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  1. Here is the next RCT-3 office building, I don't really have a name for it, so I just refer to it as Building #4. This build took about four days, beginning with this structure I had been thinking about for a long time. And then I proceed to fill in the spaces. And the interior is finished, the building even has it's own kitchen. Thx
  2. Thank you for the nice comment and I agree, it would be very nice to visit so many of these RCT-3 parks we see around here! For the last few weeks I've been puttering around with DasMatze's Office Day custom scenery. The building was very much copied from this pic I found while browsing one day. And it leads back to this site: http://www.pc-stuff.co.uk/index.htm So of course I want to thank the original designer and of course DasMatze for the awesome set! Here is what I have so far. I had to improvise this side of the building because I only had the one pic for reference.^ Still working on that interior! Just about ready to put it in the park, I've got a great corner picked out already! Here is the latest RCT-3 office building this one took about two weeks to complete, you can see it under construction from the window of the previous building. And just like the previous build, this one has a finished interior... Well, on to the next one, a couple more and I'll start putting them in the park! Thx
  3. Here are a few more random pics from the park, some taken at that "magic hour," about 7:45 PM when the lights are just starting to come on... I mentioned the lion exhibit does brisk business, look at that crowd!
  4. Hello everyone, For the last few months I have been working on a build that is supposed to be my version of Central Park with high-rise apartments, restaurants, shops etc. (I did this same type of build in RCT-2 years ago.) The idea here is to use as much in-game scenery as possible, those skyscrapers really stack up the files! This is a test run I stuffed with rides to see how the park fared, how much headroom if any I had before my system locked up... we are topping out at about 3500 guests and are running okay. At first I had some pretty elaborate coasters in place, but I did have to lose a few of them because my system bogged down. So, I'm trying to do as many easy and "passive" attractions as possible, here we have the custom aquarium, the 9-hole miniature golf course and the hydroponic garden in the lower-left corner... On the other side we have a large municipal pool and a park favorite, the lion exhibit, which makes a ton of money for the park, we both charge admission and sell the cubs for big bucks! Overall, I believe I have enough headroom to add quite a few more buildings, so it's back to filling up that skyline! It needs more shrubbery, more attention to all those details, but it's a fair start. Thx
  5. I have been through several versions of the above park, three to be precise, and here is the third version. (It's also the pic I use as a screen saver.) I call this one "Superama" and it has a few important differences from the previous versions. No, this is not the Hubble Deep Space Survey, it's the park from afar and one thing you can see in this pic is how large the park actually is. About 25 times bigger than what you see in the previous pics. This park was sort of designed to see how dense I could make things and how many people I could accommodate, hoping that the software didn't lock up at some point like a few other parks I have built that were very heavy with custom scenery. And it topped out at 2185 peeps and still ran pretty well, that is good news. I put the kiddie and gentle rides in the middle section of the park, with thrill rides all around. In the distance you can see three waterfalls. Beneath that waterfall is a large swimming pool. I always wanted a pool with a waterfall in it and didn't know it was possible in this game. Next I'll see how much custom scenery I can put in before it bogs the system down. Thx
  6. Here are a few screens of the hotel almost finished, I'm working on adding a pool right now... The next project for this park is a nightclub, similar to one I had built a few years ago: Thx
  7. Well, I used to work at a restaurant named "Liaison" and it is a French word that also has meaning in cooking. So, the next project down the line was to be a hotel, as upscale as the Liaison restaurant, I started with the elevator... I wanted to get a stairwell going down around it, as tight as I could get it, and the rooms for the hotel were going to be hung off this stairwell, at first. Now it was time to build the hotel rooms, these were going to be spacious with as much detail on the inside as I could muster with the CS I have. I first build them on the ground^, then I copy them and put them into place one at a time onto the stairwell... And keep adding to them... All around with units... And that's about where we are. Next is to build the lobby of the hotel and add support structure to the hotel rooms so they are not merely suspended by the stairwell... but not too much support, I want to preserve a great deal of overhang on this structure. Thx
  8. So, after three days I have the snazzy new restaurant, "Liaison" pretty much squared away... And it needs more shrubbery and do-dads and a finish coat more or less, but is reasonably presentable... (I need to put a planter for that fern, I can see that.^) I told myself I wasn't going to go crazy with RCT-3 custom scenery, but this has been a worthwhile addition to the park. Look at all those red balloons! ^ Thx
  9. Sorry to hear about the lost scenery, but if there is one thing we do in this game, it's get busy on a new build... Some great coaster just doesn't work out, a whole park fails... stuff happens. I lost this rct-2 build when my old Dell died... That was called "Miami Miracle Mile" and there is a thread on it here at TPR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=62366 But, nose to the grindstone, I took right up and started a new Miami build... And, the first hotel I put up there was the New "Majestic"... But I have on occasion lost a lot of time by failing to save, I've done it hundreds of times and still do on occasion. What I tend to do, I'm so used to saving, when I enter the scenario editor, sometimes I hit "save" instead of "open" file... and it trashes the whole thing, your park becomes the initial park with nothing in it... start over from scratch... This is why it pays to back up your park, not only by saving to your current park, but also making "back-up" saves as a separate game... and maybe a backup for that. Thx
