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Celebrities and Athletes you've met...

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Derek jeter- Disneyworld-contempto resort

Shaun white - Disneyland

Robbin Willams-giants game-joked about being hung short while taking a pee.

Hunter Pence- Texas-blacksmiths coffee shop



I have met a lot more but thise are the ones i have actually had conversations with.

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Just recently got to have a conversation with Nicolas Cage. He is really nice. Was telling some really funny stories. Also got to see Jim parsons from the Big Bang theory. He is exactly how you picture him.

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Chita Rivera. Twice. I actually saw her three times onstage,

but actually talking with her, was two times of those three.


Once outside the theatre that PIPPIN was playing in 1976, in NYC.

I had a friend as a door manager at it's theatre and we were

just talking, when SHE walked by. She was doing CHICAGO,

which I saw later in the week.She stopped to say hello. I told her

I had seen her in SWEET CHARITY in Vancouver, and she

remembered she had a great visit there!


That was cool. Then I re-met her, when she was doing the touring

production of KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN w/Jeff Hyslop as the lead.

It was less chat at the stage door in Vancouver, but she was gracious

and very friendly.


A class act. I never told her I was RIFF in a local production of West Side Story,

but I wish I had, especially when Spider Woman came around.


How I remember Chita, in March 1976 - my seeing her in CHICAGO in New York. She and the show were AWESOME!

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