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The "Preview" Thread

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Hello gang, I am proud to present you a new RCT3 park that I have worked on for a few months. My main inspirations for this park are Kings Dominion, Knotts Berry Farm, Dorney Park, and a little bit of Cedar Point. Without further adieu, I give you.....






KINGS PARADISE is an amusement park located in Laramie, Wyoming 15 miles from Cheyenne and 72 miles from Denver, Colorado off of the I-25.


It is currently the only amusement park in the entire state of Wyoming since the closure of a small children’s park in Cheyenne (Lions Park). Furthermore, Kings Paradise has been rated one of the best amusement parks in the country.


Kings Paradise is a large fun park that is currently home to thirteen roller coasters, three of which are rated as some of the most thrilling roller coasters in America. The park has also changed hands several times. The park was family owned from 1970 to 1984, then Kings Entertainment Company owned the park from 1985 to 1994, Paramount Parks then bought out KECO and the park became “Paramount Kings Paradise” until Paramount Parks went out of business in 2007. Then, unlike the other Paramount Parks, Six Flags bough the park and it was renamed “Six Flags Thrill City”. Then the park get’s sold AGAIN and this time, Cedar Fair is the buyer and has operated under its original “Kings Paradise” moniker ever since.


Here is an arial picture taken last year.


Kings Paradise sure as hell didn't start out as the thrill seeker's nirvana as it is today, the park has gone through several changes throughout the years, going through FIVE different owners which is a rather large amount of ownership changes compared to other theme parks, but no matter what, Kings Paradise is still a fine amusement park full of thrills!


Next Update, I will turn back the clock back to the year 1970, where a wealthy entrepeneur buys an abandoned amusement park named "Superland" and returns it to it's former glory....thus creating "Kings Paradise".

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^I like it. Want to see more.


Just trying to get back into the game:




Also tried to do one of His coasters... I just can't seem to get it right:




(To MODs: I'm trying this through my phone. I apologize if this goes incorrectly. Remove if not up to snuff, Joel)

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No new Kings Paradise update today. So I decided to share something with you guys. After watching the Final Destination movies (especially Final Destination 3) and the exploding ferris wheel scene of Mighty Joe Young. I got into one of those "creative modes" And the result is this




Here's another shot of the burning Huss Revolution ride. I really need to learn how to photoshop better, because for an actual premonition scene I want the entire spinning gondola to break and fly off and of course, kill everyone.



I know the pics look like garbage, It seemed like a sweet idea to me. But If I were to actually do it, It would be done mostly in The Sims, only using RCT3 for the amusment park scenes....And once again, I need to learn how to photoshop better

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Ride the HUSS Revolution they said...

It would be fun they said...



Here is an Intamin Super Pack picture:



If you are interested in seeing the thread, you can find it at Shyguysworld and RctLounge. Due to the ban of certain group members, the thread cannot be posted here, sorry.

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Just two random rct2 pictures that I've taken. I'm working on the second but was an idiot and forgot to save the first so have to rebuild it.





Neither are (or were) finished but hey that's the point of this thread isn't it?





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Here is the main tower for the third resort in my Avalon park, there will also be three others next to it, each a bit different...



I had a whole other resort in place, but figured it looked too bulky while I wanted something more elegant.


I wish I had more CS, but have had a hard time finding files I unzip that actually go into the game... is there some step I'm missing? Is it different than rct2?



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Couple videos of some rides I've been working on. One is a Eurofighter using Dasmatze's CTR. The other is a custom ride using one of the EP pack CTRs. I love the way you can make the track flow. This was my first attempt with the CTR.






A.J. says: Remember that Youtube tags only work when you use the URL with the video ID, and not any extra stuff like "feature=youtu.be".

Edited by A.J.
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[WIP] Upcoming RCT3 Project of mine. The going is slow and I wasn't ready to start my own thread just yet, but here is a quick shot of "Rumbler," the park's first coaster.


Rumbler, first coaster at Wyncote Park. Owned and managed by The Parc Company.

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Just came in for a peek at this thread, as I do like to take a look at this site every know and then. I've seen a lot of improvement in a lot of you,and ghost your new content is looking pretty sweet; a lot better than that of what you posted four years ago


Well, I'm off to go lurk some more; who knows maybe I'll post something for you all to look at. I don't know x3

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