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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

P. 829: Adventure Port themed area announced for 2023!

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I don't see there being an exceptions for amusement parks. The only thing I can see is a commitment from the state perhaps, that gives the operators a heads up that July 1st or whatever day will be the day they can open, 2 weeks or so in advance, so the parks have a little time to prepare and get ready to get open as soon as they are allowed. But who knows!

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^Agreed, amusement parks are very clearly called out in the new health order, so we'll have to wait until at least next month. Stricker's Grove also recently announced via their Facebook page that they will not be opening for the 2020 season.


I found the article linked below to be interesting as well. It does seem somewhat likely that Ohioans could head over to Indiana or Kentucky as their attractions start to reopen.


Article: https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/05/ohio-tourism-industry-losing-patience-with-gov-mike-dewine-lack-of-timetable-for-reopening-zoos-museums-amusement-parks.html

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Good news for zoo lovers in Ohio: Gov. Mike DeWine promised he’ll have an answer on Thursday for when the state’s zoos, museums and other tourist attractions can reopen.


“And I think for most of these facilities, it will be good news,” he said.



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I'm not even concerned with this year's activity, anymore. I'll wait and see how the guest satisfaction is before I make the decision to attend any parks. When I do, I'll probably stay local, or visit another city within close reach, with the park visits being the smallest portion of entertainment during the trips.


I don't mind wearing masks and I can comply with the other restrictions. It's whatever. But, if there are reports that the restrictions at the park are turning into chaotic buzz killed visits I'll pass all together. I'm going to assume that trips won't be worth it. If it turns out everything seems tolerable and still very fun, it will be a nice surprise. Until then, I'm not getting my hopes up.


Like everything else this year, I'm planning for the worst and any unexpected exceptions will be nice surprises. 2020 blows and I'm considering it a wash. Rant over.


Yeah, I'm being a stringent party pooper. But it is something folks should know about in case someone else get any ideas as if it IS allowed.


Not being a party pooper at all. I'm sure there are rules in place at the parks to shut everything down if there is a drone in the area. Think of all the people who would have a field day if Orion's construction was delayed because someone wanted a better view of it.


We don't know if the video was allowed or not. I don't think it's anyone's place to say.

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I have given up on theme parks this year. If I get to visit my local ones once they open, great! But I am fully expecting to ride a very minimal amount of rides this year. In fact, around the time we usually travel for theme parks (mid-late July), my family is planning a trip to Yellowstone, staying in a cabin and exploring the Tetons and the national park. We've been wanting to do it for a while, and with theme parks being a wash this year, it's the perfect time. Yay for expanding horizons!

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Well things are heating up...


MASON, Ohio (FOX19) - Kings Island sued Thursday to reopen its amusement and water park off Interstate 71 in Warren County.


The lawsuit names Dr. Amy Acton in her official capacity as the director of the Ohio Department of Health and the Warren County Health District.


It asks a judge to order the immediately reopening of amusement parks and water parks and to prevent Acton from closing them again in the future.


Like other amusement parks and water parks throughout Ohio, Kings Island has been shut down all season due to the coronavirus pandemic.



Acton’s latest health order requires them to remain closed through July 1.


Most of the state’s economy and businesses already have reopened or can soon.


Gov. Mike DeWine announced Thursday zoos, museums, playgrounds cinemas and other entertainment venues can reopen starting June 10 with virus precautions and attendance restrictions.


DeWine: Cincinnati Zoo, playgrounds, museums, cinemas can reopen



It remains unclear if state officials will allow amusement parks and water parks to reopen before July 1.


A spokesman for DeWine’s office told FOX19 NOW earlier Thursday: “The administration is still working on guidance for those facilities.”


Kings Island is not alone in turning to the courts.


A similar lawsuit Thursday by the owners of the Sandusky water park Kalahari Resorts & Conventions. That one names Acton in her official capacity and the Erie County General Health District.



We are seeking comment again now from DeWine’s office in light of Kings Island’s lawsuits and will update this story.


Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost told us he wouldn’t have any comment on the Kings Island lawsuit because it was just filed and he hadn’t had a chance to review it yet.


The lawsuit was filed a few hours after Ohio House Republicans took action to try to reopen amusement parks and water parks.