  10. Hello guys, I have been building a new park the last few days: "Pacific Plaza." Here are a few random shots from this something less than half finished park... it's really just getting off the ground... I still need to do some retro-1950s finish work on this burger joint^, put something on the roof... give it some pizazz, and they do a lot of business! What can I say- the place is a goldmine! They sell hamburgers, fries, ice cream, drinks, shakes, and balloons... red ones so I can see at a glance how much business they are doing. *pop* Anyway, right now I am in the middle of finishing a very high-end restaurant: "Liaison." You can see the kitchen equipment set up there off the main dining room, no walls around the kitchen yet.^ Here is a more finished side of the restaurant, the main dining room with a magnificent view of the sea... That is part of a resort complex that includes a shopping mall and a hotel with swimming pool hanging off the side of the hill. And, just a few more random shots... Still enjoying this game! Thx
  11. It looks great, very thrilling right from the start, what kind of rating does it get? I've got a lot of catching up to do with some of you guys in coasters, nice to see some new angles, let's see some more! Thx
  12. Yeah, I tried the hotel set, but I get a message that Microsoft needs to search the web to open the file, are some of those Apple? Oh buddy, I'd really love to get a nice set of RCT-3 interior scenery instead of having to make do the way I have been, especially when it comes to interior CS! (Been waiting for years! Another thing I'd like, is a Las Vegas set, yep! I see you live there, perhaps one of us should do a Vegas build, I did one years ago in RCT-2, it was pretty funky, no custom scenery, but I did as well as I could with what I had to work with. Here is some more from WTG... ______________________________________________________ Here is the yet to be finished lobby... Lol, I don't even have the back wall up yet, I hope she brought a sweater today.^ You can see the entire back of the building needs to be put up before I proceed much further... But it should come out really nicely and enhance what we have so far. Each room has a nice spacious, breezy patio and just look at that shrubbery! And here in this long shot you can see the beginnings of the next big project: "Wright Plaza"... Thx
  13. Maybe I'm thinking of some other things. Here is some detail on building the triangular pool and Wright Tower... ___________________________________________________________________________ Here we have the base of Wright Tower going up along with the upper floor of the new restaurant... (Yes, I decided to ditch RCT and go Lego! ) Here is the floor of the house restaurant, still haven't picked a theme for the restaurant if any, maybe a fancy New York style steak house or "surf-'n-turf" and a lounge area maybe... I like to make sure land masses line up for stairs early on and use game glass as a measuring stick too. ^ One last look at the giant Lego before the stack goes up... __________________________________________________ So we left off with a giant granite lego and a rough idea of Wright Tower and a LOT of work ahead of us... and one thing I really, really wanted for this build and have for years before I ever heard of the falling water house, was a triangular pool, a right triangle... These pools can be a very frustrating experience, I almost gave up the notion twice to settle for a couple multi-level, lapped rectangular pools, glad I persevered because the result was pretty much what I wanted... Placed it right across the big Kleenex box to break those rectangular lines... And next to the new pool we have the pathway part of Wright Tower up over the lobby, this will make it fully functional and allow peeps to wander the rooms and floors... Here we see the first floor of rooms on top of the lobby. The rooms are 1300 sq. ft. with a 200 sq. ft. patio space. Lol, RCT-3 interior scenery is pretty hit and miss, sometimes you have to make sectional sofas out of glass blocks etc, lol. So here is the high-rise, it's 10 stories of two deluxe suites for a total of 20... I could have made it much taller and thought about adding at least two more floors... But, for the sake of the game software not locking up, I settled for a more modest 10 floors. Now, I guess it's okay, but it really needs something more doesn't it, something to set it apart from all the other "big glass box" buildings we see... Wright wradiators... Inside we have done our best to accommodate you in spacious luxury, (and notice the shrubbery all the rooms have big screens, 100 meg internet access and full work stations for those using the cloud... I think that's one of my favorite movies playing on the tele...^ There are still a lot of details to be tended to, some major things like installing the elevator for those lazy peeps, but I do feel as though we have crossed a major milestone, whew! Now it's on to the new restaurant next door and also a theatre that is another part of the complex. Thx
