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Celebrities and Athletes you've met...

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Ghost Hunters' Brian Harnois (the one with the attitude and teeth in desperate need of realignment) pulled up behind me at a traffic light the other day.


And while it may be more appropriate for the "Celebrities you KNOW" thread, my good friend Peggy Llewellyn is quickly establishing a bit of celebrity status for herself by clinching her eligibility a couple weeks ago in the NHRA Powerade Drag Racing Series Pro Stock Motorcycle championship "Countdown to Four."

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Lets see:


Steve Atwater - Canton Airport

Anthony Munoz - NFL HOF

Jim Kelly - NFL HOF

Tony Dorsett - NFL HOF

John Elway - NFL HOF

Joe Morgan - Local grocery store, it was back when he was calling the College World Series

Kevin Costner - College World Series

Kendall Gill - Mall

Eric Strickland - Played pick up game with him

The Amazing Jonathan - After one of his shows

Jeff Dunham - After one of his shows

DL Hughley - After one of his shows

Dick Vitale - Final Four 2005

Jay Bilas - Final Four 2005

Rolly Masimeno (SP?) Final Four 2005

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I've never seen any "real" celebrities aside from coaster and park people (eg. Robb, park management, GCI people). With prosopagnosia (it's a long word, look it up on Wikipedia), I wouldn't recognize a celebrity if I passed them on the street anyway. Even though I do live in a small college town, there are quite a few big time athletes and coaches here.

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Travis Barker, Eva Longoria, Weird Al Yankovic and Andre Agassi all impressed me as very nice, genuine, reasonable people when I've run across them at rides. Plenty of other celebs are either not so fondly remembered, or not recognized. (Hell, I had no idea who Longoria or Agassi were until someone told me, and Barker was a lucky guess based on tattooage.)

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I've met a lot, but the largest concentration I met was during the VMAs last weekend. We went to a few parties and we met/saw...



Snoop Dogg

50 cent



Three 6 Mafia

Linkin Park

Shia Lebouf

Jamie Fox

Quincy Jones

Ron Jeremy

Josh Henderson

and an ass load of other celebs and reality tv "stars"


We also spent some time with Madina Lake. They came a few days early filming stuff for the website. We were at thier taping and got to chat with them a bit. Coincidentally we ran into Nathan at a party at the Hard Rock pool that Friday and chatted with him for a bit.

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I never personally met a athlete in person or a celebrity in that matter. Well, actually I met Dan and Casey at CP last month.


My brother said he saw Craig Monroe (when he played for the Tigers) and Sean Casey as well at the movie theater he works at.


If I was there and saw Sean Casey and Craig I'd be OMFG!! TIGERS ON FIRE!!

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Sorry to dig up an old topic, but...


I JUST met Ann Coulter!!! I'm a bit of a political junky and I just got super nervous that I was going to say something stupid. She was speaking at Furman University and when I saw her afterwards at her signing I mentioned that this was the second time I had seen her speak, the first time being at The University of Florida in 2006. On both occassions she had a Q&A session, and we talked for a little bit about how the questions she was being asked at Furman were a lot more intelligent and pertinent to current politics than the questions she was asked at UF, since that area has more of a liberal bias and very few of her questions in Gainesville strayed from the "would you really send Timothy MvVeigh to the New York Times?" type of thing. She asked me if I went to Furman, and I said no and that I go to Clemson. She asked me what I was studying and I said global politics and business, then she signed my book and I thanked her and left.


Don't hate.

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I've met the band members of "Better Than Ezra"


I got a hug and a kiss from Charo after one of her performances I was an A/V for at the hotel.

She's very short in person..I had to lean over when she gave me the hug and kiss


I've come within feet of Susan Lucci (Erica Kane from All My Children. If you don't know, ask your Mom.)


I've come within feet of Snoop Dogg when I was a P.A. for his music video "Life of Da Party."


I talked to Joel Stein (LA Times Columnist and has been on a few VH1 Specials) who was at the music video shoot. Very nice guy to talk to. He's even visited my area of CT since he used to have family up here.

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Let's see the list of people I've meet (sorry if I spell some of these names wrong):


Ashlee Simpson

The American Idol judges (minus simon)

High School Musical cast

The guys from Blink 182

Fall Out Boy


Slash from Guns N' Roses

Breaking Benjamin

The Exies

Theory of a Deadman

Jack Osbourn

Rob Blake

Christina Applegate

The cast of the OC

The girl who plays Rory Gilmore, and her Mom.

Rachel McAdams

Hayden panettiere

Carmen Electra

Keanu Reeves

Sully from Godsmack

Rob Schnider

Samual L. Jackson

Orlando Bloom

Gwen Stefani

Pussycat Dolls


And finally as discussed in the chat before, I had the honor of peeing next to (at separate times, but in the same bathroom):

Ryan Seacrest and Ashton Kutcher.


I've met several others who I honestly can't think of right now, so this is partial list. And if you're wondering I do have some connections, I didn't just run into all of these people on the street.

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Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Perry Bamonte, Roger O'Donnell, Jason Cooper (The Cure) 3 times


Siouxsie Sioux & Budgie of Siouxsie & The Banshees/The Creatures


Peter Murphy/Kevin Haskins/David J of Bauhaus

Steve Ignorant of Crass


Paul Rossler of The Screamers & other numerous punk/deathrock bands from the LA area

John Waters - movie director/writer of amazing movies like Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Hairspray, etc.


Johnny Knoxville


Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill / Le Tigre


Neville Staple of The Specials


Nina Hagen a few times


Tori Amos


Stuart Merdoch of Belle & Sebastian


Jackie Beat - drag superstar, actor/actress, musician


Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails


Bernard Sumner of Joy Division / New Order


Martin Gore of Depeche Mode


William Reid of The Jesus & Mary Chain


Elvira Mistress of The Dark


Henry Rollins of Black Flag / Rollins Band / actor


Hiroyuki Hayashi of Polysics


Danielle Stampe or Slymenstra Hymen of Gwar


Collin Jerwood of Conflict (he gave me a big sweaty kiss)


Dick Lucas of Subhumans


Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys


Suggs and Chrissy Boy of Madness


Rodney Bingenheimer


Ross Mathews (Ross the Intern on the Tonight Show)


Mathew Lillard


Seann William Scott


Ron Jeremy


Paul Banks and Carlos Dengler of Interpol


Pat Smear of The Germs/Nirvana


Lorna Doom of The Germs


Will Schwartz of Imperial Teen / Hey Willpower


Mario Lopez at the height of Saved By The Bell lol Funny enough we met him out in front of Revolution at Magic Mountain and then later we ended up sitting behind him on Viper

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^I saw the band play back in 2004, and had the chance to be backstage for a good part of the day. Those guys were always fighting and arguing with each other, I'm personally surprised they lasted as long as they did.

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Rebecca Romain (before Stamos)


Maya (singer)


Jordan Knight (from NKOTB)


The father from Beetle Juice...dont know his name.


The lead singer from Rage Against the Machine...dont know his name.


I met the guy that played Tattoo from Fantasy Island...you know, the guy that said "Look boss, the plane the plane!"....I dont know his name...but I met him in an airport.

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