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  1. Diamondback is my favorite here at KI, a lot of people will argue that The Beast is better but Diamondback just has a much better atmosphere imo.
  2. I really like what they did in the second picture, thanks for sharing!
  3. Yeah, I think it was the weekend of July 7th and 8th when I went to both KD and BGW, and KD was literally empty the entire day on saturday.
  4. Gatekeeper is a lot bigger than I expected, it really looks nice on the skyline.
  5. That looks like a fantastic place you've got there! I'm sure the kids love it! Maybe sometime in the future I can make a trip to it.
  6. There probably isn't as much but IMO it's not that bad, I actually prefer it over a glass smooth ride. Kings Island- Do something with SoB, give it Rocky Mountain or make a Dive Machine in it's spot. Cedar Point- Make a Winged Coaster without tearing down DT or Space Spiral. Carowinds- More flats! Kentucky Kingdom- Someone please take up the park or just get rid of it, I think it's had enough sitting around.
  7. I'm sure you would like what you see, I may be a little biased with it being my home park but Kings Island (to me), seems so much more lively and family friendly compared to when I went in 2006. Soak City was actually also a change for the better, they've repainted almost everything and it's much less gloomy over there now.
  8. I think Superman is really good for the park, it's a very unique, one of a kind experience that I'm sure many people will travel to the park to ride.
  9. Flight of Fear has one, it's in the boarding station. On the exit when you are about to come out to the photo booth the path splits and if you go to the left you end up next to the bins.
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