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The "Preview" Thread

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As for that Bizarro design - I know that you've probably done a lot of work already, but hear me out. You'll want to use Aroundthehorn's catwalk set for your catwalks. Also, if you're going for the realistic old-school Intamin look, you need to lose the steel tubes and use the framework from Moby's Glasshouse & Frameworks. You'll also want to keep the supports in a 1x1 space as opposed to a 1x2 space.

Thank you for the feedback.


The Catwalks...I can't do much about those, I have Aroundthehorn's Catwalk Set but the file no longer works on my computer. Yes, I've removed the file and I have re-downloaded the file many times but it no longer works on my computer for some reason. I've tried all of the catwalk sets, the rest either had viruses or the file was corrupted. Just like my Aged Footers set, the file no longer works and it force closes RCT3 when ever I try opening the set.


And I totally forgot about Moby's Glasshouse & Frameworks, thank you for reminding me about that.

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JetStar 1F: Using a CTR that is new to me, I've been playing with extreme trackbending and contorted layouts to produce a new series of JetStar inspired coasters.


Hate to be the person who asks, but what exactly is Extreme Trackbending?

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With that screen of a layout AJ posted awhile back, it got me thinking. I should do something like that. I took a standard looping coaster and made "The Platinum Falls Express" Dive down right past the breath taking falls as you curl down into a helix, come up for a brake run and dive into a loop right past the crowds of people eating our world famous soft pretzels. (pretzels not included in picture) Enjoy!

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^its solid but I think you got a little waterfall-happy. Lower the falls and use less water (that is, if you're going for realism. If not, idealize nature as much as you can.) But the supports, foliage, and coaster (have you considered using the B&M trac?) look great. Please continue

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