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Annoying stuff that happens in theme parks- The List

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1) When someone is talking and does not notice that there is a gap of about 30 people in front of them

2) When someone cuts in line

3) When people show off in line, revealing that they know nothing about the subject:

Rule #8764-(3x8)^2: Don't think you know it all or talk stupid at a themepark. It's pretty bad if you're in line for a Boomerang and someone says "Yea, this Intamin Boomerang launches off at 100mph up 1000 feet and goes upside down 10 times while riders stand up on these floorless inverted trains"

4) When the coaster breaks down

5) When someone starts singing along to the Muzak at Six Flags

6) When your on-ride photo is censored because someone in your row flipped the bird

7) When you cannot pick your seat on a coaster

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-Being in line with a group of idiots

-Line Jumpers

-People booing you when using Q-Bot o9r VIG (My sister has Arthritis and my mom has MS, my twin and I are Autistic, but we don't use that)

-Know it alls

-Riding a coaster with a stranger who's afraid of coasters or heights

-Getting stuck on a coater with coaster phobes, then being told it is dangerous

-Being next on a coaster and it shutting down

-Being next on a coaster and it shutting down in an other counrty, were you don't speek the language.

-Buying overpriced food ($4.00 water bottels)

-People who want to fight you (Ye sit has happened to me)


-Dainan "I hate GP" Rafferty

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Overpriced M&Ms

Overpriced Queue soda

Line Jumpers

Feeling like I'm the only enthusiest around because everyone else around seem like just casual riders

People playing around in the queue, nearly running you over as they pull their stupid stuff

Gum walls with coins attached to it

Just stupid people in general during your visit

Time going by as though the clock doesn't know how to keep an hour, it skips around

Crowded midways

Exaggerating riders that just have to scream at the top of their lungs practically in your ear, which delivers more of a headache than a vekoma would

Stupid people spitting off of rides, it's just gross (Although I've always tried to hit this fiberglass cave lady on the sky ride at SCBB.)

Sitting face to face on a ride facing someone you don't know, not knowing their tolerability on the ride

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Aside from overpriced food/drinks, annoying people, etc., my biggest gripe is poor ride capacity and lack of single rider lines. Single rider lines would assure full trains leaving the station, and would obviously move more people through the line.


Some park chains have picked up on this. I wish others would.



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-The fact that you have to deal with the scum of society just to enjoy a ride on a quality Intamin. (SFNE)




-Paying $15 to leave your car in a parking lot patrolled by 16 year olds.


-People smoking in line and then arguing you to death when you ask them to put it out.


-Getting a faceful of hair from the chick in front of you


-$12 for probably the worst food I've ever eaten :radio:


-People that use the "no line cutting" sign to jump the rail into the queue.


-The fear of getting shot in the SFA parking lot


-The graveyard of Labatt Blue cans in the Superman queue at SFDL


-GUM AND GRAFFITI are my pet peeves, especially when the same shit is there year after year


-Girls that scream bloody murder during even mild parts of the ride


-$3.50 for a bottle of W A T E R, one of our most precious, required resource, who thought Hydrogen and Oxygen could cost so much?!?


-Roped off seats on rides


-When 10 people board a train freom the exit ramp because 1 person in their party has a cast on their leg after you waited a couple hours


Somebody stop me!!

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Eric really hit the nail on the head.


I can pretty much tolerate just about ANYTHING in a park except for a lack of efficiency. Even a "low capacity" ride can be run efficiently.


But when I see a Wild Mouse that's only running two or three cars, and the ops are taking the LONGEST time possible to load a ride, that REALLY bugs me.


We always tell the story of the one time we went to SFFT and Superman was running ONE train, with ONE op!


And that guy was unbelievable! The train would pull into the station, and he would HUSSLE to get people out of the train and into their seats and he RAN to check EVERY restraint, and was back to the console before you knew it! He was running a major coaster all BY HIMSELF faster than I see a full crew on most coasters at Knott's! (Ghostrider and Montezooma's comes to mind!)


So yeah, as much as I hate stuff like line jumpers, people who smoke in line, etc, etc....I can put up with ALL that as long as the ride I'm waiting for is being run as efficiently as possible.


--Robb "One of the reasons why I liked the Japan parks (except Fuji-Q) so much!" Alvey

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The people that go there.


Am I really this cynical? No, it was a joke.


What really bugs me is all of the people whom I am indefinately patient with, and step aside as they ram their way through, or politely say excuse me, as they are standing aimlessly in teh middle of the damn pathway. ALl these people are on mental vacations, yet I am patient with them, and never get one single thanks for choosing to stay calm and let them pass, taking their sweet time.

