He added, "Her husband and mom had been sick for a few days, and they were getting over it when [Murphy] got it."


Regarding concern from Murphy's friends that Monjack should be investigated, Winter said: "He was never considered a suspect. No one's criminally liable here because this has been ruled an accident."


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I'm actuly really proud of myself that I've never even heard about most of the people on this page but I do know who J. D. Salinger was.


...To tell you the truth.















(I hope somebody got that refrence.)

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O.D. Hopkins, who made a name for himself in the amusement industry with water rides and roller coasters, died April 3. He was 83.

Hopkins started O.D. Hopkins Associates Inc. in 1969, which supplied water rides to smaller parks. The company branched out to providing services to major parks, and it built several roller coasters. O.D. Hopkins Associates was involved in work on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain as well as rides around the world.

Hopkins built four looping roller coasters. His first was Texas Tornado at Wonderland in Amarillo, Texas, which opened in 1985. Hopkins also built family coasters: Patriot at Castles n Coasters in Phoenix, Polar Coaster at Story Land in New Hampshire and New Wild Mouse Coaster at Misaki Park in Japan.

For more information, visit http://www.amusementtoday.com/

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