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  1. This is such fucking bullshit. You are either outright lying just because you don't want to wear a mask or you are so sick that you probably shouldn't be going to a park in the first place. Seriously please... I beg of you... STOP POSTING TO OUR FORUM!!! I honestly cannot take any more of your insane stupidity. You literally are the dumbest person on the forum right now. Mask don't do much, stop getting your titties twisted over stupid stuff, mask are security theater and really don't do much, if you're that concerned about a virus don't go to a busy theme park, that is really the only effective way to ensure no exposure to COVID19 (however most of the population is not at risk and will be fine). Mask policy's are the work of permission to open by the state, most park operators do not have the money or time to deal with enforcing such policy. Expect mask-less faces at parks. Also for anyone who wears a mask while driving you look stupid, you're also risking heat stroke or passing out while driving a vehicle which isn't good for anyone on the road.
  2. From my understanding of the "Sun and Fun" package (the hotel breakers/light house point opening this month without the park) requires all hotel staff and asking guest to wear a mask whenever possible on property and will also have all guest undergo a temperature check during the checkin process. https://www.cedarpoint.com/vacation/packages/sun-and-fun/safety-procedures But like I said, I doubt it'll be a No-mask no service thing, it's just a policy for Ohio to let them open up, it'd be ridiculous to see all the people wearing a mask on the beach or swimming in the pools.
  3. While mask will be mandated at Cedar Point, i highly doubt it'll actually be enforced other than entering admission gates if that, for multiple reasons. [*]They just don't have enough staffing (especially with no international workers) to enforce this policy [*]It would cause a scene to kick a guest out not wearing a mask, possibly giving Cedar Fair bad publicly in an already heated season [*]There are multiple circumstances (autism, asthma and other respiratory issues, kids having a fit) where a mask is inappropriate [*]Cedar Fair probably has to have a mask policy for the state of Ohio to allow for reopening, but I don't really believe the park really cares for it. [*]Mask are not a force field of protection and do not work like that, especially in a crowded environment like a theme park While yes it's a policy Cedar Point has enacted, I doubt it'll cause much issue for guests that do not wear a mask, If you're in a crowded place like a theme park than you should accept all liability of any viruses that is out of anyone's control (Which COVID19 is not what we feared and way less scary than the media has made it out to be). Most policy's businesses have concerning COVID19 are security theatre and really only to get people out and into their business and permission to open, they don't really do much for protection.
  4. At the end of the day, there's so much at the Efteling that "doesn't mesh" you have to conclude the entire park is a bit messy. Looks like a solid addition to me. They've kept (and improved) the station, gave the whole thing a quirky new theme, and the ride fills a gap in the park's lineup. Kids seem to love it. I'd disagree with Efteling not meshing well, it doesn't make literal sense as Magic Kingdom or Disneyland doesnt make sense (a 1920's US mainstreet in front of a flamboyant european inspired castle with a fantasyland behind, tomorrowland to the, east and adventureland/frontierland/liberty square to the west). But at the end of the day both parks become cohesive, Efteling is all attached to fairytales and does a insanely good job at giving a themed experience.
  5. I would say it depends on the discrepancy between what's been cleared to reopen and what hasn't. Basically they should have taken the safe route and keep every type of business closed for the next four years, like Illinois. We're all about no conflicts here... The people on pointbuzz want everything closed indefinitely and will ban anyone supporting the park to reopen. There was even users on there predicting that they would reopen hotels in June before the park opened that got banned because they where not for the lockdowns. Too bad because I know a lot of employees or soon to be employees go to that website to get info and meet up and stuff. It got pretty extreme on that site! I'm glad to see Theme Park Review is much more opened minded and more focus on the overall discussion of the parks.
  6. Cedar Fair is publicly supporting House Bill 665 which would allow immediate reopening of both parks (Kings Island and Cedar Point), they even support and advocate for it on both websites, https://www.visitkingsisland.com/park-update Things are getting real for Cedar Fair... Good for them!
  7. Cedar Fair has also gone public in support for passing Bill House Bill 665 that will allow for an immediate reopening on there website. https://www.cedarpoint.com/park-update Good on them! They have my full support!
  8. I'm very excited! How dare Ohio try to discriminate and dictate what can and can't open. It has no logical or scientific sense you can go to a zoo or movie theatre but can't spend the day at a Cedar Fair park in Ohio. They should be ashamed the way they are treating Cedar Fair, they don't deserve them...
  9. Kings Island/Cedar Fair is suing the state! Finally! https://www.fox19.com/2020/06/04/kings-island-sues-reopen/
  10. No but parks like Disney, Universal, Efteling and others have quite a few interactive queues and preshows that cramp a large amount of people in tight areas. Harry potter at Universal is also notorious with the detailed queues (Forbidden Journey and Gringotts). I'd hate to be told i'll never be able to see the stretching room in Haunted Mansion because of pseudoscience. All throughout man kind we've had opera houses packed, arena's liked the Colosseum completely filled, and in the modern era broadway theatre's and stadiums to max capacity. I find it hard that COVID19, one of the waaaaay lesser things we should be worried about will change things.
  11. a virus that is less deadly than the flu will force us via Politically Correct culture to never interact with any human being ever and change our entire society. Who knew! might as well live in a bubble!
  12. Restrictions have been lifted significantly and other similar companies (Kalahari,Holiday World, Six Flags) are now preparing to reopen. They can now get the staff in the park and get it prepared for reopening. I can foresee a lot of workers getting called this week and an opening scheduled around early/mid June with accomodations and beach access opening before hand.
  13. Yes, but also no. The restriction on mass gatherings is still in place, until that's lifted there will most likely be no opening date for either park. It gives the parks more leeway with the staff, currently from my understanding no one is in the park to continue preparations for the park and no one is getting trained. This order should hopefully allow Cedar Fair to get the staff in the parks, trained and ready to go.
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