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  1. Tarja Turunen - The Reign from (My Winter Storm) man this song is amazing her voice is amazing as well=)!! but i only care for the orchestration so yeah:P!! the orchestration on this album is breathtaking=O!!
  2. hey guy's well in this thread is to talk about your summer plans=)!!.. i have a few... first is to work on my demo album=)!!! which im started to work today and might be released during the fall you can hear some demo's of it on YouTube: second is to try to ride some ride at Canada's Wonderland i've been in Toronto for like 7 years and i only rode Thunder Run (the one in the mountain) third is going to see Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Apocalyptica, Rammstein in the Summer Festival in Quebec !!! and the last is to chill with my friends (only i don't have a lot).. before they are going to university and college... so yeah:)!! im pretty hyped for this summer=)!!!
  3. Diablo Swing Orchestra - Poetic Pitbul Revolutions man this band is awesome!!!! just discovered them tonight:D
  4. im happy because i don't have school tomorrow cause of Grad Prom... also i finally updated my iTunes library=)!! i have over 40GB on iTunes right now but it doesnt fill it all in my iPod Touch 32GB:P.. also i can't wait for next week cause it's gonna be my last week of high school=)!! then off to college (though im only starting in January 2011:P).. anyway yeah im pretty happy.. plus im going to have a MacBook Pro 15" 2010 Edition=)!!
  5. well they finally revealed at the WWDC this morning that apple are releasing a new Phone the new design is awesome=)!!.. also the new software (iOS4) looks amazing and for the iPod Touch users you can update for free instead for paying 10$ like the previous updates. for more info here's the link: http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/
  6. for lunch Subway: - Spicy Italian Sub toasted with lettuce, green peppers, red onions and black olives.. with House Sauce (Zesty Italian) oh and with 2 cokes:) 12 foot (i still have one left and i think im going to eat it now=)!!)
  7. Im happy because im getting my first Macbook Pro ever=D!!! it's going to be the 15inch one and also i only have one final exam this year=)!! Math its a 3part exam so im starting my on the 14th of june then finish on the 18th=).. and after im off from high school forever:D!!!.. exept i have my graduation on the 29th=)!!.. yeah i can't wait to have my Macbook Pro=)!!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zub6xSZn2sw im totally hooked by this band now=)!!! progressive metal/baroque music= awesomeness:) but im listening to alot of other band:) i have a HUGE list:P.. here's the list: 3 Doors Down Abysmal Dawn ADAGIO Amon Amarth Angra Arch Enemy Archeon Arctic Monkeys Audioslave Avenged Sevenfold Ayreon Beethoven BEHEMOTH Behexen Billy Talent BLACK SABBATH BLIND GUARDIAN Blue Oyster Cult Bob Dylan Cancer Bats Celesty CHILDREN OF BODOM Chopin Circle II Circle COLDPLAY Crimson Glory DAFT PUNK DANNY ELFMAN DARK MOOR Death DEEP PURPLE Deftones DIMMU BORGIR DIO *(RIP RONNIE JAMES DIO ) Disturbed DJ TIESTO Dol Amaad Dragonland DREAM THEATER Drowning Pool Eiffel 65 ELVIS PRESLEY Emperor EPICA Exodus Fairyland Finntroll Firewind Foo Fighters FORGOTTEN TALES (The first power metal band in QUÉBEC:D) Galloglass GODSMACK GREEN DAY HAGGARD HANS ZIMMER Hatebreed Helloween Iced Earth IMMORTAL IRON MAIDEN Job For A Cowboy JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH JORDAN RUDESS JUDAS PRIEST Kamelot KANSAS King Crimson KINGS OF LEON KISS Lamb Of God LED ZEPPLIN LUCA TURILLI Martyr Megadeth METALLICA Moonsorrow MOTLEY CRUE MOZART MUSE (oh my god this band is wow!!! freaking love this band:D) NIGHTWISH Nile Nirvana Oomph Opeth Ov Hell Overkill Owl City Ozzy Osborne Pantera Pearl Jam PINK FLOYD Poison Porcupine Tree QUEEN QUIET RIOT Radiohead Rage Against The Machine Rammstein Red Hot Chili Peppers RHAPSODY OF FIRE Rob Zombie Rotting Christ SANTANA Sepultra Shakira (what, she's hot ) and this is the only "pop" music that im listening too i can't stand other artist (especially that sh*** Bieber) Slayer Snow Patrol SONATA ARCTICA Stereophonics STEVE JABLONSKY STRATOVARIUS Sum 41 Symphony X System Of A Down TESTAMENT THE BEATLES (oh yeah that's what i call GOOD MUSIC!!) The Devils Wears Prada The Killers The Offspring The Police The Rasmus THERION TIME REQUIEM TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA U2 Venom Virgin Black Vision Divine VIVALDI Warmen Whyzdom Winds Of Plague WITHIN TEMPTATION Yes ZZ Top Will (i think my hand will be sore tonight) C
