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Hansa Park Discussion Thread

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^Wow, those really steep drops at the very beginning and end of the ride are interesting. Kind of look like something that you would design into one of your rides in No Limits, but would never actually be integrated into a real ride. This ride looks fantastic though. Very fast-paced and with some unique and intense looking elements.

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It doesn't looks sweet, IT IS SWEET! I love this ride!


After more than 50 rides on that coaster, it makes fun even more and more. The lifthil at the end is so damn untypical. People who ride the first time always think thats the end of the ride. Very funny!




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Hansa Park has sent us an exciting new press release about the 2010 additions to the park's already-strong lineup.


Breathtaking Developments at Germany’s only Theme Park by the Sea


New for 2010: Curse of Novgorod – Be a Part of the Story


On April 1st, when our season starts, the story of the "Curse of Novgorod", painstakingly designed in the winter term, will enfold and roller coaster fans are sure to be spell-bound. Hop on and experience this one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before concept melding a coaster placed inside a dark building, a themed dark ride laden with special effects, a state-of-the-art launched coaster accelerating from 0 to 100km/h in 1.4 seconds, an "open-air" roller coaster and a coaster featuring the steepest drop in the dark of all roller coasters in the world - steeper than vertical.




When the park opens for the 2010 season, we will have completed not one but two new construction phases of our theme world "THE HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE": the venerable old Hanseatic City of Rostock and Sweden’s Visby as well as the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and historical Bruges. The two newly finished sections are located right behind the Holstentor: on both sides of the floral clock a total of 14 individual buildings featuring splendid historical facades and gables will be waiting to be explored.


New on the Open-Air Stage at the Old-Time Fun Fair: Kenny Quinn, the world-class Gentleman & Master Pickpocket


You’d better watch your purse... nobody is as skilful at the art of "picking pockets" as Kenny Quinn - one of the best professional stage pickpockets in the world. Be it watches, money, spectacles, mobile phones, ties or wallets, he’ll remove your valuables at lightning speed - temporarily only, of course, because Kenny Quinn, being the gentleman that he is, always returns every item to the rightful owner.


Norwegian by birth, Kenny Quinn grew up in Denmark. He is so apt at what he does that he also picks the pockets of police and security chiefs all over the world - for training purposes only, of course. While performing his "thievish" acts and pranks, Kenny Quinn is assisted by his equally light-fingered wife Joan. Be sure not to miss our show highlight at the Old-Time Fun Fair at HANSA-PARK.


New inter-active Play Attractions at four Themed Areas for all Children aged 1 to 6 Years


Do you remember the old-fashioned, artfully designed market carts? The tiniest tots can now climb and explore one at the "Mexican" themed area. Children up to 6 years of age are invited to conquer a lovely stagecoach - the new attraction at the Wild West town of Bonanza City. Or discover a new jeep at the Old-Time Fun Fair and embark on an exciting trip deep into the jungle. If that’s not enough, take your children aged 1 to 6 years to our Lumberjacks’ Camp - the future Russian themed area - and let them ride the sleigh or enjoy the countless fantasy-inspiring toys.


New at the Fantastic Cinema: "Sammy’s great Adventures"


Join Sammy, the little water turtle, on a fascinating journey of discovery into the world of our oceans. Spectacular 4D effects will make your trip a cinema experience of the finest. The new 2010 film will be shown in state-of-the-art digital technology promising not only stunning but also touching family fun for all young and adult guests alike.


From April 1 through October 24, 2010 HANSA-PARK will be open daily from 9.00 a.m. onwards.

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Fluch von Novgorod is noe finally open for buisness and is looking awsome!



Sally Animatronics in the que line talking to the waiting passengers.



Station look amazing, great sounds with evry car leaving the station.


The launch is faster than last season, ant the top-hatgives a lot of airtime. I guess everyboye rode this coaster last year has to come back soon. This is may the best eurofighter ever!


best regards


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From the HansaPark Newsletter:


Neu 2011:

Die nächste Achterbahn für die ganze Familie

Nach dem „Fluch von Novgorod“ erwartet die Gäste in der Saison

2011 schon die nächste Herausforderung auf dem Gebiet der

Achterbahnen: Der neue Rollercoaster entführt unsere Fahrgäste in

die Sagenwelt der Wikinger. So gibt es eine uralte Geschichte von

einem Stamm der Nordmänner aus Bergen in Norwegen, die sich

damit brüsteten, die größte Seeschlange der Welt erlegt zu haben.

Daß dies ein wenig übertrieben war, wollten sie nicht zugeben, bis ....

Seien sie gespannt, was dann passierte, denn das müssen unsere

Gäste in der Saison 2011 selbst erfahren.

Der neue Coaster wird die sechste Achterbahn unseres Themenparks.

Sie wird ab 1,00 m Körpergröße zu erleben sein.

Nachdem wir im Winterhalbjahr 2009/2010 erhebliche

Zeitverzögerungen aufgrund der Witterungsbedingungen hinnehmen

mußten, haben Sie sicherlich Verständnis, wenn wir derzeit noch

keine genauen Fertigstellungstermine für unsere Neuheit angeben


Nähere Informationen zu unserer neuen Achterbahnattraktion 2011 in

einem der nächsten Newsletter.


Looks like HansaPark will be getting a new Familie coaster for 2011.

Minimum height would be 1 meter and it would be Viking themed.


More info on this new ride will be available in a future newsletter. Opening date is not known yet. This due to weather experiences from the last year and possible delays due to this.


Looking forward to more details.

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Two years after "fluch von novgorod", Hansa-Park anounced the next rollercoaster opening 2011. And for that new coaster, ther is again a youtube trailer with english subtitles:


Have fun watching the trailer, and merry christmas to all of you!


best regards


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