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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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^ PM:ed.


Were by the park yesterday and took some new pictures. Not much more to see at the moment, they have added some rails and a bit of paint and the ride looks much more complete then last time.


But I also received some rumors on that Uppswinget have started testing.


Now onto the pictures.

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New photos today.


There was a competition to be one of the first rider on Uppswinget, too bad that I saw that after I got home.♦



And from the rest of the park

More work done on Balder.


Trains are on Lisebergbanan, maybe start testing soon.


Some guy riding on the top of the car on Uppskjutet (Space shot).

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I've been on a few Screaming Swings now and I like the middle sized better where you get a longer ride cycle. Cedar Point's was a big dissapointment since it's over before it even starts.

Also putting a taller version would be difficult on that location.

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Ok... is it just me or do screamin' swings seem to be really short. I mean why do they not build ones that are like 200ft tall? ANYWAYS! Thanks for posting the pictures!



Building a Swing Shot that tall would be hard seeing as the forces are twice as much...not to mention that chambers to compress the gas. It really depends on the park for the cycle of an SS. If you hit a park on a slow day, you get a longer ride, but when you hit a park on a packed day, they use the shortest cycle to speed up the line.

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  • 1 year later...

Liseberg had another accident this evening where a ride malfunctions. The Huss Rainbow gondola fell down on the grownd after the gear seemed to have collapsed. 36 people were on it and several injured were sent to hospital. Doesn't look good.


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Oh god, that looks awful, I recall there being some concerns over the mechanics and potential for failure with the similar Weber 1001 Nacht model as well a few years ago.


Good that there appear to be no fatalities.

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Translated from Danish News Site:



36 persons is seriously injured after an accident in a Swedish amusementpark, Liseberg in Göteborg.


The flat ride, Rainbow, suddently fell to the ground from it's holding platform, while it was running. The director of Liseberg says that nobody was thrown out of the ride, but there are people still are fastened with their restraint, and they are hard to release, seing as the ride is 'squeezed'.


The flat ride can hold 24 passenger, which means that people on the ground must have been hit too.


There are no reports of deaths.


The area around the ride was imidiatly closed.


The incident is the latest of alot in Amusement Parks around Denmark and Sweden the last weeks.

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^Huss Rainbow's are GREAT rides, they just seem to be maintance nightmares, and not too reliable. It kind of seems like they're slowly dying out. Great Escapes was taken down because without a part that was needed there was a good chance that that same thing could have happened.

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Not sure of the complete relevance of this, but this was a notice issued aout a critical fault in the 1001 Night design, and it mentions that the design was taken over by Huss, who made the Rainbow. Interesting read anyway.


074. "1001 Nights" Fatigue Damage

LTC Ltd and Wilson Consultants have provided us with details of an occurrence of severe fatigue cracking in the main arm of a 1001 Nights (single arm Magic Carpet type) ride manufactured by Weber in 1984. Although Weber are no longer trading we believe that Huss now have control of the design copyrights and may have built similar rides.


The rotating arm is a welded steel box section and the 40 seat gondola is carried by a slewing ring mounted in a housing fabricated into the end of the rotating arm. The main crack, which was found by LTC, initiated from the region of the welded connection between the slewing ring housing and the box section front plate (8 mm) and had propagated for about 500 mm in total. It is now thought that the arm was within weeks or hours of a failure which could have

led to multiple fatalities.


In the fully assembled state the cracked region is hidden by guards and decorative cladding. It is therefore essential that periodic access to the area (for visual inspection and NDT) is achieved and LTC have insisted upon this. We feel that one of the lessons from this occurrence is the importance of ensuring that ride controllers permit strip down access to significant, inaccessible regions. The co-operation of the controller in the case of this incident was of importance in ensuring that the crack was detected.


There were also other lessons to be learnt from the findings of the investigation. Firstly, one of the secondary cracks that was close to joining up with the primary crack had initiated from a drilled hole which was not an authorised part of the design. The role of, even slight, changes to design in causing problems is regularly seen by NAFLIC members. Secondly, design calculations for rides of this general type (i.e. rotating in a vertical plane) frequently underestimate the range of the forces affecting fatigue. This stems from fundamental faults in ride dynamic



Thirdly, the lack or inadequate assessment and calculation of fatigue life is a common failing. It was considered that, in this case, some combination of these last two factors meant that the original calculations had significantly overestimated the timescale for the cracking to develop.


The HSE suggest that persons operating similar rides should contact their ride examiners. Housings for both shaft and slewing ring types may experience problems of this type.


Also USA Today have covered the story, apparently the 40 injured figure is incorrect.



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^Thanks for that. Looks like someone was aware of these types of problems- when memos like that come out, typically mechanics/inspectors are supposed to pay special attention to the problematic areas. There might have been 2 areas on the main arm support where cracking was occurring, and apparently no mechanic saw them or bothered to repair them.


Stress cracks are normal, but when rides aren't inspected every day, they don't get repaired and just get worse and things like this happen


Either we're more available to information like this because of communication technology, or this kinda craps just happening way too often. I don't know if I even wanna get on carnie flats at the OC Fair anymore...

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From liseberg.se

Klockan 17.30 idag tisdag den 15 juli inträffade en olycka i Lisebergs åkattraktion Rainbow.

Rainbow är en attraktion där passagerarna sitter i en soffa.

Soffan cirkulerar i horisontalläge runt en axel men har av okänd anledning rubbats ur sitt läge vilket fick till följd att soffans högra sida slog i marken.

Attraktionen rymmer 36 passagerare och var vid olyckstillfället fullastad.


16 personer skadades varav två betraktas som allvarligt skadade. Samtliga passagerare har dock förts till sjukhus för kontroll.


Polisen kommer inom kort att upprätta ett journummer dit anhöriga kan vända sig.


Området runt Rainbow stängdes av i samband med räddningsarbetet.

Polisens tekniker inleder redan ikväll en undersökning av attraktionen.


Today at 17:30 a accident occurred on the ride attraction Rainbow.

Rainbow is a ride where the riders sits on a sofa and the sofa rotates horizontally around a axis.

Something happen to the ride so the "ride sofa" start to rotate around its own axis and the right side of the "sofa" crashed to the ground.

The ride can take 36 riders and was fully loaded.


16 persons was injured, 2 was consider as severely injured, but all 36 riders was taken to hospital for a checkup.


The area around Rainbow was closed down because of the rescue operation. The police technicians are going to start investigate the accident to night.


// Marcus Löfstrand

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That's the second Huss ride to have malfunctioned in the past two weeks. (Kennywood's Top Spin, King Kahuna, malfunctioned last week when the gondola failed to return to an upright position after the ride stopped.)

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Im pretty sure this is the exact reason SFGAM removed Trailblazer last year. Something about all of this being down to one bolt that if broken, can cause the vehicle to spin at will. Sad that it had to happen, but atleast nobody died.

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