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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

P. 829: Adventure Port themed area announced for 2023!

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4 hours ago, PKI Jizzman said:

Interesting, so they're not ground up builds? Looks like they are homes that were rolled in.

Yep, common pre-fab campground cabins. SFDL has them too, as well as a few "camp resorts" like Jellystone and higher end KOA's.


I'd hope that they put up a berm or fence though, unless they plan on charging for "DD and McD's drive thru view" cabin classes. 😄

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I've heard these stories but never in so much detail. My aunt actually had a job at KI in 1991 but wasn't on shift during the Black Sunday accidents, though she knew people who were working at the time. It was obviously very traumatizing for the people who witnessed the accident. 

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1 minute ago, prozach626 said:

I don't understand the morbid fascination of such an insignificant event.

People with no actual/practical experience with death are for some reason fascinated by it.  I don't get it either.

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At the risk of veering off topic, people are just incredibly selective in what causes of death they choose to care about. People only care if it's high-profile, tragic accident, something new and scary, etc...

The last year should have proven that. We told the most obese country in the world to stay home for months and not go to the gym because it was extremely dangerous but deemed fast food Drive Thrus essential all in the name of public health. What is the leading cause of death in America over the last 12 months? Heart disease... by a mile. Just like it always is. What are we doing about it? Well, Disney Springs just opened a place where you can buy grilled cheese on a donut bun a few days ago but don't worry, capacity is limited and you have to stand on social distancing markers to get one. They also opened a giant cookie place recently and it had a 10 hour virtual queue.

It's sort of the same thing as this. Way more people have been killed driving to and from Kings Island over the years than at Kings Island but literally nobody cares about that because we're just used to it.

PS: This is not a commentary about covid restrictions, plenty of them make sense. It's just a point about how selective people are with this kind of thing.

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15 minutes ago, prozach626 said:

All I heard was grilled cheese on a donut bun.

You can get it at KI too, at Tom + Chee.  It is delicious, but sadly not a dining plan option.

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