  14. I like to switch between rides and buildings, when one starts getting a bit stale I usually have enough enthusiasm and fresh ideas built up for the other, lol. With this park, part of the idea in making a resort "complex", is to limit the amount of custom scenery, this park will have a lot of terraced gardens which I really haven't begun yet, but you look out over these terraced hills that somewhat resemble hills of Chinese rice paddies, but with thrill rides and coasters at the tops of each. The "gardens, these wil be glass greenhouses scattered about, that is where much of the food for the resort is raised. But, I had a park that was pretty well developed and once I reached about 750 peeps the software locked up. It was this park from a couple years ago: The "Plaza"... The park was named after the main feature, this large glass shopping mall/indoor amusement park with thrill rides, three pools and a couple coasters... I also had some pretty nice builds in that park like this nightclub, the "Trocadero" This Chinese restaurant, "Pink Panda"... This theatre, the "Blue Taj Cineplex"... in fact that's my next project for Wright Terrace Gardens, a new theatre. (I think I have a thread set on these here somewhere guys, "Welcome To My Worlds"...? it's probably buried a long way down the board, lol) But I believe what really crippled that park, was this building, "The Wedge"... For this current park, instead of covering the park with pathway, the peeps ride a monorail between three or four different complex' that should hopefully limit the amount of peeps, but if they get to be too much I'll simply remove some path at the entrance... So the building here at Wright Terrace Gardens will have to slow down some as far as the elaborate structures, I don't know how much more can be added, but I am able to accommodate 1100 at the time of the two coasters I just added, so I hope there is some head room left, lol. Thx
  15. That would have been great to do Cyrus, I only had the pics to work from, and knew I was only going to stylize the resort to the house. A friend at another Rct-3 forum was talking about building an exact replica, as close as RCT-3 custom scenery permits, a working replica of the house. I myself am pretty busy with this park and only have pics of interiors, perhaps you would be the best one to try that! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ I finally got most of the outer walls for Akimbo put up along with the kitchen, but it still needs some interior work, here's what I have so far... It took a very full evening to get the back roof just right, I also found a very strange defect with the neon light custom scenery that took several hours to figure out... The entrance which still needs a door and you can see the receptionist, it all looks like it will work pretty well... Here is a detail of the kitchen as it is going up, with fancy door, and I have since put up lighting and walls and a roof and it just needs a few touches here and there and it's finished. So the Akimbo build is pretty much squared away for the time being... Now, between the new restaurant and the Wright Terrace structure there was a big hole that I was using for a temporary park entrance... I had imagined a monorail station there, and I knew I would have to make enough building space to put a theatre on it, but ended up pretty much maxing the space out and adding a shopping mall too... It started out like this... Then I decided it should have two levels of shops and also an elevated disco bar... Here is a little shop that is pretty much finished, the peeps go in, buy a sandwich and can actually sit down and use the accomodations, this scenery actually works and I have tried to make everything including the high-rise as functional as possible... (I have since changed the color of that stall) Thx
  16. Thank you very much Yoshi, and I am enjoying the progress you are making at the Topaz park! I really need some updated scenery sets like the trees and shrubbery I see at your park and others, also I have no support structure sets at all and agree my coasters really need them! (I wanted to build a couple coasters, as a break from architecture, also in case some of you guys were wondering if I build coasters at all, and if this was even an amusement park, lol. ) You can't really see them in the pics, but I put the robtic arm ride next to Gravity as a companion ride, also the flight simulator in the corner, and next to Green Lantern, you can see it pretty well, a green graviton ride with it's flying saucer. I was thinking the robotic arm coaster would be perfect for Gravity, but the robotic coaster is sooo cheesy, I guess they expect all the thrills to come from the arm because you sure aren't going to get it from the track... not even a banked turn much less anything else, and very expensive too, what a disappointment! Of the two coasters, Gravity gets the higher rating, 8.1. Green Lantern is in the mid 7s. And just look at those peeps! Here is what they are afraid of...! Thanks again for the nice responses and pertinent tips my friend! Thx
  17. Thank you for the very nice response and glad you like the park and presentation, thanks again, I get so few posts normally, one as nice as that makes it more worthwhile to put them up! So we had the stack and the new triangular pool and some empty space between... I wanted to try out a new building style I have been thinking about for a couple weeks now. We start with these pillars... I wanted to put a ring of neon around the triangular pool and couldn't find one critical diagonal piece, but here I used some of the neon I do have... Looks like a stylized someone holding an invisible clarinet or sax? ^ Neon is one of those things I try and use in moderation, it's easy to get carried away with it and lose your sense of overall good taste! I figure a smooth jazz club... Steely Dan and stuff like this> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8x5FdL2qr8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9g-Z5nFg5Y I really didn't have a firm idea or a theme or name for this place, it's formal and semi-formal dining on the upper floor with a more relaxed and piano bar atmosphere down below... But I did have a rough idea of the design, so let me present "Akimbo" and you might see why I chose that name... They look like a pair of widgets and might prove as unwieldy to fit in to the design, lol. (Yeah, just call me Jon Taffer.) Now, after several days and many versions I was able to come up with a roof for the crazy structure, it was important that those two beams over the main floor be left intact... So here is the main floor, it still needs a few do-dads and trim and shrubbery, but is shaping up into a pretty swanky joint! I'm going to trim that entranceway with neon too. ^ It needs quite a bit of work, here is the lower section with a modest stage, the kitchen hasn't been worked on at all yet... I was very tempted to just leave the place open air with no walls. But overall it is making a nice addition to the complex... Thx
