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  1. It's the now defunct Shockwave rethemed and slightly modified.
  2. Wow, just shy of a year later. I like the layout, but I'm not sure about having blocks on every hill. Some places would have rollbacks, but most of the hills would not.
  3. I'm glad this is coming back. Still looks great, can't wait to see where it goes.
  4. He should have dropped the guy in water to make him drown. Still a funny video. Especially liked the peep bowling. Fun times.
  5. Why not just upload them to this site? Why bother with a third party? As he said, David Walsh is your friend. Also, if you are going to do construction updates, make sure the rides under construction don't look like they'd fall over. Finally, your pictures look very unfinished, and I'm not talking about them gamewise. Crop them. There is no need for half the screen to just be blank grass unless it is a shot of a clearing for upcoming construction etc. I understand the limitations for RCT3 when it comes to polys and it slowing down systems, but you should take the time to make your photos look like work was put into them, not just a screenshot and upload. As far as the park goes, I like the hyper coaster and you did a good job custom supporting the inverted coaster. Been a while since I've seen a boomerang (or whatever B&M would call it, don't think they've ever actually made one) on an inverted coaster.
  6. did you need to bump a month old thread? Let the OP continue/update when they can. Sometimes people go on vacation or don't play RCT3 enough over a period of time to warrant an update.
  7. It looks like he used the no collision hack to build through the premier style ride. The park looks great.
  8. Couple videos of some rides I've been working on. One is a Eurofighter using Dasmatze's CTR. The other is a custom ride using one of the EP pack CTRs. I love the way you can make the track flow. This was my first attempt with the CTR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHlsR4vRGXk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRHyx6iOa3c A.J. says: Remember that Youtube tags only work when you use the URL with the video ID, and not any extra stuff like "feature=youtu.be".
  9. I am looking for Dasmatze Covers and More. There are a few links out there that usually point to Rct-Net.de Problem is the download there isn't complete as I get an unexpected end of archive when I try to open it in WinRAR. Does anyone know of a working download? I've already googled it and gone through the entirety of rct-customdb.com that Rct-Net.de points to as it's updated database. Thank you.
  10. Are you unzipping them to your desktop first? Then moving them to (usually) the style/themed folder?
  11. I need a name for this Eurofighter. I made the station with ShyGuy's Catfish Cove set. There are 2 launches and 15 inversions. I still need to custom support everything besides the first vertical tower in the photo. Station
  12. Wow I just found that CTR, and the rest of the Europa Pack. Insane the amount of custom track they put into it. If only we could get a B&M track with the same flexibility. I can only imagine what QR could do with that on a Schwarzkopf. Back on topic. Great job. Can't wait to see more of the ride with scenery and a station.
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