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  1. Mockingjay perhaps? o maybe Bluejay, but we already have a blue coaster name and color.
  2. This ride was just TOOO much for me the first time, but after riding Black Widow at Kennywood Park, I love Frisbee rides.
  3. NOOO! I like the whole no CS theme here (although there is some, but very little) I prefer you keep it simple. We don't need ANOTHER main street park. MOD EDIT: Please use the spelling & use of THEIR, THEY'RE and THERE. Failure to do so will be MOST disappointing in your future. R.D.- GFMT] ^ this is the interwebz, I understand though.
  4. I'd suggest adding some fencing around your rides. And different ground textures. Garden Suggestion: Add some simple textures, trees, shrubs and fencing and it flows together ALOT better. See, like this...
  5. he said of they added TWO. So it's pretty much afficial that CP will get a new coaster next year "Lookout for Inversions", "we might have a new competitor to throw in the ring"; I'd say it's a coaster. But we are supposed to "lookout for false clues".
  6. I wonder if this will be the name of the sling shot? I hope not, I'd like to see a lsm/lim launch coaster that hugs the mountains layout, and a GIANT loop would be the icing on the cake.
  7. Wouldn't that be a bit painful to men? How would that be painful?
  8. What if B&M designed a chassis that could support a Stand-Up, Floorless, Sit-Down and A Wing Rider. Now add those trains on a twisty/loopy layout, and you have a great innovative coaster. And set 3X more records. OR..... A Winged Flyer Coaster. A Wing coaster, but with your body facing down(in a flying position, like on a flying coaster) now THATS a flying coaster. AND.... Designer Floorless chassis for stand-up coasters. Making it easier for Stand-Ups to become more modern without having to build a new coaster. An amateur attempt at a reinvention of the stand-up. ALSO.... Add magnetic-trims at the top of S:TEFK @SF:MM. It would be an awesome experience, nearly stopping 400' feet in the air with an extended view before dropping straight back down. Like what's seen here of Skyrocket. Pay attention to the first drop and how it drops slow(due to an intentional trim)
  9. Im DESPERATE for a few Cedar Point 2012 maps. Willing to trade a few Kennywood ParK Maps/Brochures (2012)
  10. Agreed on that. Let's hope they don't EVER hold another "name the ride vote" on their Facebook page again . Dragster H20......... How ORIGINAL, people seem to only fawn over the big wigs. That name is Terrible. If they hold a poll for the next coaster name. It will be "Top Maverick Force" calling it!
  11. Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood Park. One of the best Hypercoasters I've been on. The head-choppers are UNREAL. And the second drop seems alot higher since your on the side of a hill that's a few hundred feet tall. The airtime you get on the last few hills is great when you sit in the back.
  12. HERE! http://www.screamscape.com/html/small_international_parks.htm
  13. I thought those names were from the Paramount Parks, before the purchase? Then CF changed them to even more generic names.
  14. The only thing I enjoyed about DT was the Air-conditioning, and the glow lights. Which were in the que. And it was more thrilling than when I last rode it, not saying anythings changed. But the ride is fairly decent, it's doesn't have insane air or G's but provides a great "moderate" ride.
  15. Leaving for Kenywood Park at 6am. Any more trip advice for a first timer?
  16. Cedar Fair should transport Avalanche Run to Michigan's adventure. I feel as if Cedar Fair RARELY pays attention to that park.
  17. @ ! ! $ ! ( * % % = W i n g R i de r CP said on their FB "We're sad to see them go, but are excited as we fly into the future. Stay tuned for more!"
  18. I've got an Crazy Idea that fits this thread perfectly. What if Cp extended The Dragsters Drop an additional 100', making it the first Strata and "whatever comes next coaster" I've done some "rough" calculations and it should hit about 135-140mph. A decent attempt at the speed record. If Cp were to redo the upwards incline, and raise the top hat, they could easily reclaim the height record, and with an even faster launch speed. And add that to the 135-140mph, you got a coaster around 150mph. Making it the KING of Coasters once again. *I imagine their will be trims along the upwards incline out of the tunnel, before hitting the slight air-time inducing bend.* If they spent an estimated 10,000,000$ refurb, the ride could really reclaims it's former glory. It's not needed but still possible. The hydraulic engine may be modified just slightly, because it's designed to launch heavier objects at higher accelerations.
  19. ^ it's sarcasm. we all obviously know its a inverting wooden coaster.
  20. Im planning on hitting up Kennywood this upcoming Saturday. Our company will leave on a bus at 6am and we will arrive at the park around opening. And we will be their until 6pm. Any trip advice, I'm a first-timer here. The three rides I want to ride are -Phantoms Revenge -SkyRocket -Black Widow -Jack Rabbit
  21. If you have a platinum pass you should enjoy the 1-hour early entry, which is where pass-holders and resort guests get into the park an Hour before the public. Try getting in Maverick, Raptor and Millennium Force during that hour, because those rides usually have the longest waits. But with the Fast-Lane you should enjoy early entry-type lines for all the main attractions.
  22. Has anyone else noticed that the line for Power Tower is almost always short? For such a big ride you'd think it have a bigger line. I guess anything seems tiny when next to dragster. Magnum PT and most definitely Corkscrew have lost almost all significance to the GP since TTD. quite sad actually.
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