  9. hey guy's well since we have the "Share your Desktop" why not showing your workstation=)!! you can post pics too:).. and you can put description and stuff.. here's mine: Compaq Presario C700 Windows 7 Home Premium=) 32 Bit OS 160GB Hard Drive 750GB External Hard Drive Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz 1.87GHz 2GB of RAM i'll post my pic later=)!!
  10. Im graduating from "Dr GW William High School" and it was my first year in English so im proud of me for taking this challenge=)!! Im going to Seneca College King Campus and im doing "music production" but im only starting in January 2011.. my summer plan is to find a job for saving up for college and building my self a little home recording studio=)!! so yeah im pretty excited for going to college:)
  11. oh i forgot about Cydia store!!.. man this might be one of the highest point for jailbreaking your iDevices.. though it can void your warranty (that's what i heard) my best app from cydia would be: Winterboard - it's a MUST have!!! iClassic - an ipod "emulator" iB*tch - the most random app ever:P.. im going to play with this one in class hahaha gPSPhone - a gameboy/gameboy advance emulator that let you play on your iDevices a MUST have:) SnowCover - a great app=)!! CyDelete: it can delete apps like when your deleting apps from the app store.
  12. this pic is breathtaking:)!!! Kudos to Robb too=)!! http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=119&linkid=3220&pageno=5
  13. Doodlejump this game is "insanely" addictive:P!!! man i can't stop playing this game in school
  14. Going to see Iron Man 2 tonight=) with some friends... + it's the finale of Smallville=)!!!
  15. hey guy's, i was wondering if you like Smallville, well I am:P.. I have been watching since the first episode=D!! that mean's back in 2001.. the show has been renewed for a 10th season and this friday is the season's finale of season's 9th.. i think he will finally be Superman:D!! here's the trailer for "Salvation" it's gonna be EPIC!!! i mean the Justice League (Cyborg, The Black Canary) and Justice Society (including Hawkman, Stargirl) will be in the finale:)!! man i can't wait for this friday.. talk about your expectation for the finale... btw when Jor-El says: I sent you to Earth for a purpose Kal-El with the Superman shield in Clark's eyes i had the goosebump:D!!
  16. oh man tonight's game was intense:O!!! Habs freaking win=)!!!... btw i just got into hockey (yay for me:P).. - Will (a very proud habs fan)
  17. Reign Of Terror- Rhapsody Of Fire after 4 longs years of absence they make a majestic return with an awesome album and i love this song they are cheesy as hell but they make some EPIC stuff!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frbE_lwc9QU
  18. me playing the key's;) i took this pic like in 2008 and i hate taking pics of my face cause im not really "photogenic":P my puppy Sammy:D he's my best friend:P!!! i love him like mad:PP.. the new car of my dad=)!!!
  19. hi:).. im used to be "WilliamBauset" but i changed to lilfrenchy (i made a mistake while typing for the "username"part).. anyway.. i love Theme Parks but at the same time im scared to go to any Roller Coaster haha my hometown park is Canada's Wonderland (which i love:D).. im 20 years old and im living in Toronto but born in Quebec.. i hope to have fun in here=)!! and i love the video's from TPR they are funny and random hehe:P (no offence:P)..
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