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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 792 - Camp Cedar campground to open in 2021!

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1 hour ago, CaptainUnknown said:

I'll be visiting the park this weekend Friday, Saturday, and the first couple hours Sunday for the first time. I have FL+ Friday only. With this being the opening weekend of Haunt, how early should I line up to park? Any row recommendations on Adventure Express, junior wooden, and Vekoma Hang n Bangs?

I would get there an hour before the posted opening time to be safe.

The only place for an adult to ride Woodstock Express is the back.  Adventure express, I prefer a middle-row (non-wheel seat) to wards the front, but it really doesn't matter.  Flying Ace...if I'm riding it, which I rarely do, it's in the back.

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55 minutes ago, prozach626 said:

Before entry is denied at 6pm

Maybe front row on Adventure Express, for the view. I would say no rows on the latter, since they're for children.

Nope. . Woodstock Express is a Junior Woodie, not a kiddie coaster.  Same with the Vekoma suspended, it's a Junior.

if you told him don't ride Great Pumpkin Coaster, then I'd agree. . as THAT one *is* a kiddie coaster. . it just does the oval thing, and you can't ride without a child anyways.
(I skip that one at Coasterstock when adults ARE allowed to ride it).

that said?  skip the Vekoma headbang suspended. .it's AWFUL. .even in the front row.

Woodstock Express is decent in any row, tho I prefer 1st or 2nd row.   (adults easily fit in these trains, with buzz bars only). . .it's not as smooth as the ones at KD and Carowinds, but it IS a fun little coaster.


- while over here in Camp Snoopy tho?  I highly recommend a ride on Woodstock's Whirlybirds - elevated "helicopter" monorail. . it does have a little bit of a dip, and it's powered, so maybe call it a "coaster" ?  the ride vehicles are large, and it gives a nice breeze as well as a lovely view of the area.



as to Adventure Express?  Love it.. but it can get rickety the further back you sit.    Non-wheel seat (row 2) is probably the best, tho I'd just grit my teeth and do row 1 for the view (as Zach said)

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And as an addendum to Bert's pics.....that was the youngest (though not shortest) of the group riding in the back of Woodstock Express, but everyone in the pic was over 18 and I don't believe that was ert at Coasterstock, I think it was just after regular open. Also, the Whirlybirds are legit because that is a genuine, bona fide smile on a normally expressionless "too cool to smile" 19 year old. Of course it occurred when Mom was not in the vicinity 😝

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How's the Haunt this year? The weather is getting colder and I'm getting excited about our trip later next month. I would imagine the last weekend before Halloween might be pretty busy, but oh well. Binge day 2022.

Why did they get rid of the dude who used to talk shit from the balcony while guests were waiting to enter the park? He was great.

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