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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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I really hope they have some kind of timeline showing the demolition of SOB and the rising of Banshee. Similar to the video that was played in the opening year of Maverick, in the queue. (not sure if it's still there or not)

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I just hope that this isn't the absolute end of the B&M pre-drops as I feel like they are a great first element and can still work great in future layouts.


Basic fact of life that is worth repeating.


I like when rides get down to business though, the "turning" part of the drop looks like it happens lower than if it were to have a pre-drop, meaning riders may get more "drop" than turn. I'm all for more drop Though OzIris' drop would be a good example of how this drop would feel wouldn't it?

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I was there Friday night (one of best theme park visits I've had in quite a while) and most of yesterday and I didn't notice anything different with Flight Deck's queue. The ride definitely needs a makevover or something as it's looking a bit shabby including the trains, which seen dirty and worn.


Even though it's just the lift hill Banshee is looking great and will have many photo opportunities. I was wondering though if the I Scream ice cream stand will be demolished to make way for the dive loop as it looks like it may be in the way. Also Delirium is going to offer some very cool views of the ride as you swing over Banshee, especially if it's timed just right when a train goes by as you swing over it.

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Its time for another Kings Island update for this weekend. On friday i went through delta delta die, slaughterhouse and madame fatales. The actors in both had quite good timing as they went after people. They got the person i was with nicely. She even made me go first but that didnt work out to well. Tombstone terror tory was somewhat devoid of scareactors by the time we got to it. Saturday was PACKED to the brim. It was tough to move anywhere. Ed alonzo had a fine 7pm show. The crowd was going crazy with his shots at his helper onstage. She was "well endowed" and he went after that. On to Banshee photos. This week i was trying to find the places the lift hill was visible from. There are shots of Haunt decor too. Until next week...




















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Here's some more pictures from last night. No new track work, but lots of supports are going up for the loop and the immelman. We rode Diamondback twice (full queue is 1 hour 10 minutes with a crew that was constantly stacking) For the record, the main queue house full only takes 25 minutes to go through. We rode Top Gun, Racer, Adventure Express, Windseeker.


We also did Backwoods Bayou, Cornstalkers (worst maze/actors), Board to Death (What's up with the lighting in the first half? It was so dark you couldn't see jack sh!t.), Slaughterhouse, and Wolfpack.


Here we go again!


No Chainz?


Looking very good


It's going to be steep.



From the Coney Mall midway


Yeah, it was very crowded


Love everything here. Drop Zone twisting and going up, people walking through.

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We too battled the crowds yesterday at the park. I like to experience the Haunt attractions, and since I live in Columbus, it's impossible for me to get there on Fridays due to our work schedule, so we got there for the early opening and were able to get most of the rides in early.


To note though... something is happening around Top Gun. There is concrete being demolished under the station and the effects below the station have been removed. There is some equipment and a dumpster below the ride as well. I haven't had time to read other threads if this has been discussed.


We did 4 Haunts: Delta Delta Die, which was "okay", Board to Death which really missed some great opportunities, and my two old Favorites, Club Blood and Wolf Pack.


Attached are a few photos. Enjoy.







Banshee™ from the Coney Mall midway


Windseeker and moon


New for 2014... Banshee


You'll never miss what's missing!


So open!


You can see some Son of Beast track there still


closeup of Son of Beast track


Great Views of Top Gun


Son of Beast footer?


Hi Top Gun!


Gods majesty backdrop.





My favorite haunt


Banshee and moon



More Charm




My Favorite coaster


Nobody has ever taken this shot.

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I would love to see it rethemed to the Bat, just so I know the ride is staying for many more years. I also went through the kids area, which is in the waterpark! With Jo and Patrick, and it was surprisingly fun. There was also a maze there where we got plastic spider rings and a lolly-pop for going through. It was themed to storybook characters.


What. What is this.


Close up of the top of the lift


From Adventure Express


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I noticed underneath Flight Deck as well and then I saw the stuff on the ground. I can't imagine its being taken out with the crowds that will be drawn over to to that area next year. Unless it is really hard to maintain I would think that would be a stupid idea.


The park Saturday was probably the busiest I have ever experienced myself. I felt like early-on it wasn't too busy because a lot of the rides didn't have all of their turnstiles open in the ques. I even road Firehawk which I actually like, but usually skip because the line moves so slowly.


The only Haunt related complaints from me is line placements. The maze in Tomb Raider's old building and The Beast lines kept getting mixed in together because there wasn't any clear definition of where each line was until you got to a place where there was a separation. I figured it out, but many didn't.


It was also confusing to have Club Blood, Flight Deck, and Wolfpack entrances together and have Flight Deck exit in the same spot. What a mess and there weren't any signs I saw that told you Flight Deck's entrances was down there. Like I said, it was packed Saturday.

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It was also confusing to have Club Blood, Flight Deck, and Wolfpack entrances together and have Flight Deck exit in the same spot. What a mess and there weren't any signs I saw that told you Flight Deck's entrances was down there. Like I said, it was packed Saturday.


I totally agree. I wasn't sure if Flight Deck was open Friday night since I didn't hear it running at first and with Club Blood using FD's entrance for its queue it was confusing and wasn't sure if going back there was a good idea.

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When I was there in August there was some theming (an airplane and a camo net) out near the queue. I'm on my phone but I can post the picture when I get home.


They're not messing around with Banshee! There are a few more U supports in place. Looks like that dive loop will be massive!


I think Dollywood calls Tennessee Tornado's loop/Immelmann comvination an Iron Butterly and treats it as its own element. Could Banshee's dive loop/loop be called a Reverse Iron Buterfly then?

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Here's a video from 1993 when the park was freshly bought by Paramount. At the 3 minute mark it shows some of the theming that used to be below Top Gun's station.



Awesome to see that since I can't seem to really remember the ride until we moved back into this area in 2002. It was also cool to see how the idea of Paramount buying the parks was thought to be an amazing thing. I don't think they did horrible, but definitely could have done better. I really hope Cedar Fair isn't going to take out Flight Deck just yet.

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^That's the Patton Oswalt costume. From his Adult Swim show, "The Heart She Holler." on Cartoon Network.


Huh. I thought it was Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame. It kinda does look like Patton Oswalt though.


The kids area was pretty cool. Glad they have something else than trick or treating with dinos (which we probably should have done).

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