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  1. We were in Dubai for a few days on a layover and couldn't wait to plan a real trip back. I hope the next round of construction goes through as this would be a good reason to go back.
  2. Can't wait for this ride. Has work started since 2015 is not very far off? Was Colossus already structurally retrofit at some point or is that part of this update too? Edit: https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/store/season-pass-flash-sale For the Gold pass flash sale, does that mean I can pay $5.85/month with free parking until I cancel the membership? Or does the free parking only apply for a year?
  3. Thinking about going today. Is everything open? Is it packed because of Spring Break?
  4. We were in Siem Reap about a year ago. I would definitely not go on a coaster in that country or most likely any third world country. Is this really near Angkor Wat? This was not on the tourist path. Sad event.
  5. I remember the waterslide incident. As my college freshman roomate's good friend was one of the people on that waterslide when that happened. He seemed pretty messed up from it happening. I was a big theme park person back then and couldn't believe it when he was telling the story.
  6. What profession are you in that can see a photo posted above and to make that statement?
  7. My fiance wasn't familiar with Dubai and we had a chance to make a quick stopover for a couple days on a recent trip. After being there for about 48 hours, she wanted to come back for 10 days+ within 6 months. I was bummed we didn't try to stay another day or so which we attempted to do but changing flights would be expensive. Even though a park like this may not be the focus of a trip out there, I do know if we had a couple more days that we would have gone to Ferrari World and some of the other theme parks. Dubai was pretty busy back in July. And it looks like some of these crazy projects are going to slowly start up again from the looks of overall construction that was happening.
  8. I was in Dubai for a quick 2 day layover and was kicking myself for not trying to get one more day in to get out to Ferrari World. It's not very expensive to get there from the hotels in Dubai. Everyone has some sort of really good package deal to do a ton of things depending on how much time you have. Even my fiance who isn't a coaster geek was bummed we didn't do it.
  9. Got this in my email from an online police scanner updater. Los Angeles, CA | Other | Knotts Berry Frm | ???? | Buena Park | Knotts Berry Farm ride tuck with passengers on board last 9 | 2012-09-19 | 18:35 PT And here http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/09/19/riders-left-dangling-300-feet-up-when-knotts-berry-farm/
  10. http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/07/31/oc-supervisors-approve-new-water-park/ "ORANGE COUNTY (CBS) — Orange County supervisors Tuesday approved a new water park on the old El Toro Marine Corps base across from the Orange County Great Park. Wild Rivers will be rebuilt on 17 acres next to the Great Park, which is home to the Great Park Balloon that takes riders 400 feet in the air for a bird’s eye view of the county. “This is an exciting opportunity,” Supervisor Bill Campbell said. “The new and improved Wild Rivers will be a complement to the Great Park and an asset for Orange County.” The county expects to get $30 million or more over the 25-year lease. The water park, which operated for 27 years next to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, is expected to open in 2014."
  11. And like I said a long time ago, notice my avatar, the Terminator theme was way too cheesy. Just let us on the ride now!!! Also for those questioning Superman. Who of you have Engineering degrees and work in that field? I am very curious. For those talking about clamps, I remember my structural engineering professor, steels was the subject, in 2000 talking about the future, high rises would be made out of plastic. Everyone laughed, yet he was coming back from a speech he did on that very subject. That's why I ask since I am sure there are more than a few engineers in here and more curious about thoughts of how they are making this addon ride work.
  12. I had never been to Wild Rivers, I even went to UC Irvine from 1997-2002. I didn't even realize they were still open. I always remember in the 80's seeing their commercials though. Now I wish I had gone there before. It seemed so cool to the the commercial with the tubes coming out of the ground and shooting people into the pool. Also on another note, it's been a long time since I have been to Raging Waters, and I can't believe Raging Rivers is gone. That was the best water ride ever. That multi path and being almost like a lazy river was so fun. I am a Civil Engineer and had sort of lectures from people at the Irvine Company, and those people seemed so evil. I remember I wasn't the only one in the classes who thought so. No idea what anyone is thinking building out in that area right now, as there is a lot of other vacant land ready to go, I think at least a 5000+ unit development, that has been on hold since the depression started.
  13. Was Tatsu really built on top of the land? It seems like the ride is working with the land. Build the thing on the highest part of the park so you really feel like you are flying. Along with where certain parts of the ride are located, it seems like a good fit. You can also survey with a ride there or not. Just close the ride when surveying needs to take place. I guess because I have my own company doing Civil Engineering (land development), I am a little more partial to what can and can't be done, especially by recent Structural Code changes and other California standards.
