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Annoying stuff that happens in theme parks- The List

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I really hate when people walk up to the entrance to a queue line and stop right there to talk to someone or wait for the rest of their party while I am trying to enter the queue.


Crap or get off the pot, people. Don't enter the queue until you and your group all decide to ride. Until then, get out of the way and the rest of us get in line...

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Groups that stand in the middle of paths to discuss their next move or gather around a map.


"That guy" in a haunt maze who always has to point out where the monsters are hiding, thus spoiling the fun for everyone behind him.

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^ That's when you stop and let them walk ahead for a few seconds


Alas, that's simply irritating to the people behind you--and it's no help when the guy in question is an obnoxious loudmouth who thinks he's funny (as I encountered in BGW's "13" maze during Howl-o-Scream).

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Smokers in line.

Undertrained food service workers.

When only 1 train is running. *cough* Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Break downs.

Annoying GP trying to make you look stupid.


Slow dispatches.

Dirty restrooms.

Overpriced parking.

Pictures RIGHT when you walk in. *cough* Cedar Point.

Chewed up gum.

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-People that make dumb coaster comparisons, like comparing Millennium Force to Woodstock Express. Really, what's the point of that?

-One-train operation on busy days. I can live with one train operation on quiet days, but when it's a Saturday in July and the line is stretching out to the queue entrance, I should not see a train going up the lift hill only every five minutes.

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Luckily, I haven't had an experience with this, but from what Robb has posted, selfie sticks.


People who take cameras on the ride, and then the ride op has to stop the lift and tell them to put it away.


People who need to "catch up to their group"

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^To be fair, that's a pretty bizzare question about a ride that I'm sure they get very few questions about. Sometimes a question just can't be answered. Now, if the agent said 'do you mind waiting while I look for an answer for you?' ...and there is no line behind you, I think that would be acceptable.

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When you're at the back end of Legoland and the pants you are wearing have the fly explode off the hinges when you try and zip it up in the bathroom, forcing you to walk all the way to the front of the park holding your camera bag in front of you as your only line of defense between safety and someone having you arrested because you are walking around Legoland with a camera and your fly wide open! That seriously happened to me.

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-Assigned seating on coasters. I get that there are reasons for it, but it's still annoying that after waiting in line for an hour, you're told to sit in row 5.

-People blocking the entrance to the ride. This happens to me all the time. Usually it's because the measuring pole and/or test seat are located too close to the queue entrance.

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I think one of the most annoying things to me is when you are stuck in line in front of, or behind someone who thinks they know EVERYTHING about theme parks, and anything theme park related... When in reality they are full of SH!T. AKA: The GP.


For Example: You are stuck in line for Titan at SFOT, and one person from the group in front of you is trying to convince everyone they are with that Titan is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. That its supports had to be drilled 1,500ft in the ground to support the 500ft drop when the wind blows. Or that only 5 people have ever died on the ride, but it is safe to ride now because Six Flags put seat belts on the trains to keep more people from flying out on the 500ft drop. . . Even more annoying is when everyone in the group is going along with it saying things like "Yeah, I heard about that." Or "OMG! WAS THAT THIS COASTER?!?! I THOUGHT IT WAS BATMAN!! I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN RIDE THIS ANY MORE." UGH.


Seriously that entire conversation happened last time I was at SFOT. I swore I would never wait in another line again. I can not handle the sheer stupidity from people sometimes. It's even harder to just stand there and not say anything to them, because you know it will end up in an argument, and it will be like arguing with a brick wall. Ugh, thank god for parks having VIP Tours, because I can't handle waiting in line with the GP anymore.

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