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Montu's Wonderful World of Photos .....

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^That's a really good edit. Picnik is a really good site because it is easy, gives you really cool effects, and if you don't use premium it's free. What effects did you use? I definately see Cross Process and Focal Zoom but can't tell if there are any others. I'll have some new pics up soon.


Edit: 2 more pictures:


Original Photo:



Edited Photo:



Original Photo:



Edited Photo:


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^That's a really good edit. Picnik is a really good site because it is easy, gives you really cool effects, and if you don't use premium it's free. What effects did you use? I definately see Cross Process and Focal Zoom but can't tell if there are any others.

I just made everything except the track and riders black and white, put the whole thing in cross process, and used the focal zoom. It's one of my first edits haha, and now I'm addicted to Picnik.

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I rarely rarely ever do any photography in Themeparks so, this is a special one off kind of photo from me.

Yes, I know it's not a Coaster like everyone else on this thread but, you know. It's just Disney, you just can't NOT take that photo when you're there


*note the guy in the Christmas hat bottom right*



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I think it's time to make my mark on this wonderful thread! I don't get into the tilt shift quite as much as everyone else, my specialty is more of the selective color variety. I always think pictures like this look cool as crap, so I'll share with you guys all the ones I've made in the last year. If anyone wants a full size version of one of these, just shoot me a PM!


Original, I had actually doctored the color up already. Intimidator at Carowinds.


This was made from the true original, so I guess you can say both were shopped a bit.


Original, from West Coast Bash 2010.




Original, Mindbender at SFOG, taken in early 2010.


This actually won the Photoshop category of that Coaster 101 photo contest this year.


Original, Rampage and Zoomerang at Alabama Adventure, taken on closing day 2009.


This took every bit of 2 1/2 hours to do.


Original, Intimidator at Carowinds, taken on opening day 2010.


I remember this one taking quite a long time, too.


Original, taken in June 2010.


Still one of my favorites.


Original, Intimidator 305, also taken in June 2010.


Another of my favorites.


Original, Intimidator, taken 4th of July weekend 2010.


Just played around with the colors to get it like this. Don't remember exactly what I did.


Original, taken at the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C. This was early April 2011.


And what is now probably my favorite one.


Original, tulips at BGW in early April 2011.


Kinda cool.


Original, more tulips at BGW in early April 2011.


Love this one, and it took maybe 2 minutes.


Original, obviously Mantis, taken late June 2011.


Just finished this one a little bit ago, also a favorite. Took about an hour.

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Picnik is amazing.

Agreed. Maybe one of these days I'll upgrade on the site, but for now, the free features are fine and dandy for me!

Double agreed. My sister was the one who showed me the site and now I can't stay off it. I need some more pictures to edit though because the ECB 2010 picutres are the only park pictures I have.

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