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Six Flags Magic Mountain Terminator Salvation: The Ride


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Breaking News!!!


It's now called "Terminator Salvation: The Ride"


A helluva lot better than Terminator: The Coaster.


They're both bad names. They actually got rid of the one thing I did like. I liked the "Join the Resistance" tagline they took off the logo. Hopefully that sticks around in their marketing stuff.

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is Terminator Salvation the name of the new Terminator movie or something? I'm not really in tune with the new movie, i just know their making one.


Either way, the name doesn't really matter that much to me. The layout is absolutely, mind nummingly , awesome and their hasn't been a single GCI coaster that hasn't been awesome on some level. That's enough to satisfy me. If Six Flags wants to name a wooden coaster after a movie involving steel, that's okay with me.

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^ Why don't you READ THE THREAD before asking questions?


From the FIRST POST in this thread:


The debut is scheduled to coincide with the release of the McG directed film Terminator Salvation™ next year


Also, based on your recent postings I *STRONGLY* reccomend you read this thread before posting anything else:




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^^^ Ding! Ding! Ding!


Although Universal has no naming rights to the new movie, i am sure they approached SFMM in a friendly way and asked to change the name that would not confuse the general public (which it will still as we all know how what idiots most of them are )

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Although Universal has no naming rights to the new movie, i am sure they approached SFMM in a friendly way and asked to change the name that would not confuse the general public

Exactly what I was thinking.

Though the new name is kind of a mouthful for the name of a rollercoaster.

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I don't care if they change the name to Dog Poo the ride! It's a GCII coaster that looks like Kentucky Rumbler and Thunderhead had a demon spawned love child.


The fact that they decieded to crap out their evil puppy sex monster in So Cal only makes it better! I for one can not wait to ride Terminator Salvation, Toy Story f**king mania, Dog Poo the ride! I don't care what they end up calling it.


Guy "Guy the ride!" Koepp

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So has anyone figured out if Deja Vu is going down for the construction yet? Hope not! I'm going to be out in socal Jan 3rd-10th! SFMM's website says Deja Vu is temporarily down. Is that the construction, did it valley, or an early rehab this year. Anyone know!?


My guess is that Deja Vu is going to basically be down until Terminator is ready to open. I'd expect to basically be an extended rehab this year while construction continues in that area.


I'm still personally hoping for a rethemeing of Deja Vu. With a bit of paint, and a new sign you could easily make this ride fit in with a general future/Terminator theme. I don't think it'll end up happening but it's a nice thought.


Main point of this entire post is that I wouldn't expect Deja Vu to be open in January.

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Hey everyone!


Here are some new photos from yesterday. Not much has really happened in the past 4 weeks. Lots more bents and looks like a bit more rebar, but other than that, it's still just popsicle sticks and dirt!




We see you Psyclone! =)


More new pics sometime soon!


Yay! Thrill Shot was running!


And soon you can pick up your cute little Q-Bots in here.


It's closed now, so if you want Flash Passes from your Xtreme Pass you gotta go to Guest Relations.


Although the Flash Pass sales center sign is a bit misleading...


In other news "Q-Bot: The Experience" is still moving along.


These buildings are lovely.




That little fence says so.


Deja Vu is down for the count.


Looks more like a dirt bike track than a coaster so far.


I'm telling you the last round of name changes is only going to be followed up with an announcement for "Goliath Salvation: The Ride Coaster"


There's some stacks of wood just lumbering around...har...har...har...


A close up of popsicle sticks...very exciting!


Looks about the same from ground level.


Yup, looks like a few more popsicle sticks have been made.


Here's an overview of the site.

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Why has GCI been using that strange concrete slab type footer on their newer coasters? I'm assuming it would take allot of time off the total construction this way, but who knows?


Anyways this ride looks awesome, I cannot wait to see updates showing construction that has gone vertical!

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