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Montu's Wonderful World of Photos .....

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Here's one I put together after the TPR East Coast Trip. I put 3 pictures together to make a background for my desktop.


I didn't even realize Rob and Elissa were on the coaster till I started editing it.


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^the key to making realistic tilt-shifts is:


1. get a downward angle, so that it looks like your looking onto a display from above

2. no visible horizon, miniature displays dont have real horizons either

3. blur away anything that is either closer or futher away from the object your focus on.

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Here are some of my photos. They need some work, but for being made and taken completely on the terrible iPhone 3G camera they turned out pretty decent. The photo app I used to edit these photos is called Cool FX and is easily the best photo app out there!


I did very little to this picture of Jurassic Park at USH, but it made a difference. I only brightened it up. I wish the iPhone camera had sharper picture, but I will live.


My second attempt at a decent X2 picture. I think it defiantly turned out better. In this picture, I make the color much different, added a crossfade, and brightened it.


This was taken on the way to the parking lot at SFMM. I used a tilt shift effect, but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped...


This picture was taken after my first time taking the tunnel (which was amazing!). I used a tilt shift app to get the focus on the sign and then I changed the color to make it more like gloomy, which is what I think the movie was aiming for.


This photo was taken the day after Terminator opened from the line while we were waiting for the lift to be fixed. The only thing that I did to this picture was brighten it up a bit!


This was also taken at the Terminator walkback. This photo had some colorization changes, was brightened up, and I added in a bit crossfade effect.


This was taken at the Terminator walkback at WCB! All I did to this photo was zoom in a bit and layover some effects and colorization.

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Let's bring this topic back from the death !!! Please post your pimped photos here .... use your imagination !!! Coming soon - Orlando Theme Parks


Xcelerator Knot's Berry Farm


Silver Bullit Knott's Berry Farm


Silverstar Europapark


Atlantica Supersplash Europapark


Jurassic Park Universal Studios Hollywood


Batman The Ride SFGA


Kingda Ka SFGA


Hydra Dorney Park

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