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  1. Hey all. I've gotten RCT2 on my mac using Wine. Unfortunately this only allows me to use the game and I can't access trainers such as 8cars or CS objects. So all of my parks will show case what can be done with the normal limits of the game. Hopefully I'll improve my skills and you'll enjoy what you see. Thanks! [/url] "Come take a ride on our historic locomotive"
  2. As a former Altoona native and only living 3 or so miles from the park It's really nice to see a good TR of it, It makes me want to go visit next time I go up north.
  3. I know this isn't directly related, but I'm curious as to where the new 49's stadium is to be put in relation to the park?
  4. I was able to get everything I wanted done at SFGAdv in one day without any trouble, and the rides were spectacular. While I can't say anything about Cedar Point, as I've never been. I am singing SFGAdv's praises. I'm sure you'll have a blast no matter where you chose.
  5. ^Looks cool R.D.! What do you guys think of the layout? (For my NCSO project) SCR337.BMP
  6. I don't know why but out of all of the wing riders being built this one excites me the least, I'm sure it will be a great ride I'm just afraid Six Flags will ruin it somehow.
  7. Those look like the floorless cars for some reason?
  8. It could use some footers, but other than it's pretty cool.
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