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The "Preview" Thread

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These aren't exactly "current" as they were built around 2004, but I thought you might find them interesting...


Sir Jeffrey's Mega-Mountains...



And I only had a few screen shots...





[MOD EDIT: Please read the Games Forum Posting rules again: No more than two pics in the preview thread. EVERYTHING ELSE goes into it's own thread. R.D.- Games Forum Management Team

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As I said on NE, make some of the trim white so the buildings aren't just one color. Those are the best buildings you've ever done.


After a year and a half... I'm back!


Here's the wooden coaster I made for my new project, a boardwalk park. Heavily inspired by Swamp Fox.



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I love the building to the right hand side, not the one to the left so much, the arch looks odd and personally I don't really like the looks of the roof combo in terms of colors... I just don't think the two browns match too well. It also looks odd when next to the other building cause it's so small in comparison. The building to the right, however, is perfect. Simple and elegant... nice work. The other building has potential though, just needs a bit of retooling in my opinion.

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^I already added some more detail to both buildings, changed the tarmac to crazy paving but left the concrete alone, and added some grass to the planter, which gives it a rougher, less perfectly organized look. I won't keep spamming this thread with pics every couple hours, and I will have a topic for it hopefully within a week. I'm still experimenting with things and learning how to use 8cars, and I plan to take my time with this to try and earn a bronze at NE.

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I have begun my latest project, Pirate Cove Adventure Park, a pirate/jungle themed park. There will be two primary areas: Pirate's Cove and Jungle Kingdom. Right now, this is a Jungle Kingdom expansion for Jungle Kingdom's own subland...to be announced soon.


Coming soon to Pirate Cove Adventure Park!!!

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