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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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"Hello Kyle, thank you for contacting Six Flags Magic Mountain. Unfortunately DeJa Vu will be closed due to construction for Terminator during the time of your visit. I am so sorry that this will be another failed attempt to ride DeJa Vu.




SFMM Guest Relations"


Well....At least they were honest and got back to me very quickly. Sounds like it will be down all season. Guess that mystery is solved...

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That's a very cool promo for the movie! Thanks for posting!


I grew up on Terminator, my brother and I would watch it over and over again! So I'm really excited that a Coaster is named after Terminator and that their is a new movie release!

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I'll be at Magic Mountain on Sunday. I can't wait to see how all of the changes over the past two years have improved the park. I will also try to get pictures of the slab if no one else has posted any by then. I haven't been to SFMM since WCB in 2006. I can't wait!

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Went on the 6th and was hoping to get on Deja Vu. Everything is closed off so I figured take a couple pics with my camera phone. Ugh this new phone has the worst quality pics ever. Stood next to the fire hydrant and just aimed my camera towards the concrete over the fence.


Some Concrete, to the left of this is where the wood is sitting.


Deja Vu closed

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^ Those pictures didn't turn out so hot...so here's a set of them from Saturday that look a little bit beter!


We will call this set the "OMFG is that REALLY concrete I see?" Terminator Consturction pictures.


Next update:

"It's New! It's Exciting! It's Adventures With the BLUE WALL!!!"

Coming soon!


Just in case you didn't already have enough concrete photos.


Concrete slighly obstructed by a stop sign.


A beautiful overall long shot of concrete.


Slightly crooked future concrete.


And here is where there will SOOON be concrete!


Concrete as seen through a chainlink fence (for you artsy concrete fans out there!)


Concrete CLOSE UP!!!




Ooh! What is that I see kids? That's right is CONCRETE! Just what you've been waiting for! Photos of CONCRETE!

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^My guess is less that they want to keep it a surprise and more that they just don't have a big poster to stick on the wall for it yet. Doesn't really make much sense keeping it a surprise, the more people who hear about it means the more people who will want to come out and ride it when it opens next year.


I wonder how much longer before we see the first vertical construction. With cement going down this week I think by the middle of next month we could see the ride begin to actually rise. Generally I've always found the time right after they pour cement to be the most boring part of construction, it takes a while to settle (cure I believe is the correct term) so things tend to sit around and gather dust for a few weeks after cement is poured.

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^My guess is less that they want to keep it a surprise and more that they just don't have a big poster to stick on the wall for it yet.

Exactly. That wall *just* went up like a day or two before the photos were taken. Give them some time!


And yeah, the ride isn't much of a surprise when it's been announced and it's on all the 2009 season pass information and on the front page of the park's website!



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Opening Day is shy under 6 months away, so what's the rush? I'm looking forward to the construction as much as the next coaster geek, but the park will advertise when they feel is the best strategical time to do so.


I think one reason is the experience with Renegade up here at Valleyfair.


I'm assuming that the target is Memorial Day weekend. Rene opened two weeks before Terminator is supposed to. A goodly portion of Rene was already vertical in mid-October, and by all accounts, they (GCI and construction crews) had to bust some serious butt all winter to get it done by opening weekend.


I realize that construction techniques may be different with Terminator (different amounts of pre-fabrication), but they're still going to have to hustle.

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^ I don't know how the weather is at Valleyfair!, but out here at SFMM, our off season is pretty mild and more favorable for construction. Also, as we've seen, a bunch of the bents are already prefabricated, meaning that all they'll need is to be hoisted into place and secured---a relatively quick process.



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