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  1. Any pieces of advice for a first-timer to SFNE? I'm headed there tomorrow (Wednesday) and looking for ways to save money, what to expect with crowds/waits, etc. Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. Quick question: how do you think crowds and wait times will be on Saturday, July 26th? I've only been to the park on not-so-crowded weekdays so I'm wondering how enjoyable a weekend visit would be. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Me and a couple friends finally found a free day to head to a park; unfortunately, it's a Saturday in July so we're wondering about crowds. We're trying to decide between Six Flags Great Adventure or Dorney, both of which are about the same distance away. We've been to Six Flags before but never Dorney so we can grab those credits and presumably crowds at Dorney aren't as bad. At the same time, Six Flags is clearly the better park but might be packed on a Saturday late in July. Thoughts?
  4. ^It's NCSO so, with the exception of black tiles, nothing foreign to the game would be put in. And that which was downloaded is harmless; trust me, I never downloaded anything online but it's really fine for the game. Peeps don't enhance the game as much as you think. You sound like it's a waste of time without peeps. If I had the capacity of peeps in this park, it would have been a huge file and you'd barely get to appreciate it without massive lag. Plus my computer is from 2002 so it's a miracle I was able to produce this. It lagged without peeps. DOWNLOAD: http://www.nedesigns.com/park/3089/kidron-park/
  5. Yeah, you don't have to tell me that. That's why the park isn't peepable, because I would have risked a black hole if I tried fixing it. Just appreciate what's there. As for the Screamin' Swings, they shouldn't crash as they are only trains. They're not meant to be opened so maybe you did that. Again, just appreciate them.
  6. It's been years since I posted something here. I just felt like coming back here to my first website to post some NCSO stuff. The park is complete and has been submitted to NE already. I'll make a download available here too. Rogue, an Intamin impulse, and the surrounding area Horus, a B&M invert in the Egyptian area More of Comet and some of the Medieval area Comet, a Schwarzkopf looping coaster Random collage of parts of the park
  7. Update: Obviously unfinished in that top corner Quicksilver Paladin - station and queue
  8. ^ and ^^ thanks guys. I actually updated the supports and made them twice the width so they look a little more realistic.
  9. Plenty to update: Great Northwest plaza Wagon Wheel Inn Timber Cascade Wildfire Rogue Hearted
  10. First time to Cedar Point on Wednesday, July 10th: How do you guys think crowds will be? Any suggestions on how to save (admissions, parking, etc.)? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys.
  11. So, I'm heading to Cedar Point for my first time on Wednesday, July 10th. I've been doing my research and cannot wait to see the place. Could someone tell me how they think crowds and lines will be on the day? And if anyone knows some ways to save a few dollars (on admission or parking preferably), that would be a huge help.
  12. Dragonfly was easily the best, though the park that you had for it could have been up to the same caliber as the coaster. You can do better with the names, though (I assume English is not your first language). Just way too much alliteration and it sounds like an in-game name from the creators. If you're serious about improving, look at real coasters and just to recreating those layouts or elements. Overall, cool stuff.
  13. Dude, that custom flat is so awesome. Can I claim some inspiration from Kidron's Screamin' Swing? Nice layout.
  14. Just a small update: campsite The Joust and Revolution plaza
  15. ^I'm just saying it's unusual and out-of-the-blue. I don't like it but do what you love, i guess. Which in this case is toilets?
  16. The pond looks a little blocky, add some diagonal water to make it seem more real. Clearly unfinished but it looks good so far.
  17. ^Of course not, I meant that comment sarcastically. I'm not actually serious about it being a requirement, I'm just saying this park is one of the best parks this forum has seen. Realistically, even someone who is moderately comfortable with the game could not replicate such realism like this.
  18. This whole park should be a requirement for new players to look out when joining any forum. Great job, like always.
  19. I wouldn't say that. Too many tight turns and helices plus the quick rises in the hills would be uncomfortable at high speeds. The rest of the park looks decent and shows potential in your game. Nice job.
  20. Wait, you're not nin...? But seriously, good screen but diversify your colors. I see too much green from hedges and plants. Place some fences and walls around with different colors, it works wonders.
  21. Have you considered submitting this at NE (New Element)? I think it would do well for its sheer size and great coasters.
  22. I was pleasantly surpised by this. Really good work, probably the best work I have seen here in a while.
  23. Not trying to offend you or dishearten you, but this is THE best recreation of Kumba anyone has ever made: www.nedesigns.com/park/1536/kumba/ If you're really going for realism, look at this. But from what I see, and given the game's limits, it's a pretty good recreation. EDIT: Try a more blue color, I think turquiose is Kumba's track color. I'm looking forward to Montu, as that is my #6 coaster and a challenge to make.
  24. I was at the park in June of this year (wow, that was a long time ago) and remember getting a ride on Nitro, Green Lantern, and Bizzaro all in under 30 minutes. I had done everything else but had to do these 3 credits to get before my bus left. So I sprinted from my backseat of Nitro to GL and then to Bizzaro. I got everything done and met my group at the park entrance seconds before we left. Just thought this was something worth mentioning. Anyone ever done something similar?
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