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  1. Thanks mate. Like i said, I had not even started smoothing or indeed checking lats etc... Hopefully I will get round to finishing it.
  2. I did have a nice but un-supported and smoothed and a whole other stuff un-finished such as tunnel testing etc... dueling spinner. If I had an extra week I would have managed it. Here is the un-finished track if any of you are interested. TRComp.nltrack Dueling Spinner
  3. ^No, I meant Loefet's 3Ds thingy that some people talk about. You know so you can build more smoothly when hand building No Limits coasters. Or am I talking about something completely imaginary?
  4. Hi, where can you get the No Limits Construction Kit? You know the 3DS that help you make smooth NL tracks and that. I can't seem to find them any where on the forum...
  5. Yeah i liked the layout, but it was quite pumpy throughout the whole ride, try using a circle on turns and drops etc.. to prevent this. Also the transition were a little brutal especially the last transition into the brakes after the helix, just watch out for that. However the good layout and elements made up for those mistakes, nice job. 7/10
  6. This has a long'ish time to complete the coaster so I will give it a go.
  7. Hi there, I have created some 3D's on Google Sketchup, how do you get the 3D's into the correct format so that I can import them into No Limits?
  8. I think Tatsu is the most intense B&M especially the Pretzel Loop. The final helix is fairly intense as well.
  9. It is looking really cool, it seems to run really well. The silence of it is very different to the likes of a B&M. Most likely deliberate as there are eateries and rest areas where it is placed. Looking good though!
  10. That is looking really cool! Looks very Maverick like, which is not a bad thing! Awesome so far!
  11. Yeah I really like it. Especially the name. The coaster was smooth throughout and provided some awesome air time. The layout at the end was good but I felt that you could have done more with it. Great! 9/10!
  12. Wow it is looking great! Will follow this project closely. Looks great so far keep it up.
  13. I actually enjoyed the ride, however it could be improved. Maybe bank the bottom of the curved drops a bit more. To lower the laterals a little. Like what has been said above, put some block brakes in to increase capacity but if you do, don't ruin the great pacing that the coaster has. Also it rolled back on the flat before the turn into the block brakes at the end. Is it my simulator or the track?
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