  14. I will miss Deja Vu as well let me say the only time I rode it was when I was able to duck under the height requirement. After that, I now know why you can't be a certain height. Your knees at the very least have a high chance of getting knocked off. With the last few questions of where the lines go. Let me give a simple map to where the property lines of the park go to. If anyone on here can't plot the lines or understand what this is, I guess let me know, I will post how this looks in relation to the most recent Google Sat Map. magicm.pdf
  15. Also remember that SFMM and Disneyland are over an hour away from each other driving without traffic. As well as Vegas is the worst going up Friday after work at 5pm and coming back to LA Sunday mornings. Keep those in mind while you plan out your trip. I would say that you can't miss Disneyland or SFMM. I would think walking down Hollywood and seeing the Walk of Fame or walking down Rodeo Drive during the weekday would be more interesting and cheaper than going to Universal Studios. At least you can probably see famous people doing that and see something very different than in Aus. If you are going to Vegas I hope you are over 21 to really enjoy that place.
  16. As someone who has a degree in structural engineering, I can't believe there are knock off rides! I can't even imagine how terribly built that stuff would be. It's not like you just can look at ride and copy it. =(
  17. Please tell more stories. It seems like MM would have a ton of very interesting stuff that isn't too well detailed. I didn't know the person who died was also short. That would have been awesome to see The Killer with coffins. Do you have any pictures you can post somewhere?
  18. That setup is typical to protecting yourself. Obviously it sounds like the groups knew that they would be very protected if the park failed though, which is sad. As it really does sound like this was more done on purpose instead of trying to protect them from an unknown. With all the mortgage fraud going on in this country, and no one really getting in trouble, I doubt anything bad will happen to the owners. As an example if you are a developer, you have your Developer LLC. And when you develop a property, that generally uses an address with LLC, like 123 Fake Street LLC. Civil Engineer over here who is about to start my second LLC for engineering and about to start another LLC for buying property.
  19. I can't wait to go to Disneyland this week and eat some ice cream and sue for brain freeze. That's exactly how I feel about people eating hot food. How stupid are people where hot cheese can't be figured out for their kid? Hmm maybe I will touch it with my tongue to see if it's okay to put into my kid's mouth? Nah, why do that? What about boiling water to make tea? Some common sense has to exist in this country for it to still exist.
  20. As having run my own engineering company for the last 2 years, that's an understatement. Especially with all the craziness of building in SoCal. Oh how I wish I could work for Disney in some way!
  21. Awesome pics. I graduated with my specialization in Structural Engr from UC Irvine, at the time one of the few colleges with an earthquake shake table. Living in California you always pay attention to old school engineers talking about the past. A couple things I learned were that earthquake understanding is still very very very new. The last real modification to the rules which basically the world goes by, was after each large quake in SoCal. Also one thing that has always stuck out to me is that earthquake codes are basically there so a building won't fall down during a quake. But after that, the building is supposed to get completely fixed. So it makes sense that a quake could destroy a coaster if no rehab was done.
  22. I am curious if you are a licensed PE or SE to say this comment with so much ease?
  23. Thats pretty bad. I was used to Riddlers having no wait and people having fun dancing in the lines. And Terminator generally had a 3 train wait every time I have been on it. Either way for Sunday the only long lines were Ninja and Riddler. Very weird, where you can just hop back on X2 whenever. They were holding people at the bottom of the stairs when I went, and every time a train left the employee let one trains worth of people up the stairs. That kept it to a 1 train wait up in the station. Pretty smart, but if you don't know what they were doing then it was a pretty discouraging line that was wound into the little area before the stairs.
  24. But Saturday sucked and it wasn't even that busy. Saturday we went to Tatsu, X2, Viper, and Terminator. Terminator had one train!! That is just pathetic. That's the ride my Fiance mentioned this about. Sunday we saw Riddlers and I wasn't going to wait in a line that actually wrapped out pretty far when we could go on other rides with no waits. Something just doesn't make any sense to me this last trip there. I have probably had seasons passes at least 7 times in my life, and this was just weird, and a bad sign for the park.
  25. Went twice this past weekend with my fiance. Saturday was awful. After waiting over 2 hours for X2 it broke. We were about right before the turnstyle. Sucks! Saturday was actually pretty busy and most rides were only using 1 train. My fiance noticed ad I was surprised that she could tell how slow everything was going. Went again Sunday and no one was at the park. We rode X2 within 3 minutes and after we got on the front we were able to run back to get right back on. Strangely enough the longest lines in the park that day were Riddlers Revenge and Ninja??? Everything else was maybe a 3 train wait. I really don't understand why and what people choose to go on there. BTW Terminator still seems a bit cheesy and over the top.
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