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as mentioned before, I'm just reitterating:

-people who get busy talking with their friends in line and don't notice the queue line has moved quite a bit, nor notice those of us behind them yelling at them to start walking.


-people on mental vacations who slowly meander the pathways or decide to stop suddenly for no reason. (this happens at malls a lot too)


-people yelling at you because you took advantage of QBot/FastPass/etc.. and they didn't.

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Gotta admit, had been waiting to see this post since we're in the height of the season, so I'll throw my 2 cents in.


1) I hate driving two hours to a park only to find out that there's a 3 hour wait for a coaster. Makes no sense. Obviously once they get your money and get you in the gate, they don't care what your experience is like.


2) Gotta say it, and I can't believe it hasn't been said yet, but I hate ACErs. Like someone said before, it's annoying when someone in line thinks they know everything, but ACErs take it a step further. Proof:

On a trip to PKi while waiting for SOB, I had an ACEr in front of me. Here was his story, "This ride is 218 feet tall, goes 80 miles and hour and has a loop. It was my 335th coaster, 175th woodie and the only one I've been on with a loop." All this was said to his friends in line and it happened 3 YEARS AGO and I still remember it. Took all the restraint I had not to look at him and say, "Wow, that's fast, but I bet I can put my foot in your ass fast than that!!!'


3) Overall, I hate lines, I hate waiting, and I hate stupid people that make the wait longer or less bearable. You're there to have fun, not bash your ex, fight with you current in line or anything.


4)Oh, almost forgot, I HATE PDA in lines. Nothing worse than having to stand there for a hour and watch two people go at. Although entertaining at first, if you ain't going to get naked and just go at it, stop the liplock!!!! (sorry, had to say it)


Whew, I feel much better now, thanks!!

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Dude, I know what you're getting at, but be careful with the broad brush of ACE members.


I'm in ACE, but I'm not your standard ACEr.

I don't own a single coaster patch.

I don't own a single coaster shirt.

I have a girlfriend (with a nice ass according to Gregg.. haha).

and I guarantee you'd have fun at a park around me and my friends.


Rollercoaster nerds don't have to be in ACE to be annoying.

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-Everything is so expensive! $8 for a small order of fries??? They charge you $30+ to get in and then you have to pay for that???


-As someone mentioned earlier, I hate it but it's true. Most parks just take your money and don't care how miserable your day was. Cough Six Flags Cough. The lines are unbearable, terrible security, expensive water, just makes for a lowsy day. But they don't care, they got your $40!

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-I hate when employees are talking on their cell phones.


-I hate when there is 6 OPs chatting and/or flirting behind the ride OPs panel, and 2 guys out checkin restraints.


-I hate when people abuse the handicap policies.


-I hate when I go to SFMM, and there are all long lines, so I say "well, at least theres Granny Gran Prix", and it ends up Granny Gran Prix has a long line too!


-I hate when people drag their kids onto rides that they are afraid of. (ex. I had to sit through 1/2 of a startours with a loud screaming cry from the front row.) (ex. 2, our Matterhorn line was delayed for about 10 minutes because two young kids didn't want to go on, and they were hugging a handrail and crying, and the dad was shouting at them "we didn't come to Disneyland to not go on rides, now get on", and they just kept crying, and they people start gossiping about parenting in the queue, and then the Matterhorn ride op says, "you know, you can switch off who rides and who watches the kid" and then the kids decide they want to ride, and then the airgates open, and they start crying again, and run back the the handrail, and the dad starts yelling again, and then the gossip escalates, and then the older brother grabs a girl, and forces her on a the ride, and buckels her to him, and then the operation finally resumes, all when its the 50th anniversary, and we want to be doing things)


-When you go to the park with people that know that you are a roller coaster or park enthusiast, so they either keep asking questions, or they feel intimidated to talk about the rides. My friends know Im an enthusiast. I swear, if we went to SFMM, they would be afraid to say "I like the loop-de-loop" because they are afraid I would correct them with the actual term for that specific inversion.


-I hate people who use the term "loop-de-loop"

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I have to agree with you. You are paying 10 bucks to let your car do nothing! Theres nothing worse than paying 9 bucks at SFMM on a busy summer day, only to stash your car in the unpaved overflow lot, and walk to the first tramspot, and wait, or walk to the park.

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I have to agree with Eric on rule #3. One time, while my mom & I were in line for Xcelerator, there was this group of guys maybe 17-18. The guy said that a fat lady fell out of the car at the very top of the top hat. Then she landed on the 2nd overbank where the ride ran her over. Everyone remember that period of time when Xcelerator got the fat people gauges? They said that that incindent caused the overhaul. He had Perilous Plunge & Xcel mixed up. Me and my mom laughed.

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