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  1. Hong Kong? Cowboy stadium? Clearly you've never experienced the views of incredibly-scenic Buena Park from the peak of Xcelerator's top hat. Now that's a view... In all seriousness, probably the best view I've had from a ride, albeit a non-coaster, is the view from the top of Marineland's S&S tower, with the view of the falls. If you squint hard enough, you can even count all off the cheesy tourist traps lingering on the Canadian side!
  2. This is just my interpretation of DCA. There'll be a lot that follows the real park, but possibly more that deviates from it. Basically, I'm attempting a smaller-scale DCA where they "got it right" the first time. Enjoy!
  3. It's amazing how many complaints you can get about a brand-new land that, unlike plenty of other additions Disney has done, was built on property not occupied by any existing rides. They literally expanded the park to a larger size giving us a beautiful new area, an amazing-looking E-Ticket, and two new, interesting (away from the Dumbo formula) flats. Yay new stuff!
  4. I personally haven't, but one of my good friends did it every year at SWSD and eventually did counselor-in-training work there. Based on what she said, it's an incredible experience for the kids, considering that there's a lot of great animal interaction opportunities alongside the normal camp activities like arts and crafts and games. From what she said, they're outside pretty often, either in the park or playing games. As far as rides go, she mentioned that they weren't doing them all that often. but they were in the park pretty often with the animals. Based on what she's told me of her experiences, I'd assume that the day camps that they offer are highly-recommended.
  5. B by far, as long as you double up on the supports. It'll make it look much more stable and closer to reality.
  6. Well, it's been a little while since I advertised a park over here, and if any of y'all have been over to NE, I'm sure you're aware of the new park I'm advertising over there, Busch Gardens Asia. Like Six Flags Santa Fe, this park is essentially another go at an earlier concept, and like SFSF, the earliest iteration was advertised here as well, at: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=46736&p=649745&hilit=busch+gardens+asia#p649745. Here's a collection of screens from the newest version, some of which were posted already in the Preview topic, but put here for organization's sake. Expect more in the weeks/months to come. Enjoy!
  7. Incredible atmosphere there. The placing of those two rides is inspired, to say the least.
  8. Looks really, really nice, if a bit familiar. I hope you can go further with that!
  9. 22/26 with a lot of guesses... I guess today was my lucky day!
  10. It's been a dry year for me. --I started off with a New Year's Day trip to Knotts with a really good friend. It was pretty empty and I got plenty of re-rides on the top coasters at the park. --Canada's Wonderland in the late summer, before I headed back to school... It was really packed, but I still managed to re-ride Behemoth a few times and got on Windseeker. A pretty low-key day due to me going solo. Now that I'm back in NOLA, it's difficult getting out to any park without considerable planning and a good drive; I miss having parks be 30 minutes away.
  11. It may be the wording Coupon used, but I'm pretty sure he means that there can be a maximum of four players on one park, so your other two players would work on another park.
  12. Hopefully SWO can get a "Brrr"bolten of it's own... Lame joke, yes.
  13. The station color supports are fine, but the roof would look better in gray. Imagine it as a shiny metal surface, kinda like at SFOG.
  14. The archy looks fantastic! I'd recommend possibly adding some overhanging roofs for shading opportunities. I'd also break up that plaza with a fountain or planter of some sort, both to break up monotony and to create a more intimate scale. Finally, the path blends in with the rock texture of the right-most structure. I'd either change the path or add a trim to indicate the difference in materials. Other than those small nitpicks, it's fantastic. I can't wait to see more!
  15. I just noticed that Chroniq did something kinda similar to this, but I figured mine is different enough that I didn't feel like it was done before. OCCUPY GEAGA LIKE. I AM TEH 1%
  16. Just wanted to make sure he didn't want to privately go through them in PM or if public upload was ok...
  17. This is the start to the entrance area of a New Orleans-based park I started. Imagine if there was a Jazzland-type park that, instead of being bought by Six Flags, was instead purchased by Cedar Fair. This park is a trio with Pacificoaster and Goliath513.
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