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Hansa Park Discussion Thread

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I really like how enthusiastic Hansa Park is about there projects! It's awesome how they update that fast with several pictures!


The train in the station.


The front of the train.


Nice details!




Looking nice from distance!


Great theming! And the water is coming up! :D

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Die Schlange von Midgard is opened and looks really good. And first riders report that it is fun and smooth and especially in the curves, so perfect for the family. The theming is not completed but it looks really good. Hansa said that they will add more theming elements the next day... on http://onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=60696&start=175 is a picture of an animatronic that they will add (maybe in the short darkride part or tunnel??). At the moment the coaster makes two rounds, but normaly it should do three.

So here are some nice pictures from http://www.freizeitparkbilder.de:

seems that their is a little hair time.


and there is the first picture of what is comming next year... in my opinion it looks like jungle fun house


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They added the animatronic before the lifthill, the train stops and a short preshow begins... for a family coaster it gets better everytime, now it has a short darkride part!

Here is a nice onride from the ride, inclusiv the animatronic:

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The ride is just awesome. I rode it on the 19.04.2011. Gerstlauer and the Hansa - Park did a real GOOD job!

The portion of g-forces are perfect for kids and the parents too. The layout looks a bit tiny .. but the forces were GREAT! I had so much fun on this coaster, i never had before on a kiddie - coaster.




I´m loving it! ...i say it not, because i am a thrillseeker. I say that, because i LOVE that coaster! Come and find out.

Kidtums will having fun on it too.


The portions of forces are simply like *butterflies* all times.

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Hansa-Park is planning a new major coaster in 2014 in the Mexican area. The Drop-Tower "Monte-Zuma" will be removed to make room for the new attraction. Also removed will be the Schwarzkopf Dschunke "Sturmvogel" - if this is also to make room for the new coaster is not said, but that there're problems with spare-parts for this ride.


So far there is no information about the type or make of the new coaster. The teaser says: "The coaster will be unique in the world, Hansa-Park will position itself into the first themepark league". However the coaster will be built in the aft section of the park as there are "no height restrictions" in this area.


Source: Luebecker Nachrichten interview with owner Andreas Leicht


MOD EDIT: Thanks for sharing this information. I've moved posts regarding this vew attraction into this discussion thread.


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You can't really "upgrade" the 8-seater Eurofighter cars, since the new one's have regular lap bars. You have to swap out the whole top part of the train, keeping just the chassis, making it a bit expensive.


The 6-seater trains is upgradeable-friendly because then you just have to change the restraint's itself, sine they both connect to the train in a similar way. (They would gladly do it on both models, just that it would be a lot more expensive on the 8-seater).


Can't remember where I read it, but it was said by Adam from Gerstlauer in an interview.

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Hansa Park announced today that they will open a new "Hypercoaster" in 2015.


Heres the Translation of the Information:


KÄRNAN is coming, the Hansa Park is building a HYPERCOASTER. The building process will already start this year. The Project will take 1 1/2 Years to complete with the Coaster scheduled to Open in 2015.





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I don´t really know what to think of this. I would have expected any addition from Hansa Park, but a Hyper ? Would they try and beat Shambala for the European Height Record ??


Also I have no clue about the manufacturer. I think we can exclude Mack. If they built the largest coaster in Europe, it would be at Europa Park. I would tend to lean towards B&M...

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