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The "Preview" Thread

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I am working on this Rocky Mountain Coaster Co. coaster. It has three overbank turns like the new remolded Texas Giant hybrid coaster. I took this picture in a GCI environment to make the coaster look presentable. I will not be using that environment.


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I love that metro! Those drops look just huge..


Been a really long time but I've finally got East Side ready to roll! I think RD should still be pleased.



Can't have tomes and griffon hogging up the rct3 spotlight for too long now can I?

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Bayside Adventures, the new theme park under construction near Tampa is sure to be a hit. From what we observed last month and what we observed today we can sure tell construction is really picking up. Now we have found a little information about the park and all we know now is this opening day is expected to be next year. And I've been told that the owner of this park is buying large amounts of land near Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angles and Dallas..So expect to see more of Bayside in the future. And here the pictures we took today for you all.rsz_shot0110.bmp

This is the first coaster we saw as well as a really tall Steel structure...


And the second coaster looks like to be a wooden coaster about 120 ft tall .....

Hopefully we will get some news of this theme park soon, and will be the first to let you all know. Are you getting excited... I know I am.
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That red coaster is looking really nice, good job! However I think you should change the land near the pond in the second screen to grass. The concrete doesn't look very realistic. But the rest looks really nice!



Coming Soon...

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As many of you know I have somewhat of an obsession with Disney parks, so I decided to try something similar... create lands and specific things around them. I know it has been done before... just not something I have really tried. The park is quite small(100x100) so I am trying things like the Lost Mines, which will be a "full sized" coaster in a small area using the land and the underground of the park to my advantage.


The Lost Mines: A "dark" coaster featuring indoor and outdoor elements. This is still a VERY VERY WIP!


The entrance is beautiful though... and complete!

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^Quite intrigued


Uhm, don't think I'll be back from my hiatius any time soon, however, I have been playing around with RCT2, and kinda wanted to show something, considering I haven't been on the forums for over a year now...


Something... :p

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I would have started a topic but I got the "blue screen of death" as I was finishing and it corrupted my main file. Fortunately, I had a back-up and can continue. Here's an unfinished pic of an Intamin launch-coaster called Slither (heavily inspired by Cheetah Hunt):

slither preview.BMP

Slither's brake run, queue, and station (unfinished)

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