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The "Preview" Thread

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My first ever "teaser":


Coming this Sunday evening to my TPR Thread (and YouTube and website), the tallest, steepest, fastest, loopiest and longest model roller coaster ever built by me.


Dragon's Flight


I'm building this for Maker Faire this weekend at Union Station. Then it will go on display through mid-winter (ish) next to my other model coasters on display there. Kind of a "featured" model for the Worlds of Motion side of the exhibit.


Told ya it was steep.


Definitely loopy.

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Working on a new area of this developing ideas come into my head park, Calamity Ville, IN. 4 main attractions and more to come; BarnStormer (the multi launched coaster), Twister (The Family friendly wooden), Calamity SwingShot (S&S Swing) and a drop tower with no name at the moment. Still a WIP.


Barn Stormer


Barn Stormer Launch


Might make a topic when i can really think of the park being more than 4 or 5 rides and can build some buildings, might then make a topic.

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Interesting- I'd love to get a copy of that CTR- as it would help with the recreation of a JSI.5 (Similar to what I made for another TPR member...)


Realistically, it looks good: Nothing out of place, nothing too extreme, bent well, and smooth.


Suggestions? Well, in part it would be that you only have right turns- perhaps a figure 8 element in the second half/towards the end might be nice. A helix would also be good- in wide width, of course.


As for blocking for capacity: you have several points where you could do so, the reason would be to add capacity (Four 'trains' vs. two, for example- or more.)


Nice coaster overall!



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I didn't notice it was all right turns. Also, the third train was in the station. It was just blended in. For never even seeing a layout of this type of coaster, I did better than I thought. Thanks for the tips and enjoy the CTR!


For your screen, I love that wingrider. I think I know where you got that first inversion from.

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