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The "Preview" Thread

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^ I like where that's heading. First things first - you need to replace those supports with BigBurger's Timber urgently. The ingame ones aren't realistic, and definitely are not that appealing.


Do you know a way to get the in-game supports to disappear? Is there something like a support blocker available in RCT3? I tried placing new supports but the generic ones remained and was not sure how to remove them. Apologies if there is a simple answer, this is my first time working with RCT3.

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I haven't touched No Limits in a long time (almost 2 years it seems), but long story short, I decided to start back up work again on 1 of my unfinished designs and here are some recent pics of it.


Just some quick details I guess I should touch on:

- Track was designed in Newton2.

- I'm using the Object Creator for the 3DS theme elements.

- And there are 2 trenches, 3 tunnels, 3 moments of airtime, and 6 inversions.





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You thought this was dead. Nope. I just been very busy lately. Anyway yea, I am seriously going to add more theming to my park.


Added some theming to Kentucky Viper. There is a waterfall on the other side of the mountain thing. I will post that on my next update of Corkscrew Gardens.

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When it was discovered that Prince Charles of the Greyback Royal Family was romantically involved with Lady Katherine of the Hartwith clan he was taken to the Kings trusted friend Francis Greyhair, a warlock, to create a spell that would make the prince forget he had ever loved Lady Katherine. Unbeknownst to the King however Greyhair wanted to kill the King so he would rule the Kingdom because he felt that despite their friendship the king viewed him as a freak for being a warlock. Instead of an anti love potion Greyhair gave the Prince a cursed tonic which turned him into a winged beast made from stone who would do Greyhair's bidding. The spell was too strong, however, and instead of doing Greyhair's bidding the winged beast flew into the night and destroyed the Kindgdom and all of it's inhabitants. Today the best still inhabits the Kingdom destroying all who enter. Do you have the courage to take on the mighty Gargoyle?


Gargoyle: A new roller coaster opening at Cloverdale Gardens!


GARGOYLE! In all it's glory!


Very much a WIP


Once again very much a WIP! Trying to establish an atmosphere of a medieval setting.

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I like the look of this. Are you going to enclose the launch hill on the ride?


Yes, I will be creating a tunnel around the launch hill of the ride. It may be the last major 3ds structure I create because I want to keep within the rustic Montana type theme of architecture I'm going for and not some futuristic look ala the Hulk Coaster launch tunnel so I may spend some time trying to come up with a decent sketch/concept for that specific part.


Wow this is one nice looking coaster, such great tunneling work. I look forward to seeing more of this.


Thanks! I nearly abandoned this entire project, but I'm glad I picked it back up again. Gladly enjoying the process of designing and creating the rest of the 3DS and such


Here are a couple more pics of some recent progress.


Some progress on the various buildings and structures has begun. So far, you're looking at the Restrooms on the right, the main entrance/locker building, and then a couple of the queue house/structures on the left.


Gotta include some toilets :) haha


So I've named this design of mine 'WildFire' as it was the only name I was satisfied with after what felt like days of research and deliberation on various name ideas and such.

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