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  1. I like the way the first drop wraps around the pond, and the way the track converges where the train approaches WWC. Also, The lack of bents on the lift portion of the blueprint would make since because with my positioning the lift goes right over the pond... So if that happens we may see a lift on this like what RMC did with Goliath at SFGA.
  2. Spent yesterday at the park and from the clearing I saw from the train this looks closer to how it will run. But needs rotated so the straight section is between the train tracks and WWC. Almost all of the trees between the WWC's station and the train tracks are gone as well as all of the trees between WWC's lake/pond and the train tracks... Seems as if the coaster will run right between the 2 attractions. EDIT: Something like this... forgive the horrible photoshop job, I rushed it... But you can see how it would wrap around the storage shed for the trains and also if you look at
  3. Thanks for the info guys. Its really a shame that people can't just be grateful for things and always ruin them. Hopefully some day we will get the chance to experience TPR trips again.
  4. What has happened to the TPR tours and cruises? It seems like I dont see anything about them happening anymore. (If this has been addressed please feel free to remove)
  5. The old Myrtle Beach Pavillion had a Caterpillar ride when the park closed in 2005 (or was it 2006?). I wonder what ever happened to that one...
  6. Did anyone else notice in the article that they are also looking for a trabant while in Japan? Wouldn't that be great at Cedar Point on the WT midway where the 3pt Challenge sits as a throwback...
  7. On opening day I saw a women refilling a yellow Six Flags cup at KI... and the employees didn't even seem to notice/care.
  8. There are also still a few footers from the old King Cobra that survived the Banshee construction I believe.
  9. Hi! I'm glad that you decided to join after riding with Jarred and I (Brandon) on Friday. It was great meeting you two as well as all of the TPR members we got to meet. -Brandon
  10. Its actually already been built in Myrtle Beach... http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/2014/04/04/4142887/new-rides-stores-coming-to-broadway.html
  11. Cant wait for media day. It falls right on my birthday so that will be a perfect way to spend it!
  12. Thats exciting... This means that someone can create a model of the purposed Arrow coaster that was for the Stratosphere.
  13. Since you will return to the station backwards and leave forwards, it makes me think that there will be a switch track section right outside of the station... One direction goes to the launch, the other is the return from the backwards launch. Basically all trains will come and go from the front of the station with nothing going out the back. Maybe that is where they get "shuttle"?
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