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  1. How were they broke enough to sell a ride to make due, but then immediately able to build a new ride in its place? I feel like this scenario is very forced.
  2. That whole comment made me chuckle, But do we see cedar point incorporating the fallen rides in the new one? Such as the "gatekeeper" or whatever it is, holds possession over fallen rides everywhere and tries to "re-birth" them? I don't know, just a stupid idea.
  3. If Cedar Point did anything with Sonic, I just would never come back...
  4. ^ That looks so incomplete, and very "non-kennywood", I think they needed to leave it the way it was, and hopefully, be able to soo use the land they own behind the Phantom to expand.
  5. Hate to be the person who asks, but what exactly is Extreme Trackbending?
  6. I should have my next update by 3:00 P.M. saturday. I've been busy with college and hope to continue this park!
  7. Hows this look now? I'm Trying to use only in-game scenery items for the time being. I hope to master CS's and go from then on... Sometimes I can't help for how blocky the structures are. But any help is appreciated New Station and reworked zero-g roll Que Line general improvements
  8. Well, back up and running with my old account! Same deal with the old name back in business! I am trying my hand at Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. If anyone would love to custom support some rides for me, it be much appreciated! Here is Pine Wood Hills! A WIP of the entrance plaza and flats Showing off another angle and more of the park, with one of two signature mountains in the picture Merry-Go-Round and Gran Prix Wild Mouse! Some basic Archy, and hope to expand Black Widow! Thunder Bobs Sheriff! A GCI-Dinn Combo! the possibilites are endless Backside! WIP extended coaster with no name yet Back half of it Front half
  9. Ahhhh! The Jack Rabbit... thats exciting! Not too many people do Kennywood recreations
  10. That surprise B&M would be absolutely sick if you had someone custom support it. But everything else looks terrific!
  11. The ride was up when my friend and I were there these past two days... (monday and tuesday)
  12. Um, that is very debatable... too much of an offensive/defensemen for me... believe me, my coach yelled at me all the time for doing the same thing go-go did... I can tell you from first-hand experiences that it is very aggravating for him to be back on the defense too much. I defiantly think he'll do awesome on Dallas... but, in all reality this trade will not carry the Pens through the playoffs this year really wanted a cup for Tangradi this year. And yes I am from Pittsburgh if you are wondering.
  13. Go Go sucked... no. 5 defensmen on our team for a no. winger and a not too shabby defensmen....
  14. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World gotta love Last.fm
  15. ummm no.... is the color red awseome!?!
  16. Thanks guys! I really hope to get some more up tomarow. I might add some pictures of Hershey and SFGA.
  17. Hmm... now knowing the size, one can only wonder what it will be...
  18. jjune, do you ave any idea how I would be able to move this thread?
  19. Here are a few photos from the 2008-2010 seasons of Kennywood including the last season of the famous Turnpike. I am an avid fan of this park and appreciate its architectural beauty. The photos may look light and grainy on here but i assure you they are crystal on my computer! If you guys are to give me positive feedback on these I would definitely be willing to post more as the weeks go by. Thanks! For starters a scenic view of the Phantoms Revenge behind the gift shop located in Lost Kennywood A picture of the Phantom with the Swing Shot next to it. One of my favorites A turn around shot of the Pittsburgh Plunge Thunderbolt lift-hill painting A very iconic shot of the Phantom ascending the hill The famous sign that hangs in front of the Thunderbolt's station A very humorous shot that I snapped behind the now gone King Kahuna My absolute favorite Through the trees...
  20. well my home park is Kennywood, so i'm almost certain I'll have to go with the Phantoms Revenge
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