“Our economic future depends on a swift reopening of these important venues which provide a constructive educational and recreational outlet for all Ohioans,” State Rep. Bill Seitz, R-Green Township, tells FOX19 NOW.



An amendment reopening amusement parks and water parks is now part of House Bill 665 regarding amusement park ride safety.


House GOP tries to reopen Ohio amusement parks despite health order keeping them closed


The full House was not expected to vote on the amendment and House Bill 665 Thursday, but Republican lawmakers tell FOX19 NOW they will try to pass it soon if DeWine doesn’t reopen them.


It’s not clear how far that would go, however.



Republican lawmakers already tried to limit her powers before and failed.


Last month, the Ohio Senate rejected their effort to limit Acton’s ability to issue stay-at-home orders to 14 days. They could only be extended if approved by a legislative oversight committee.


DeWine also said he would veto the legislation if it reached his desk.


Cedar Fair, which owns Kings Island in Warren County and Cedar Point in Sandusky, announced on their website they hope to reopen soon.



“Cedar Fair fully supports the amendment to HB 665 that was adopted today in the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee. The amendment provides for the immediate re-opening of Ohio amusement parks and water parks,” reads the statement from Richard Zimmerman, CEO of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which owns Kings Island and Cedar Point.


"We fully anticipate and expect having the same opportunity granted to other businesses in Ohio to operate our business in a safe and manageable environment.


"As professional amusement park operators with an exemplary safety record, we are experts at managing risks and following protocols. The protocols we have developed to reopen our parks are in accordance with governmental and CDC directives, Erie County and Warren County Health Departments, medical professionals, Ohio’s Development Services Agency (DSA) and industry best practices. They are specifically responsive to the COVID-19 crisis.


Source Fox19

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I'd be comfortable visiting knowing what guidelines are in place at larger parks around the world and in the US. Will I be constantly vigilant because people are dumb as hell?! YES!!


I hope to visit in July or whenever they reopen.

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Almost zero possibility they will be ready that quickly. But at least they have the ability to open. If they could have gotten then information a week or two ago, it might have been possible.

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They don't Just flip a switch. I think Immediately was a term of let us start not to prep the park. At some point, you get in a holding pattern till you have to okay for the final details. None of the rides have been signed off to open for the year. That takes more than a day to make happen

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You know that the inspection process hasn't happened how? Do you think they've just been running test cycles of the rides for the hell of it?


Take your negativity somewhere else.

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Got em!!!!




A Message from Richard Zimmerman, CEO, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

June 5, 2020 Update


As a result of ongoing discussions with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. John Husted, we are very pleased to announce that our Ohio parks, including Cedar Point and Kings Island, have been cleared to reopen. We will provide specific opening dates just as soon as we confirm details with the governor. We appreciate the cooperation and support of all those that are working hard to help us and the state of Ohio reopen.


We plan to continue conversations with the governor and lieutenant governor that have helped reach a positive resolution for all parties. We also owe a big thank you to our local city, county and state officials who have assisted us throughout this process. The reopening of our parks is crucial to the economic viability of Erie County and Warren County, and we look forward to getting back to business and hope that other states will follow Ohio’s lead in reopening parks around the country.


We are taking every necessary precaution to keep our guests and associates safe in accordance with governmental and CDC directives, Erie County and Warren County health departments, medical professionals, Ohio’s Development Services Agency (DSA) and industry best practices. Cedar Fair’s capacity-controlled, family-friendly properties at Cedar Point and Kings Island, coupled with the operational expertise of our seasoned park professionals, ensures an environment where predictable observance and enforcement of social distancing and COVID-19 protocols can be achieved. More details about our safety measures and what to expect when visiting our Ohio parks will be released closer to the opening date.


We cannot wait to welcome back our loyal guests to Ohio’s treasured amusement parks, which have brought fun and happiness to generations of families.

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Well, this helps solve the "when" debate:




However, just because Cedar Point can legally open on June 19 doesn’t mean that it will. According to sources, Kings Island may be able to open first, in as soon as two weeks, with Cedar Point following in late June or early July.


Richard Zimmerman, CEO of Cedar Point parent company Cedar Fair, has said that the parks need two to three weeks to get ready to open.


Two weeks is when they're allowed to open, the 19th; three is June 26th.

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