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Celebrities and Athletes you've met...

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I've seen/met quite a few. Some Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks live in Plano, TX.


Jessica Simpson - Sang for a store opening behind my neighborhood, and she also sang at my church before she became famous as well.

Troy Aikman - local grocery stores

Micheal Finley - local stores/restaurants

Shawn Bradley - local grocery stores

Rafael Palmeiro - Dallas Galleria Mall

I've also met and talked to quite a few Texas Rangers.

And I personally know two well-known news anchors and weatherman here in the Dallas area.

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ok i met Paul homes A NZ curent affears show host at auckland airportwhen waiting for a flight back to wellington after i came back from Japan Benjamin Crillen a NZ comedyen on the flight to auckland when going to japan (got his autograph) and thats all

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Geeze, where to begin....

Off the top of my head...

Amy Grant, Rosie O'donnel, Micheal Jackson, David Faustino, Nipsy Russel, J.J. Walker, Charles Robinson, Willie Nelson, Debra Gibson, various music, movie, and broadway stars, etc...


I lived in Vegas for 5 years and met too many celebs in my work to remember. (I can't divulge the circumstances, sorry.) Gibson I met backstage at a concert, I parked Amy Grant's car at Kennywood, I had a couple celebs live in the same building as me for a couple years, (condo/primary home for me, it was their vacation rentals... one of them a "friend".)


Now if I can only meet that one celeb that "discovers" me. LOL

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Living where I live and working where I work, a whole fucking lot of them. Most of the time I don't really care and just sort of leave them alone. The only I've been starstruck was when I saw Johnny Depp DRESSED as Captain Jack on the studio lot in March. That was awesome.

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Kimberly Caldwell - American Idol Concert

Ashanti - Disney World

Lance Bass - Disney World

Marie Osmond - Disney World

The PreShow to Soarin' Guy

President of Pixar

Some BIG TIME French Actor


Yeah, there are probably more but I can't think of them all. Most of them are from working at Disney World. I hosted Turtle Talk for quite a few famous people.

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Dude, where to begin?



Mark McGwire - used to come into the family restaurant

Terry Steinbach - old catcher for the A's, also in the restaurant

Manute Bol - played for the Warriors - restaurant

Tim Hardaway - also played for the Warriors - restaurant

Chris Mullin - sold him some shoes when I was in High School

Ricky Williams - saw him at Disneyland



Robin Williams - saw him at the Metreon in SF

Warwick Davis (Willow!) - met him at Disneyland when I worked there

Paula Poundstone - crazy lady also at Disneyland

Larry King - also at Disneyland

Rob Reiner - also at Disneyland

Ty Pennington - walking down the street in SF

John Delancie (Q from Next Generation) - at a Trekkie convention in SF - this was a LOOOOONNNNGG time ago, way back in 1994

D.B. Sweeney - saw him at the Dodger game this year


That's about I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember.



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I met Carrot Top after seeing him perform several years ago, and everyone from Reel Big Fish. even got invited to hangout on their tour bus. and um...band members of other groups that I love. Less Than Jake, Bouncing Souls, Goldfinger, Save Ferris.


I've been living in the Sarasota area for 3 years now and I *still* haven't met Jerry Springer! :?

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When I was big into wrestling I met most of the major stars backstage after a Smackdown show (before they split into 2 groups). The guys are pretty normal.And oh so friendly. Hugs all around. My big fav star was Stone Cold Steve Austin! Big Show is friggin HUGE. His leg was bigger then my head.


I have met Bon Jovi back in 2002 when they were here in da burgh (star lake). Got to be on stage during their concert, and met them afterward.


Down where my mom lives in FL, I have been in restaurants with several stars. Judy and Jerry Scheindlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Garth Brooks, god it's too early to think of more. I didn't meet them persay, im sorry I just find that it's rude to interrupt their dinner, no one did it to me. lol



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I met Richard Nixon..


Funny story on that one...thought I was going to get hauled away by the Secret Service..


Saw him at Radio City Music Hall. Was standing right behind him, he was sitting down, I was in the row of seats behind him. Some bratty kids came running up the aisle and knocked into me...where did I fall....right into Tricky Dicks lap...OMG talk about a scene...Never saw people move so fast on a 12 yo kid before. He took it well. Laughed it off. Signed my stuff. Asked me if I was ok. Gave me a hug. Asked one of the SS guys to walk me back to my seat and buy me a soda and candy..LOL..


I also met Micheal Eisner at WDW. He was a dick.


I know I met a few others, but I am drawing a blank right now.

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There's actually a concert video floating around from her "Electric Youth" tour, I'm in it.


Live at the AJ Palumbo Center. I got that one!


My list is pretty long because of some of the jobs I have had.


ICP (Without the makeup), Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow, Ani DiFranco, The Rock, Max Cavalera, Unwritten Law, Pennywise, NOFX, Mike Ness (Social Distortion), Pantera, Deftones, Ozzy, Reel Big Fish, H20, Unsane, Lunachicks, The Urge, Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religion), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr Bungle), George Steinbrenner, Most of the Cast of Mister Rogers, and more that I can't remember at this moment.

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When I worked at Target Mark Hammil (Luke Skywalker) came through my line. Also met Biv from Bel, Biv, Devoe.


Met Joe Montana, Steve Young (when he was the backup quarterback) and Jerry Rice at 49ers training camp A LONG time ago.


I have also met Howie Long and Bob Golic at SFMM. They used to do a sports thing during Spring Break.

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When I worked at Target Mark Hammil (Luke Skywalker) came through my line.


I don't know why but this just cracked me up. I am just picturing Gregg as a Target cashier, first of all, but then having Luke Skywalker coming though the line....


I have met Belinda Carlisle (lead singer of the Go-Gos and my personal idol when I was a teenager), lots of pro baseball players, Luis and Gina from Sesame Street, a lot of "Surivivor" cast members including Rupert, Rob and Amber. I passed Davy Jones on the street during our city's Oktoberfest and he spoke to my daughter She was about 2 and could have cared less, I was freaking out. We met Marion Ross (Mrs. C. from Happy Days) this year at PKI. Can't think of anybody else at the moment...



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Wow, this is one of those threads where I too don't know where to begin! Having been in entertainment for nearly 17 years, I've worked or met with a lot of people. The following pop in my head:


Danny Elfman, Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards, William Shatner, Kelsey Grammar, Weird Al Yankovic, Kevin Smith, Traci Lords, Richard Branson, Arron and Tori Spelling, Tim Curry, Natasha Henstridge, Michael Jackson, Christopher Lloyd, The Sherman Brothers, The Guys From 311, Richard Keil, Roger Moore, Desmond Llewelyn, Samantha Bond, Dolly Parton, Henry Winkler, Giovanni Ribisi, Robin Williams, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Nathan Lane, David Arquette, Debbie Reynolds, Tim Allen, Tony Hawk, Snoop Dogg, and that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more!


--Robb "Who hasn't thought of some of these instances in YEARS!!!" Alvey

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