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The "Preview" Thread

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There were some complaints about people flooding the "Dump" thread with previews of what they are working on, so instead... post those here!


If you have a teaser for an upcoming project, or just want to share your work-in-progress, please share with us!



I will start it off with a sneak peak of my small Halloween park I've been working on...


The Forbidden Temple!

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Great Idea!


I have been tossing the idea around of starting a new park. I think I might mess around with some landscaping sooner or later but I have three words.


Mountain Island Lake


Its actually the name of a real lake around here but I figure I can make my own landscape to compliment the name.

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It's actually a Top Spin concept that I've been wanting to do for a LONG time, and finally got the time to sit down and do it.


I then went on to make the best-themed coaster I've ever done (IMO), but now it says, "Cannot open file: contains invalid data." So I'll have to do that over again... Luckily I was smart this time and made TWO copies of the park, so the topspin is still alive!


Wish me luck with this one...

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I havent been on the pc much lately but I did start working on this project. I call it "holy sh!t" because thats the first thing that came to my mind once designing it. So enjoy the preview and look for a thread deticated to it!


And in case you are wondering about the wooden coaster project, I put it on hold since some were complaining about using other people 3d's


first drop...

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