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  1. @imawesome: How do they get onto the deck. And use some deco trims to spice it up.
  2. I think you need change the colors up a little bit. Rarely do you see a brown corkscrew coaster.
  3. The bad: --flowers and their colors (red and yellow flowers) --too much brown (darker brown) --same textures used over and over (wooden fence) The good: --coaster type and parts of the layout --building structures --landscape with waterfall Spruce up the screens using more colors in the foilage and try to mix up some lighter browns in there. I think you are a great ncso player and I expect this to be wonderful. Keep up the good work!
  4. I like the general idea of the layout......it's just to long. SCR19.BMP SCR18.BMP
  5. It should be la chupacabra btw. Other than that it looks really good.
  6. Great entrance! SCR16.BMP Nice looper layout SCR15.BMP Really enjoyed this invert layout
  7. On the corkscrews, add in a space in between them. They are very tight right now haha. Anyways change the tunnel and keep building and you will be fine.
  8. Colors are nasty (in a bad way). Also, way to much brown and bright flowers next to the buildings look terrible. But hey, at least you got some architectural skills.
  9. You should also try the Schwarzkopf multiloopers. I find those the hardest to build correctly but they look nice when done right.
  10. Thanks and the main coaster and stuff will be but there is another section.
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