  18. Something new has been added to the Wright Terrace build... Gravity... And Green Lantern...
  19. It can be an art, and in many forms... Some are good at building custom scenery, (thank YOU guys, the game wouldn't be half as good without those great custom scenery sets etc, they need to put some of you on the payroll!) Others are good at coasters, others still at inventing stories and patter to accompany their screenshots, some go as far as to make feature-length movies... Some have their forte all around. And there is certainly a right way and a wrong way or "art" to doing something, and that includes park management and all the rest, they are very addicting arts. I like to say that while the parks are only cyber, the happiness they bring to so many is real enough. I also like to say that we take the business of FUN very seriously. Thx
  20. Yes, there doesn't seem to be much interest in threads that detail the build... (or perhaps I have BO. So, while I had a bunch more screens detailing the steps and have put them in other forums, perhaps I should just post the finished product here... So there is Wright Tower and the new triangular pool. Thx
  21. Thanks for the nice comments guys! Oh, and it is indeed an amusement park, I just spend a lot of time on the build up front and put the attractions, most of them last. (Hm, maybe that's why I always get so few posts, would it help if I started each one with a path leading to a merry-go-round? lol) I managed to get the Chinese restaurant pretty much squared away, I spent quite a bit of time and feats of acrobatics just getting those four lights on each overhang for a total of eight lined up... I had to tear off the roof a couple times and do other upheavals to put in the tables and chairs, the interior lights, the double buffet and Asian-style scenery... Inside I have tried to put together enough adornments for this expansive floor space... And I see the Loudermilk twins made it through the main gate... ^ I was very much worried about getting actual working tables and chairs because in-game scenery can't be placed directly on pathways like that black tarmac, so I had to tear the roof off once again and do major surgery to the tarmac and other things beneath the restaurant... It's really a Chinese/American restaurant, they have Chinese dishes like spaghetti, and also many American favorites like Chop-Suey. I still have plenty of odds and ends to attend to here at Wright Terrace like lighting and enclosing the shop stalls and a bit more shrubbery of course (!) But if you look closely in the top left corner of this pic you can see what will be another huge project for this park: Wright Plaza... And I'm just tinkering around with ideas for that Building for now, first I have to finish and then put up a high-rise next to what we have so far. (Something else you guys here should know, many of my posts are pasted from another site where I post which is not an RCT site, so I realize my "tips" for the most part are nothing new to many of you. ) Thx
  22. A little further along, here a second pool has been added... Also, the floor of what is going to be a Chinese Restaurant instead of the spacious lobby of the resort as I first imagined. Here we see that going up and the back of this part of the build where the real working parts are and things start getting a bit more complicated... Might as well get a head start on the lighting, one of the fun parts, but one that can also be very difficult and frustrating too... On this build as I have been doing the last couple years, everything is built from the inside out, and I want this resort the most functional of all! I decided that at this point I need to do a preliminary "peeps test" just to make sure, if they don't like what I have so far, there's not much point to any of it... And it seems the general peep consensus is pretty good, we have a rating of 645 with only two pools and no actual rides.. plus, we already won the tidy park award. Lighting can be fun and adds a wonderful extra dimension to RCT, and there are many types of in-game and custom lighting, but as mentioned it can also be a huge pain and especially lighting pools, they are the hardest, next is shrubbery. I had to take flood lights on poles and sink them down and fudge a bit to get the lighting just right, the top pool still needs some too. And I finally got the roof over the Chinese restaurant... Here I have added the top two tiers, whew, didn't think we'd ever see it... I'm going to cover that top "crazy paving" patio with some more attractive path covers, there are many styles available to choose from. You wouldn't believe how much trouble I went through trying to place that brown overhanging planter guys, it took almost a full hour! Some of this custom scenery ("CS") is a real pain to put up... I tore up a good section of the main pool last night trying to get one little Eames garden light in place... in the end it just couldn't be done.. was actually "impossible" and I had to abandon it and move along. I added some boulders at the base, just a few, it's easy to get carried away with something like that, and any more would start to take away from the overall instead of enhance... it took more than an hour to decide just how to place the few I did include... A lot has been added to the back. that large glass canopy is illuminated along with another one of my patented illuminated planters waiting for dusk... I put four of them here, just what this side of the building needed, some light and shrubbery... Still going to put low planters between them. I still have a lot of details to put into this part of the build like, I need lighting and more interior work in the Chinese restaurant, but we are more finished than not and soon I must start building the stack, "Wright Tower" and all of it's associated parts. It must be the most functional high-rise yet!
