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The "Preview" Thread

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@SC-The foliage looks awkward in the way that it just cuts off exactly one tile from the queue. Other that thet, I think that it looks great and I especially like the entrance to the ride.

@Ghost-I think that the front building looks a little too tall and flat, and those trees would prevent me from seeing what your sign says if I were entering your park.


Top-down view of a GCI that I built for one of my future parks.

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Suicidecarz: fantastic work, just figure something out for that straight section after the loop (maybe a tunnel or through a trench?) and maybe diversify your trees.

the ghost: While the building is a little flat, I'm fine with it and actually really like it. But lower those trees or put them 1-3 tiles in front of where they are. Great stuff.


Both of you guys, check your Messages at NE.

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Still working on a B&M hyper in NL, I'm trying to get all the shaping down before I start building the layout, I want it to be as close to B&M's style as possible.


How does this look, (it's a gif so in about 2 seconds it'll switch)


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Re: Schwarzkopf double looping:


The first drop is a bit too long- I'd re-think that a bit; your trains don't need that deep a drop to accelerate into that loop. Also, I'd refine the hills; there are too many 'mulitsegment' positions which makes the design less fluid- and ends up appearing choppy and broken up. Plus, your first inversion is lower than the second...


Just my .02.



Praise be to Anton, Amen.

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Everyone seems to be spamming that ampersand turn in their B&M Mega coaster designs - it's looking pretty good though.


As for that Bizarro design - I know that you've probably done a lot of work already, but hear me out. You'll want to use Aroundthehorn's catwalk set for your catwalks. Also, if you're going for the realistic old-school Intamin look, you need to lose the steel tubes and use the framework from Moby's Glasshouse & Frameworks. You'll also want to keep the supports in a 1x1 space as opposed to a 1x2 space.

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