  23. Something I found mildly amusing in RCT, for about a minute, was the fact that the the peeps are aware when they are being watched individually... Now, wouldn't it be great if instead of sitting there paranoid about "who's watching me?", you could follow them around and see what they think and do? What a waste of software and function! C'mon guys, instead of "little amusements", how about some earnest function? Things like having a button to remove the controls, instead of the David Walsh, "cheat"? Hey, the more earnest functioning you can put in the better for all concerned, your private "jokes" and little funsies... think about your customers... Thx
  24. Hello fellow tycoons, it has been some time since my last post, and I have returned to RCT-3 after some renewed inspiration from a couple architectural threads and posts at another forum, particularly concerning the Frank Lloyd Wright "Falling Water" house... So, I am right in the midst of a new resort and park, "Wright Terrace Gardens", with "Wright Terrace" the featured resort. Now, the main thing about this build, is getting the "house", what will be the lobby for the resort, getting that structure situated over a waterfall and making it all work, you have to actually "trick" the software into accomplishing your ends here... So at first, I considered natural looking landscapes, ones of course built to support waterfalls, like these... But then, taking into account the basic cubism or "rectanglism" of the house, why not build a more artificial type hillside to put this project in? It will lose some of the stark contrast between nature and the modern design, but I could perhaps compensate for that in some ways, and maybe find other aspects to exploit... So here is where we are at with it, I thought you might like to watch it being put up as I build it. Here we start with a very basic 'L'-shaped form... A bit further along, we add waterfalls and reflecting pools... That waterfall is about 60 feet tall! This building both collects and recycles ALL of it's water, it is totally independent of city water and sewer, and what you are seeing is one of the last phases of returning the water to potable: aeration and UV exposure from the sun... Where the prominent patio on the house is, here I have envisioned a swimming pool, and the challenge is getting this pool over the waterfall cleanly with no support structures pools normally have... Now that pool looks maybe small by the pics, it's actually 60 x 170 A few more pieces in place, we turn the waterfalls back on and there's our pool... That represents about three evenings work so far, there is of course a HUGE amount of work to go, shrubbery, rockery, lighting, acacia trees, more waterfalls, the finished lobby, at least two more pools and the actual Wright Tower... Hope you like it and much more to come! Thx
  25. Lol, I guess that thing goes off when they hit a run? Well, for the one who built this a few years back, it looks like it might be right down my alley... I'll see what I can do, looks like a challenge, thanks! Here is the latest view of the Miami build... Getting a lot more filled in. Turning into a regular metropolis. I kind of wince a bit when I think of all the work in that so far, lol, but I still have a long way to go and want to have the park pretty well finished before I open it and start letting peeps in. Keep in mind: Buildings first, then shrubbery, so I realize these all need more shrubbery okay? This park is so big, has so much pavement I'm worried I might not have enough sweepers... Here are a few more pics... A Micky-D's. The slide is the "small fry maker" and the bouncer is the "tenderizer" Shakey's Pizza. Here is a closer look at a more finished Majestic Hotel... Here is a new scraper going up, this one was built on elevated land because it's going to be more than 20 stories, maybe 26 or 27... You build on the elevated land, then you take the land down and finish the building from underneath. You might wonder what this big monolith in the middle of the park will be... This is where the tallest building, a Space Needle like structure similar to the one in that first pic I put in this post.^ It should come out around 34 stories where the average scraper is only 20-21, so it will be noticeably the tallest structure in the build. Thx
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